Slide Show: Residents Protest Police-Involved Shooting, ‘Govabuse’ in Redding

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In front of the Shasta County Courthouse Friday, family members of slain Round Mountain man Kenneth Wilson protested his killing by Redding Police. They held picket signs alongside residents in a “Govabuse” protest, who were decrying Shasta County’s justice system.

Alan Ernesto Phillips is a proud son of Shasta County, a proud father of two daughters, and a local musician. He is a parenting educator, chemical-dependency counselor, victim-awareness counselor and developmental-asset builder and trainer. He also is a Clio and Telly award-winning filmmaker who produced and directed political campaigns for congressmen, senators, governors and one president (Ronald Reagan). His clients also included Coca-Cola, NIKE, CBS News and NOVA documentaries. He is a current board member and public affairs officer for the Northern California Hispanic Latino Coalition.

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Alan Ernesto Phillips
Alan Ernesto Phillips is a son of Shasta County and proud father of two daughters. He is a Clio and multi-Telly award-winning filmmaker who produced and directed political campaigns for congressmen, senators, governors and one president (Ronald Reagan). His national clients also included Coca-Cola, NIKE, CBS News and NOVA documentaries. He is a former Board Chairman and Public Affairs Officer for the Northern California Hispanic Latino Coalition. Alan currently serves as Director of the 27th District Agricultural Association and as a north state liaison to the Hate Crimes Task Force under the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento.
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14 Responses

  1. Avatar Mrs. Fountain-Pin says:

    So far this year, 123 officers have died in the line of duty; 50 from gunfire. They died protecting the public from criminal acts. They were murdered. Last week in San Diego, an officer was shot in the head at a spotlight by a suspect in a shooting at a fast food restaurant shortly before. The suspects had been in a pursuit with other officers but it was called off due to the high speeds of the chase and the threat to public safety. The victim officer was shot and didn't even know the shooter had just committed a crime; attempted homicide of a public member.

    I know this family is grieving for the loss of someone they loved, however, this person had the capacity to harm another person not only because he had a loaded weapon, but he had a history of repeated violent behavior. He died but he was not murdered.

  2. Avatar Pamela says:

    No one is above the law. We, as citizens, need to hold everyone accountable, including law enforcement officers, especially law enforcement. Why? Because they carry guns, tasers, clubs. Plus they have a court system behind them. And, historically, we know that some officers have indeed abused and killed innocent civilians.

  3. Avatar Robert Hovey says:

    We can stop many more incidents like the shooting last week, from happening in the future, if we stop the family law division of court and "CPS/CFS" from tearing children out of the arms of good and loving parents and giving them to abusers and oppressors.

    • Avatar Di Di says:

      I agree, took care of my two grand nieces for my niece who had pot in her system at birth of her second daughter, CFS came right out and asked me "Do you want to adopt them" I told them" no I want them back with there mother where they belong," It took a year but their Mother got them after many many hoops.

  4. Avatar JusticeCalifornia says:

    Shasta County residents clearly know how to make themselves seen and heard– statewide–amazing effort on August 12th.

    It is shocking that for 18 years Shasta County residents have been deprived of their right to vote for or against the family law judge who is making life-altering decisions about their lives and families– and who has reportedly ripped countless Shasta County families apart.

    Pursuant to the California Constitution, CA superior court judges are supposed to be appointed by the Governor or elected by the people, and then stand for retention election every six years.

    Yet, parents in Shasta County are being forced to appear before Shasta's "presiding family court judge", namely Jack Halpin, an 80-plus year old retired judge who is neither appointed by the governor, nor elected by the public. In the last 18 years Halpin hasn't been subjected to any election process, and he is not subject to oversight by the Commission on Judicial Performance– the only official judicial oversight entity in the state. Despite multiple complaints about him to the Shasta County elected judges, the Chief Justice of California, and the CA Administrative Office of the Courts, Halpin has been "reassigned" to the Shasta County courts every 30 or so days for the last 18 years Normal assignments of retired judges days or weeks — not 18 YEARS.

    Congrats to Shasta County residents for demanding court accountability and standing up for their right to elect the judges who make life altering decisions in their cases.

  5. Avatar JusticeCalifornia says:

    As I recall Halpin has been paid approximately $1 million since 2004 or 2005 as an assigned judge. Without adding any perks like insurance, etcs. AND without adding the retirement pay he has been getting since 1994. I will get you the numbers.

