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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

    Wow Phil!

    Over a quarter of a thousand views and not one leaves a response.

    W o w i e . . . Everyone can only think about it – as a cold, whistling wind whips through those halls…

    You, your powertoons and your timing are really good, man!

  2. Avatar Carolyn Jones says:

    Okay, I'll bite and maybe get to the crux of what everyone is thinking. I get the jab (and you are VERY good at it, Phil) but it's painful to see Cypress get the press when the "deed" was committed at Sycamore AND on top of that the fault was neither of those schools per se but rather the district leadership. It seems everyone UNDER the top shelf did the best they could under the circumstances.

  3. Avatar JeffG says:

    i vote to rename this comic "Sunday Groaner"

  4. Avatar debby says:

    We had the exact same thing happen here, with our band 'boosters' organization. The woman was found guilty. Did not even dispute it, simply said that she had given more hours of time to the organization than anyone else, and she got tired of it and decided that she "deserved to be paid". And began to pay herself. Since she was the treasurer, it was very easy to pay herself (and very nicely too). Interestingly enough, she was also treasurer for the girl scout group she worked with, treasurer for the church's youth group, etc. Those groups were scrambling to check their books, and see that she had plenty of opportunity to take funds, and probably did so, but she was a bit more careful to cover her tracks here. As soon as she was determined to be guilty, she simply moved to Texas. She is required to pay restitution, but it is on her schedule. When she gets the money, she pays. Unfortunately, it appears that the jobs in Texas aren't so well paying as her jobs here.