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Redding Girl’s Winning Photo Featured in Ranger Rick

Nine-year-old Iliana Phillips of Redding said she was “just walking around outside” when she spotted the bug she had to capture. “I was like, ‘Dad, let me have your camera for at least 10 seconds!'”

And just like that, a contest-winning photo was taken.

Iliana’s dragonfly photo appears in the August 2011 issue of Ranger Rick, the National Wildlife Federation children’s magazine.

Her dad, Alan Ernesto Phillips (also a contributor to A News Cafe) was the one who encouraged Iliana to enter into the Ranger Rick kid’s magazine photo contest, and this is her first time ever being published.

Smiling Dragonfly (click to enlarge)

Phillips says that even at the tender age of 4, Iliana had shown an interest in photography. He talked about how she would tell him she would want to use his camera to take pictures … and he would end up with numerous images of her little feet or of the blue sky.

When Iliana found out she had won the contest, “I screamed!” she said.

Speaking with a reporter by phone, Iliana said she was outside playing with her cousin and checking out a praying mantis they had found. “I love bugs, they’re awesome!” Iliana said. “Especially butterflies and praying mantis.”

For now, photography seems to be more of a hobby than a future profession for Iliana, who was leaving soon after her interview to celebrate her achievement by getting ice cream with her dad. One thing is for sure, though, Iliana shows promising signs of  talent, and her very proud dad is looking forward to seeing what comes out of this experience.

[haiku url=”https://anewscafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/interview-Iliana-Phillips.mp3″ title=”Don Burton Interviewing Iliana Phillips”]

Click Play to listen to Don Burton’s interview with Iliana Phillips on Redding Radio:

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