    In other words, it appears Halpin "retired" in 1993, but in actuality kept his old job as a Shasta County judge in a sham manner via the CA assigned judge program. The public is told assigned judges are temporarily assigned to serve for "up to 60 days". Halpin has been "temporarily" assigned for 18 years. In this manner for the last 18 years he has been collecting double pay– his retirement pay and his assigned judge pay. I would guess that his combined income is in the $300,000-$400,000 range per year, plus benefits. This provides an incentive for judges to retire so they can double dip at the public coffer– retire early and get on the assigned judge's list.

    I believe Halpin had been paid over $70K by May of 2011– meaning he was on track to have his highest grossing year, this year, with our new Chief Justice Tani Cantil Sakauye in office. She, her predecessor Ron George and Shasta county's court leadership have been made very aware that the citizens of Shasta County (and I believe also court employees) do not like or want Halpin on the bench, and that they want to be able to vote for Shasta County judges as provided in the CA Constitution.

    The Shasta County presiding judges keep asking for reassignment of Halpin, and the Chief Justices keeps reassigning Halpin. Every 30 days. For 18 years in this manner they have managed to deprive the Shasta Community of its right to a) have a say in who sits on the Shasta bench via retention elections each 6 years; and b) take complaints about Halpin to the Commission on Judicial Performance.

    Keep in mind what this means. Halpin must do EXACTLY what the presiding judge wants, and what the chief justice wants, throughout that 30 days, or he risks losing his assigned judge job (which pays over $12,000 a month) at any time at the end of 30 days. He serves solely at the pleasure of the Shasta County presiding judge and the Chief Justice.

    Also, do you know that the normal date of mandatory retirement nationwide is 70-75?

    Halpin is well into his 80's and he is sitting on the family law bench, which deals with young children and new societal issues.

  6. Avatar JusticeCalifornia says:

    My last comment:

    Shasta County Judge Stephen Baker was one of apparently many Shasta County presiding judges making specific requests that "retired" Shasta County Judge Halpin be “temporarily” re-assigned to the Shasta County court every 30 days for almost 18 years, notwithstanding the fact that a) "retired", "temporarily assigned" judges normally serve only "up to 60 days", and b) multiple internal and external complaints have been made about Halpin.

    Baker told devastated Shasta County parents to complain to the California

    "Administrative Office of the Courts" (known as the "AOC") about Halpin (because the AOC, rather than state's ONLY official judicial oversight entity –namely the Commission on Judicial Performance– "investigates" complaints about "retired", "temporarily assigned" judges), while at the same time Baker was asking the AOC to re-assign Halpin.

    The AOC is the administrative arm of the California Judicial Council. The AOC has ballooned in size from a couple hundred employees to over 1,000 employees, many of them making six figure incomes, and receiving extraordinary pension benefits (pension contributions of $45,000 a year, some say). The AOC has been soundly criticized in recent years for extraordinary expenditures, mismanagement, waste, and use of unlicensed contractors and/or expensive “special consultants” in connection with a multibillion dollar failed court computer system that has been “in development“ for years, and the construction of some of the most expensive courthouses in the country.

    For example, see

    Interestingly, Shasta County’s Judge Baker is a member of the Judicial Council. On July 22, 2011, the Judicial Council voted to accept an AOC budget recommendation to keep the massive AOC workforce largely intact, and to safeguard funding for the multi billion dollar failed court computer system and palatial new courthouse construction throughout the state– at the expense of the state trial courts' ability to serve the public.

    Baker’s Shasta County is next up for a new courthouse — notwithstanding public outcry about cutting down trees and demolishing a gorgeous historical building (“blight”? allowing redevelopment intervention??) in order to secure the AOC’s desired Redding building site. In fact, as I understand it, the AOC showed up at the Redding public meeting about the proposed new courthouse, politely listened to citizen complaints, and then firmly told the Redding residents how it was going to be. With nary a peep from Shasta County court leadership.

    Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Judicial Councilmember Baker and the AOC are spending billions on “temporary” assigned judges that circumvent the public’s constitutional right to elect judges, failed computer systems and new courthouses, while Shasta County families and children suffer. For example, Shasta County Family Court mediators for years have reportedly failed to meet the MANDATORY educational and professional criteria set forth in the CA Family Code. These are the people who have made custody recommendations ripping families apart that have reportedly routinely been rubber-stamped by Judge Halpin. And Shasta family court litigants are forced to do without court reporters, unless they can afford to hire their own, so what has gone on in Judge Halpin’s courtroom is generally are not memorialized. At present, there is NO accountability whatsoever for what is going on in Halpin’s courtroom, under his watch as Shasta County’s Family Law Presiding Judge. (Query: how can a "retired" judge who is supposedly re-assigned for "up to 60 days" via the CA assigned judges program be "temporarily" assigned for two decades, and serve as a designated Family Court Presiding Judge for YEARS at a time by the Shasta bench?)

