Largent for Assessor: You Deserve Timely, Fair Reviews


Candidate statement from Ron Largent, candidate for Shasta County Assessor-Recorder

To the Proud Voters of Shasta County,

It is my privilege to have the opportunity to represent you as a candidate for Assessor-Recorder in the upcoming election on June 8th.  This is an important decision to all of our local citizens that impacts our future and the rights of property owners in Shasta County.

With these thoughts in mind, I think it is imperative for everyone to understand my positions and the facts behind this candidate race. Let’s be honest. California and Shasta County is in a real estate crisis indeed, an economic crisis the likes of which have never been seen in history. There has never been a more important time to assure that your property assessments are fair, timely and equitable. This is why I have chosen to run for the office of Assessor-Recorder.

The past 40 years of my professional career have been dedicated to the field of Real Estate, both residential and commercial.  I understand the complexities of the market and am extremely knowledgeable of property valuations, appraisal practices and the importance of fair taxes for all. The incumbent insists that 100% of all eligible properties have been reviewed and reassessed under California Proposition 8.  If that is true, why have so many citizens come forth with personal experiences of delays, questionable assessments vs. current market value and ultimately higher property taxes?

Is your property over assessed?  If so, it is vital that immediate action be taken to correct the problem that exists. My campaign platform is philosophically different from the incumbent with a focus on conservative, limited government, and proactive initiatives to correct the disparities that exist and provide a timely and equitable solution to our problem.

These are the following pledges I offer when elected to office as Shasta County Assessor-Recorder:

  • TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION. Comply with California Proposition 8, a law that protects your rights during times of market decline as it relates to Proposition 13.  You deserve timely and fair representation.
  • COMMUNICATE. Involve community agencies and county officials in the discussions of market fluctuations to allow them adequate time for fiscal budget adjustments while protecting jobs and economic growth.
  • EXECUTE.  I will provide an open-door policy with a direct line to me personally.  We will publish and conduct a visitation program to each county district on a monthly basis allowing public meetings to discuss assessments.
  • DELIVER.  It is the core of my campaign to offer fair, timely and equitable decisions that impact the rights of the individual taxpayer. You deserve nothing less. My pledge equally supports the need for County Agriculture & the Williamson Act.

Leadership is determined by those who empower the people around them to perform extraordinary tasks in difficult times. The subject of politics is often deemed a career for those who have spent most of their lives in government.  The very principle of being a Public Servant is a privilege, not a job.  Our most successful leaders have often been highly successful business owners, managers and gifted people with true vision.  You have a choice on June 8th to elect the right person as Assessor-Recorder of Shasta County.

This is a contest of differing philosophies on the role of the government servant. I am coming as a small business taxpaying citizen without county government background or experience. This is clearly different. My commitment and pledge to you: represent, with integrity and determination, you and your property in a fair, timely and equitable manner.


Shasta Republican Assembly – (California Republican Assembly)

Senator George Runner – Candidate for State Board of Equalization

Cris Andrews – Retired 3-term Shasta County Assessor-Recorder

Trish Clarke – Retired 4-term Shasta County District Supervisor

For more information and FACTS behind this election, please take a moment to explore our extensive website at

I’m confident you will find the answers for many questions that you and other local county property owners are seeking as well.


“Experienced Leadership That Counts.”

My Commitment to the Citizens of Shasta County,

– Ron Largent

Candidate Bio: Ron Largent


  • Ron Largent grew up in the Los Angeles area, graduating from Compton High School in 1957, after serving as President of the Student Body of the 2,700-student school. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and Secondary Teaching Credential from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1962.


  • Ron and his wife, Audy, have four grown children and 9 grandchildren, and their older daughter Christy and their younger son Curt, and their families, all live in the Redding area.


  • Entered the Air Force Officer Program where he served on active duty for 5 years and retired as a Lt. Col. with 28 years in the Air Force Reserve
  • Ron moved to Redding in 1971 and in 1974 opened his own real estate firm in the Enterprise area.
  • In 1979, Ron and his family of 4 children moved to the Washington DC area to join Century 21 as a Regional Director
  • In 1984, he took a position as District Manager with World Vision, a Christian Relief and Development organization, and held various management positions with World Vision in Columbus, OH, and Phoenix
  • In 2000 he returned to the Redding area to join Coldwell Banker C&C Properties in a management capacity and in 2005 became part owner and manager of Keller Williams Realty, growing the firm to 92 agents
  • Ron has served the community in various organizations, including President of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army, Board member of the Good News Rescue Mission
  • Board member of Shasta Voices, Vice President of the Military Officers of America, and Committee Chairman of the Shasta Association of Realtors, where he received the Presidential Award for service to the real estate community
  • Active in the Neighborhood Church, the Enterprise Lions, the Millville Grange, the Palo Cedro American Legion, the Rapture Brass ensemble, and the Straight Ahead Big Band
  • He is an Ambassador for the Redding Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Redding and Bostonian Tea Party meetings
  • Ron was on the National Board of KW Cares and is a member of the UCSB Alumni Club, the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors
  • He is a California Certified Real Estate mediator, and has taught real estate at the Community College level
  • Ron is an active supporter of the Redding Library Foundation and Simpson University Scholarship Fund.
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21 Responses

  1. Avatar ShastaCares says:

    With only one week to go in the election, it's nice to see all of the candiates are receiving an equal and honest opportunity to share there platforms and campaign philosophy. Thank you A News Cafe for providing this coverage for Shasta County.

