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5/25/11 Sheriff: 2 Pot Raids Yield 32,500 Plants, 4 Arrests


CONTACT OFFICER: Sgt. Barry Powell

CASE #: 11-15987 and 11-16078

BY: J. Breese

CRIME/INCIDENT: Marijuana Cultivation

LOCATION: Eastern and Western Shasta County

VICTIM(S): State of California

SUSPECTS(S): 1) Jose Cruz-Torres, HMA, 26 years old, Michoacan, Mexico

Heriberto Aguilar-Constreras, HMA, 34 years old, Michoacan, Mexico

Alejandro Campos-De Ramon, HMA, 30 years old, Puebla, Mexico

Jose De Jesus Aguilar-Aguilar, HMA, 19 years old, Michoacan, Mexico 

SYNOPSIS: During the past two days the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Eradication Team (M.E.T.) conducted two marijuana eradication operations located in eastern and western Shasta County. Team members, along with deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and agents from the Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Forest Service, and Homeland Security Investigations, eradicated 32,495 marijuana plants and arrested four subjects.

10,255 marijuana plants were eradicated in eastern Shasta County. Two subjects were seen, one arrested, one is still outstanding.

22,240 marijuana plants were eradicated in western Shasta County. Upon entry into this marijuana cultivation site, five subjects fled from agents, three were arrested, and two are still outstanding.

-from press release