    Judge Baker should go back to basics, and tend the home fires. Taxpayer money should be spent providing quality trial court services to the public (impartial elected judges, qualified court mediators and personnel, court reporters).

  7. Avatar Lani Kitkowski says:

    Goverment Abuse was a National Issue and across the Nation there was a Protest.

    Here in Shasta County, Members of the California Protective Parents Association and their Friends and Family showed up in Support of the Event. On the same day, some Native Americans came out for the loss of one of their own.

    While talking with people it became quite apparent that the injustice in Shasta Superior Court crosses all lines. The Groups as a whole made it known that Our Eyes Are on the Court: Every Branch. Our focus on goverment abuse was made known as we marched up, down and around the court house and Dept. 12 Where Judge Jack Halpin is Presiding over Family Law and Destroying Families and Lives. This Judge refuses to recuse him self from his long overdue "temporary position".

    Talon Nichole Richardson is my Daughter and I Love her and miss her Dearly. There are 78 members who have also lost their children to their abusers and we will not stop until Shasta County Courts and CPS Come correct and start going by Black Letter Law and not Good ole Boys Rules.

    I have been retaliated against and there is nothing Gary Richardson, Micheal Cogan Attny, Richard Bay, Reid McKellar, Dian Panek (the players in my group) can do to me- they have done the unthinkable= tore a mother and daughter apart for no reason except to see if our daughter would start having a preference in being with her father as if this experiment is going to make Talon Love her Dad. She told the Courts she wanted to be with her mother. She told the courts about inappropriate things happening at her father's house. I have documentation in every form including from Gary him self. Also let's not forget the mandated reporter who called CPS and all they did instead of talking to my daughter is to say Gary has bad Parental Behavior.

    I Love you Baby and I will never stop fighting for Justice and to bring you home. This country allows freedom of Speech, yet Gary is so "scared" Talon might find out that her mom has never stopped loving her, is still fighting for her, is not sick in the head as her father tells her that he attempts to Contempt me for speaking the truth. Let her go Gary and see who she comes to even after 4 years of holding her hostage. I will hold every person mentioned above accountable for my daughter being "clinically" depressed at age 9 and her father not getting her "free" mental health she has in her own case in Victim Witness. Yes, all you non-believers, Talon and I qualified for Victim Witness Prior to Gary assaulting me in 05. He has had restraining orders, criminal restraining order and charges and arrests for assault and battery and domestic Violence yet they try to keep it hush hush for all you that are fooled by his "jovial behavior".

    Government Abuse is at its worst it appears and CPPA will not Stop Watching the Courts here. Any Questions write

    Thank you everyone for your support.


    CPPA chapter Leader

  8. Avatar Vickie Van Scyoc says:

    The same thing is going on in Butte County. We need help there, too. The retired judges verbally abuse women, give unfair and unjust orders, are prompted by minor's counsel, Kim Merrifield who lies. They are covered because Butte is the only county without any court reporters in Family Law!!!!! My son begged to live with me, Kim said I was scripting him. He cried, begged, had panic attacks, couldn't walk, was head banging when it was time to return to the fathers. The child therapist and child attorney did nothing but try to put him into foster care. The mediator read my psych eval which was good, but ignored the fathers. As a psych nurse, I can say his was not good. They recommended full custody to him (or foster care). I am an RN, worked in OB, pediatrics and psych for over 20 years. Our pediatrician was never asked for his opinion about my mothering, because he said I was a good mother, many times. Kim told a judge I was unfit. She has no degrees in child development or psych, its corruption for money, plain and simple. And this woman has kids!!!!! The child therapist lied about me also, the psychologist did not find these lies to be true! Neither did the psychiatrists I worked for! I had excellent job recommendations. My next older son had a breakdown, did not want to live, and had anxiety attacks requiring emergency care while at his fathers, they left the younger one there! Judge Lamb (assigned) said, "He can do what he wants on his weeks!" I want to know how the child therapist, child attorney and the judges (really attorneys), opposing counsel sleep at night and if they tell their kids, 'I hope you grow up to be just like me, to ruin innocent children's lives, lie to give pedophiles access to their daughters, drug addict fathers making childrens lives unsafe, hurt and destroy others. It's an honorable way to make a living, I hope you follow in my footsteps and I'll be proud of all the lives you ruin, too.' How much sicker can our society become? We're suppose to care and honor each other. God is watching!

  9. Avatar noe body says:

    you haven't seen nothing yet ……….