    The race for Assessor-Recorder appears to have generated a great deal of interest from a wide range of local community voters. Both the incumbent, Leslie Morgan and challenging candidate, Ron Largent bring positive attributes as the new elected official, only one will prevail.

    I have known Ron Largent for many yesrs and it is my pleasure to support him for this election. He is without question a Community Servant that cares deeply about the rights of individual taxpayers. His ability to communicate and relate to the people of our great county is a much needed attribute that can allow citizens to have a true voice on property owner rights.

    He has the necessary experience and will make postive improvements in the area of property assessments while complying with state law as it relates to Proposition 8 and Proposition 13. Despite continued efforts by the incumbent insisting that 100% of all eligible properties have been enrolled in Proposition 8, a temporary adjustment to property assessments during times of market decline, there are many cases that people would stongly disagree with. Timeliness has been an issue since the new Assessor=Recorder took office.

    Data extracts, appraisal knowledge and technical advances are all good, but the Assessor-Recorder needs to be out in the community visibly and demonstrate a leadership role. Delegate those techbical issues to competent staff who can perform them at a more cost efficient wage. Why are we paying tax dollars for the Assessor-Recorder to conduct IT work when it is her role to Lead the Office?

    Thank you Mr.Largent for bringing these items to our attention. I have listened to both candidates at meetings, interviews and visited theri websites. There is no comparison. Go to <a href="” target=”_blank”> The voters deserve more and we will continue to support Ron's efforts.

    You have my vote Ron!

  2. Avatar Mike says:

    I really don't understand why someone would run against Leslie Morgan. Maybe it's because she's a woman. Maybe it's because she's a young woman. Maybe it's because she's a young and attractive woman, and that MUST mean that she doesn't know what she's doing.

    To the contrary, she's done everything right and she's loaded with energy and the support of her office.

    If it ain't broke, why would anyone try to fix it?

  3. Avatar Dave says:

    If Leslie Morgan doesn't keep her job, it will only be because she was "out advertised" by Ron Largent. There is absolutely no reason she shouldn't stay right where she is; she has a fine record.

  4. Avatar LR Watson says:

    Ron has made several errors in his campaign for which he's blamed others for when he should have man upped and "taken the bullet." My observation of that coupled with the common knowledge that Leslie Morgan has done a stellar job and knowing first hand that with very few exceptions you can't teach an old dog new tricks, the former has my vote.

    • Avatar older than dirt in R says:

      How about this: In the 1970s Largent belonged to a church whose volunteer congregation Ron persuaded to help him build as his dream house that he would live in forever. When house finished , Ron sold it…..made HIS profit…..and moved from Redding.

  5. Avatar L.W. says:

    Ron's background througout his 70+ years still lacks for the Assessor-Recorder.

    "Largent still falls short for all required so he is not the best cadidate"


  6. Avatar crose says:

    Let’s discuss some of Largent’s slip-ups. How about the Gingerbread House contest at the Fairgrounds, which somehow never made it into his financial report to the State? Remember the “Friends of Ron” on his website who were made to look like endorsers, but really weren’t? How about the financial statements that were filed late and included incorrect information that required amendment? What of the campaigning table at the Senior Health Care Expo in Macy’s last month that was intended for health care providers? Placement of poitical signs on illegal locations. If Largent can’t handle his own campaign and financial filings in an accurate and timely manner, how on earth can he be expected to fulfill his obligations as County Assessor-Recorder.

    The choice is clear, vote for LESLIE MORGAN FOR ASSESSOR-RECORDER.

  7. Avatar BT says:

    After having dealt with Ron over the past five years in business, I whole-heartedly endorse Ms. Morgan for Assessor-Recorder.

  8. Avatar Proud Vet says:

    My dad used to tell me that the thing tht will lead you around like a puppy and yet follow you throughout your life is your reputation.

    It seems to me that Largent's reputation is about ready to bite him in the hip pocket. You cannot out run your past and the way you deal with and treat other people.

  9. Avatar ShasNatv says:

    In the last 25 years or so, I have worked with three Shasta county assessors. Through my past employment and through a business my family owns, I know Largent.

    There is no way in hell, I would EVER vote for Largent.

    Morgan has the experience, education and understanding of her job that make her the best candidate for Assessor-Recorder.

  10. Avatar smokey66 says:

    Quid Pro Quo: Did Ron Largent sign a contract with Reverge Anselmo in return for his $5000.00 donation?
    Quid Pro Quo: Did Chris Young sign a contract with Reverge Anselmo in return for his $5000.00 donation?
    Was Leslie Morgan offered a $5000.00 donation in exchange for signing a contract with Reverge Anselmo?
    Was Corkey Harmon offered a $5000.00 donation in exchange for signing a contract with Reverge Anselmo?
    Was Les Baugh offered a $5000.00 donation in exchange signing a contract with Reverge Anselmo?

