Dry Branch Fire Squad Plays at Old City Hall

What: Dry Branch Fire Squad at Old City Hall

When: Feb. 12

Where: Old City Hall

Cost: $18. Tickets at Bernie’s Guitar, 3086 Bechelli Lane, Redding, CA (530) 223-2040

“There is no band in bluegrass or country music today that captures the soul of American music better than the Fire Squad.” ~Keith Lawrence, Knight-Ridder Newspapers.

For more than 25 years, Dry Branch Fire Squad has been one of bluegrass music’s most popular bands, renowned for its spry mix of front-porch standards, modern ballads, and the old-time sounds from which bluegrass first sprang. The (quartet) is positively adored for its droll, scampy stage shows, fueled by Ron Thomason’s cornpone-and-hard-cider wit. On their irresistible new Rounder concert CD, Live at the Newburyport Firehouse, his laconic monologues unfurl like long, lazy serpents: “When they strike, it’s with such suddenness and accuracy that they almost leave you too breathless to laugh. Almost.” ~Scott Alarik, Boston Globe

-from press release

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Press Release

-from press release

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