Friday Funny: Outside Redding’s Library, a Strange Group Loiters

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The ACLU and Tea Partiers have gone mad with invitations to the city — for a date in court. Now a judge has put a temporary restraining order on the city of Redding’s new policy for leafletting in front of the library. Read the latest about it here.

Phil Fountain is a cartoonist, writer and occasional bed-wetter based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

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Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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6 Responses

  1. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Love the cartoon. So much ado about nothing, as Shakespeare once wrote. I belong to the coffee party; that's good enough for me.

  2. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Good idea Phil. Jones could leaflet the" liberry" with ads for his gun shop and his charter city. He could call it "Jonestown".

  3. Pass the Folger's!

  4. Avatar D. Nethery says:

    Wonder what the man in the funny hat is drinking?

    I'll bet it is not tea!

    Redding politics…….better then any reality show on T.V.

    Keep the cartoons coming, Phil.

  5. Avatar J. Springer says:

    Living off the government teat Redding's Adult Baby Cartoon?

    Lady Liberty breast feeding Redding's Adult Baby.

    Republican Senator Tom Coburn "urging an investigation of the adult baby's disability benefits".

    Stanley was seen in Roaring Gulch Friday morning in his High Chair enjoying the flapjacks – syrup dripping down his bib. Cute as a button.

  6. Avatar Tom Shudders says:

    We at the Vomiting Hound pub have a APB out for Phil. This former customer it seem has a bar tab that has gone unpaid for more than three years.Anyone knowing his whereabouts should contact Tom Shudders down by the waterfront at the Wretching Jackel pub.