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America Through the Eyes of Sean Randall

Sean Randall works primarily in traditional oils and acrylics, but has tried to develop a particularly non-traditional style to express his love of color and form. He began painting in 2003 with portraits of friends, family, artists, musicians and historical figures, usually with bright vibrant colors and textures.

Recently, Sean moved away from portraiture, and even away from brushes, preferring the pallet knife for its ability to create textural intensity and a unique depth to each and every detail. His current work focuses more on subject matter that has previously been outside his comfort zone.

“I’ve begun to get more personal and to use color not as a shading mechanism, but rather as a representation of mood and meaning. Still, the complexity of the human experience, from joy to mortality to the search for enlightenment remain a constant theme in my work.”

See Sean’s work through July at Infinite Design – 1189 Hilltop Drive (in the Hilltop Town & Country Center). Meet Sean at the 2nd Saturday ArtHop reception, July 10, 6 to 9 p.m.

For more information about Sean, visit seanjrandall.com.