Free Workshop: Winter Vegetable Gardening


What: Winter Vegetable Gardening – Free Workshop from People of Progress and the Shasta College Teaching Garden

When: Sept. 16, 6 to 8 pm

Where: First United Methodist Church Social Hall, located at the corner of South and East streets at the rear of the building.

We live in a perfect climate for winter vegetable gardening! People of Progress and the Shasta College Teaching Garden are encouraging the community to plant Fall and Winter gardens. We are offering a free workshop in downtown Redding. Too many people think only of summer gardens. Our free workshop will have two local experts on hand to demystify Fall and Winter gardening and answer questions: Wayne Kessler – Shambani Organics and Jim Collins, Shasta College Teaching Garden. Learn about which specific vegetables and varieties are best to grow here, which are best to plant as seeds and which better as small plants. How to over-winter your garden to give it a boost in the spring. Tricks and tips for a successful winter garden from community experts.

Winter gardens don’t use extra water and have many fewer garden pests to contend with. Gardening reduces stress, is good exercise, improves nutrition and reduces your carbon footprint! And, these days, it helps your pocketbook more than ever.
*No RSVP necessary. For information, please call People of Progress 243-3811*

People of Progress’ Emergency Resource Center and Food Bank serves 16,000 people annually providing food for 240,000 meals and also helping with emergency clothing, motel vouchers, RABA passes, voice mail, other essential items, client advocacy, casework, information and referrals. Their thrift store provides the majority of their funding and is open Monday through Saturday. They have two community gardens and an orchard in Redding. The Shasta College Teaching Garden provides hands on education with organic gardening techniques which are sustainable, regenerative and put in practice an understanding of the interrelatedness of all life.

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