    • Avatar James and Lisa says:

      Quid pro quo (From the Latin meaning "something for something")[1] indicates a more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services. English speakers often use the term to mean "a favor for a favor" and the phrases with almost identical meaning include: "what for what," "give and take," "tit for tat", "this for that", and "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours".

      What would Reverge Anselmo have received in these alleged contracts?

      • Avatar smokey66 says:

        Sin verguenza, from Spanish, not Italian, you translate. Remember the cover up is always worse than the crime.
        STAY TUNED!

      • Avatar L.W. says:

        What Reverge Anselmo may potentially recieve hinges on the outcome of the election and specifics of the contract.

        What is more important are the ethics of candidates that will sign a contract with a special interest group in exchange for campaign finance money?


        Quid Pro Quo definitely describes this scenerio.

  11. Avatar Jeremiah Covington says:

    I like what Ron stands for he is the rite man for the job.

  12. Avatar BT says:

    Jeremiah…it's spelled "right".

    Which he is not.

  13. Avatar DonneMairi says:

    Property tax laws are not always fair, nor can they always be enacted in what may seem to be a timely manner.

    Under Proposition 13, values may not be lowered monthly in a down turn anymore than they may be raised monthly during boom times.

    Proposition 8 requires verifiable market data to back up any changes in value. All properties are not eligible including parcels that are not taxed by the county and those whose long time ownership under Prop 13 have a taxable value that is still lower than the declining current market values of comparable properties.

    The Assessor cannot just enroll a property in the Williamson Act for reduced property taxes, The County Board of Supervisors must approve each application. It is my understanding that no applications are being approved at this time since the state is no longer reimbursing the counties for the loss in revenue.

    Likewise, the Assessor cannot just decide to start taking out of county value transfers with Proposition 90.That must also be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Going back to Virginia Loftus’ administration when Prop 90 first became an option, the Shasta County Board of Assessors has declined to approve Prop 90.

    Anyone who makes claims that they will implement any of these plans when office either has no understanding of the position and it’s requirements, is planning to intentionally break the law, or is just making empty, wonderful sounding promises to entice the voters.

    Yes, Leslie was offered the Anselmo contract to sign and she refused. It has some interesting ideas, but it also has some that may be construed as requiring the signer to break existing laws or to be required to resign.

    Vote for pertinent experience, knowledge, integrity, and honesty.

    Vote for Leslie Morgan, Shasta County Assessor-Recorder.

    Vote for pertinent experience, knowledge, integrity, and honesty.

    Vote for Leslie Morgan, Shasta County Assessor-Recorder.

    • Avatar smokey66 says:

      Let me get this straight, Leslie Morgan refused to sign a contract with a special interest "person" and doesn't receive an Anselmo donation. Ron Largent and Chris Young receive $5000.00 each from Anselmo. I can hear the paper shredders from here. If a person will sell his soul to the devil, would it be hard to believe that we might hear, "UHH, UHH I I I didn't sign anything!"
      OUID PRO QUO!!!! Once again James and Lisa, the cover up is always worse than the crime. Jeremiah, do you still stand by "I like what Ron stands for he is the rite, write, rite man for the job". I'll bet you do. I guess after all TRUTH IS GOD. I will be glad when this election is over because I JUST WANT TO LIVE.

      • Avatar James I've hear says:

        A cover up may indeed be worse than the crime commited.

        The best I've heard so far on this blog is that Reverge Anselmo may potentially recieve something.

        No one can seem to say what that something is.

        I also think that a promise that a person "may potentially recieve" does not a quid pro make

    • Avatar DonneMairi says:

      I do not work for Leslie. I retired from the office before she was elected. I don't get anything out of her winning except the personal satisfaction of knowing that the right person is in office.

      I did work fro Cris Andrews and Virginia Loftus. Way back when, I actually liked Cris and suported his campaign with both putting up signs – with the property owners' permission – and made my first donation to a political campaign.

      However, after he brought in Gary Estep from out of the county, things got very bad in the office. There was bullying and harrassment of the staff and some serious errors in the office budget for several years. I left before the election, but was there for the first couple of months of the campaign. The atmosphere in the office was extremely repressive. Employees talking to each other, even about strictly office official business were assumed to be talking about mutiny, and just walking by other employees without saying a word was enough to get a reprimand. Turnover during my last five years in the office was higher than in the entire 12 years prior to Estep's arrival.

      A vote for Largent will bring that back if he is planning on bringing back those two former employees as his deputies to run the office for him. It is no way to run an office or a business. He might be a nice guy and great at glad-handing everyone he comes across out in public, but that does in any way qualify him for the detailed work and adherence to specific rules and laws that is required of the Assessor Recorder.

      I encourage everyone to vote for LESLIE MORGAN, Shasta County Assessor Recorder.