13 Year-Old Dies From Gunshot Wound Near Shasta Lake

On Thursday, October 20, 2011 at approximately 1332 hours, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a subject who reported that a 13 year old boy had been a victim of a gunshot wound while hunting with his father and other friends in the area of Robert’s Canyon off Shasta Lake.

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit responded along with Fire Personnel, Fish & Game and members from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit. Upon arrival, deputies located the 13 year old boy who was deceased from a gunshot wound to his person. At this time we are not releasing names or any further information in regards to the case until all family members are contact and the investigation is completed.

Update: On Thursday, October 20, 2011 at approximately 1332 hours, the Shasta County Coroner’s Office responded to the report of a juvenile gun shot victim on the Pit River Arm of Shasta Lake. Upon arrival it was determined that the juvenile and his father had traveled from Washington State and were hunting in the area over the past several days. The juvenile suffered a fatal gun shot wound to his person. The juvenile has been identified as Michael Hunter Cook with a date of birth of 04/16/1998. The autopsy is scheduled for Monday October 24, 2011.

-from press release
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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Nadine says:

    bye Michael you will be missed if only you could see how everyone has come together crying,writing memories,and wearing black in your honor we love you cookie.

    • Avatar Tejas says:

      I cant believe this happened. We were such good friends. You were going to come over for thanksgiving but now youre gone. Im so sorry. We miss you so much

  2. Avatar jaida says:

    Still to this day, it is hard for me to cope with the loss of my good friend mikey. He had an amazing sense of humour. He could make anyone laugh. On hat day he wore a sombrero and pancho… oh mikey. He was always so full of life, joy, excitement. He lived every day to his fullest. And now I know that he wouldn't want me to cry over him. He would want m to be happy about the time I got to spend with him. He would want me to look back on good times, good memories, and smile. Laugh. Not cry. There were so many things I did not get to tell him. How much he really meant to me. To everybody. This situation, this person impacted our whole school, our whole community. Mikey. You were amazing! U left behind friends and family when you passed. but now I know god did not take you from me, from all of us. He simply accepted you into heaven. Accepted you home. To mikey's family. I fee for your loss. Your son was an amazing person and he will never be forgotten. I love you mikey. I always have and always wll. I will promise to remeber you, think of you, every moment of every day of forever. Rest in peace. Farewell until I will see you again someday in heaven.

  3. Avatar julian says:

    we (mt.side middle school) love you soo much! we miss you to. you are also in the year book! we love you alot.never forgotten!<3

  4. Avatar Dominiqe says:

    It was a sad day for everyone at Mountainside the day we heard that Michael had died. We miss him so much. His picture is in our year book we all miss you Michael I know I do.

    Remember Michael Cook a nice friend. Never forget him.

  5. Avatar me says:

    i open up to facebook

    i log on

    seeing all RIP on someones facebook wall

    Michael Cook

    we used to call him Mikey

    so i thought i didnt know who was Michael Cook

    but i go on his wall any ways

    i look thought his pictures

    smiles on his face

    smiles on every picture

    i realize its him


    i stare and stare

    getting teary eyed

    but i stop

    thought it was a very sick joke

    but i keep seeing all the post

    saw the words gun hunting dead RIP

    no this is not true

    few days back

    before you went on your hunting trip

    we just talked

    and a few weeks before that

    we just met

    flash backs in my mind

    i start to cry

    more and more

    days later i come to school

    sat in the front row

    no make up

    just in sweat pants and and sweat shirt and in my thick ugg boots

    really sad

    i looked sick

    and same with every friends of mikey

    sitting there in social studies

    only few people knew him in that class

    then mrs.freeman walks in

    told us what has happen

    me crying my eyes out

    she took me with every one else was

    sitting there with girls i knew

    in a corner




    in pain

    so much was going on

    saw many people in and out

    sitting there sobbing together we look around

    tables every where

    we could of sat in

    but no

    we sat in a corner

    still looking around

    saw a boy

    the only

    we got up and went to him


    brendan was his name

    later now

    months has past

    it was your birthday

    made letters

    let balloons flow through the air


    we never let go

    we dont plan on letting go

    we wont till we are with you

    days go by with out you

    wishing you were here

    we love you

    we miss you

    we will see

    you later?

  6. Avatar Theresa says:

    Happy birthday this month michael…we love you and miss you so much.