Redding School of Arts: So Green It’s Platinum – Part 1


Construction on the new Redding School of the Arts campus is underway.

During a media event held this morning at the McConnell Foundation, Foundation president and CEO Lee Salter and principal architect at Trilogy Architecture James Theimer gave a presentation on the status and goals of the future campus.


Salter called the RSA campus a “signature project,” and likened its potential influence to the Sundial Bridge. The new campus aims to be platinum-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).


Discussed at the presentation were a variety of strategies employed in the design of the campus, like an underground, 150,000-gallon rainwater reservoir to collect rainwater and provide 100 percent of the irrigation needs (excluding the playing field). Theimer, a LEED accredited professional specializing in urban design, also oversees the landscape and site development of the project. He pointed out the generous use of windows and natural light sources, geothermal heating, and classroom aspects (each classroom faces north to best utilize natural light), which all play into the environmentally friendly scheme.


Currently, there are 10 platinum schools in the nation, but some are as small as one classroom. Trilogy, along with the help of Kibler and Kibler Architecture and Engineering, designed the building on land owned by the Foundation. Under Trilogy’s lead, the new RSA campus will be the nation’s largest (or nearly largest) LEED platinum-certified school.

A charter school sponsored by the Gateway Unified School District, RSA was afforded the option of choosing a local architect to oversee the project, whereas other public schools must go through California’s designated office.

The Trilogy-McConnell partnership is nothing new. Trilogy designed the McConnell Arboretum and its maintenance facility. Other local works include the Cascade Theatre, the Carnegie Stage in Library Park and the Turtle Bay Administration building and amphitheatre.

Recently Trilogy completed a LEED-certified medical center in Round Mountain (the final certification is still pending) and in addition to the RSA campus, is working on a LEED-certified housing project in downtown Redding – Theimer says it’s the first in the county.

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Joshua Corbelli likes to write stuff on paper, and that makes him a happy little jellybean. Reach him at joshua.corbelli@gmail.com. Or don’t. Your call.

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Joshua Corbelli

likes to write stuff on paper, and that makes him a happy little jellybean. Reach him at joshua.corbelli@gmail.com. Or don’t. Your call.

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