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Old Forecaster: Redding Weather Outlook for June 13-19

Weather Discussion: Those of you who follow my daily weather blog know that all spring I have talked about how strong the jetstream (storm track) has been in the Gulf of Alaska. Well, it has finally weakened and the high pressure is now along the California Coast, but it hasn’t gone away.

Normally, about this time of year, the flow across the Gulf of Alaska becomes very light and this allows a large high-pressure ridge to push northward over the western U.S. This is what gives us our hot (100+) days. This year, the flow is still strong enough to push storms into western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The southern end of these system bring a few clouds to Northern California, but the main effect this has on our weather is keeping the high-pressure ridge from pushing northward. This is what has been happening the past week and will continue this week.

Monday and Tuesday, Redding will be sunny and warmer. The high temperature Monday will be in the low to mid-90s and Tuesday will be the warmest day of the week, with Redding expected to be in the upper 90s.

Wednesday, another low-pressure area moves into western Canada and drops southeastward toward the Great Basin. This will suppress the high-pressure area and cool our temperatures. I expect Wednesday through Friday we will have sunny skies with high temperatures in the lower 90s. Wednesday and Thursday we will have northerly winds gusting to 20 to 25 mph in the morning, but the winds will decrease in the afternoons.

Saturday will be partly sunny with a few clouds and cooler temperatures. Our high temperature on Saturday will be in the upper 80s. Sunday will be sunny, with the high temperature in the upper 80s to lower 90s. Northwest to northeast winds of 15 to 25 mph, with higher gusts, are expected late Saturday and Sunday.

Extended Weather Outlook June 20 through June 26: The high pressure ridge will finally make a push northward and the 20th through the 23rd we will be sunny and hot, with afternoon temperatures over 100 degrees. The 24th through the 26th will be sunny and a little cooler.

Redding Weather Almanac:

Monday, June 13:
Normal high temperature: 88. Record high for this date: 108, in 1987.
Normal low temperature: 61. Record low for this date: 45, in 1992.

Sunday, June 19:
Normal high temperature: 91. Record high for this date: 108, in 1961.
Sunday, normal low temperature 63 Record low for this date 49 in 1995

We will gain 1 minute of daylight this week.
Sunrise on June 13 is 5:38am with Sunset 8:41pm.
Sunrise on June 19th is 5:39am with Sunset 8:43pm

-The Old Forecaster

Chris Fontana, aka The Old Forecaster, started his career as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Sacramento. After four years as a weather officer in the U.S. Air Force, Chris transferred to the NWS office in Redding, where he was the meteorologist in charge from 1976 until the office closed in 1996. From 1996 until his 2005 retirement, he was the meteorologist in charge of the U.S. Forest Service Predictive Service Unit. Chris and his wife Jane have been married over 40 years and he works as a window covering installer in her business, Westwood Window Coverings.

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