Redding Rancheria Announces Tribal Council Election Results

The Redding Rancheria Tribal Government held its annual Tribal Council Elections on Saturday, October 1st. The governing body of the Redding Rancheria is the Tribal Council which is composed of seven Council members and three alternate Council members elected by its membership.

The four candidates receiving the most votes are elected for a two-year term and the other three candidates are elected for a one-year term. The three alternate positions are elected for one-year terms.

    The current Council is:

  • Jason Hart-Tribal Chairperson
  • Jack Potter Jr.-Vice Chairperson
  • Brian Mc Cain- Treasurer
  • Michelle Hayward –Secretary
    Council members are:

  • Hope Wilkes.
  • Barbara Murphy
  • James Hayward Sr.
    Alternate positions are:

  • Mike Hayward-1st Alternate
  • Patty Spaulding- 2nd Alternate
  • Jason Hayward Sr. – 3rd Alternate.

The Redding Rancheria Tribal Council has been delegated broad governing responsibilities and powers and among these are the responsibilities to establish goals, make and enforce laws, and manage the economic affairs of the Tribe. The government of the Redding Rancheria exercises protects and enhances the sovereign right of self-government while promoting a lasting cultural and community identity and traditions for all members of the Tribe.

“The Redding Rancheria is proud to have a respectful government to government relationship with Shasta County and the Cities surrounding the Tribe.” Tracy Edwards, CEO Redding Rancheria.

-from press release
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