Our Broken Sky – Part One


“The reason I think geoengineering should be considered is I don’t think we are going to save the planet with the emissions-reductions approaches that are on the table. No one is taking the magnitude of the technological challenge seriously.” ~ Tom M. L. Wigley, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

“All of these things might have unintended consequences. We really don’t understand the climate well enough, so we don’t want to start something where the cure might be worse than the disease.” ~ Robert Watts, Tulane University mechanical engineer who is editing the proceedings of a 1992 conference on the subject called The Engineering Response to Global Climate Change.

We’ve all been there. We own something precious, perhaps an antique vase from our great-great grandmother, and it gets broken accidently. Oooops! We feel terrible. We stare at it, not believing our eyes, crushed by the realization that we “dropped the ball” and failed to faithfully protect that which previous generations had dutifully preserved. Our only hope is glue or some other method of engineered restoration. Our deep desire is to “unbreak” that which is broken, an impossible task. We settle for second best: fix it as well as we can and hope it looks as close to perfect as it did before our careless, thoughtless act.

For many of the world’s top scientists, that is where we are with global warming or climate change. While non-scientists still debate whether it is real, human-caused or a serious problem, many climate scientists have moved past this debate. They know it’s real, it’s us and it’s bad, but also believe “the vase is breaking” or perhaps is already broken. They understand the science, how after several hundred generations of human civilization, those who came to strength and power in the late 20th century inadvertently squandered, exploited and spoiled their inheritance. We are ruining our only home with blind, careless abandon and we cannot stop. We refuse to stop.

While others still talk about avoiding or preventing dangerous human interference with the Earth’s climate, these scientists are talking about what we do when we fail (and we are failing fast). We can call them devils or angels, pessimists or realists, or even scientific “Boy Scouts” who think we should “always be prepared.” Whatever we call them, they are planning ahead, thinking worst-case scenarios, while looking for the giant glue guns — actively planning the artificial fixes for our planet’s broken atmosphere. They call it “geoengineering” and they are deadly serious about using it.

What is geoengineering?  In 1992, the National Academy of Sciences defined it as “large-scale engineering of our environment in order to combat or counteract the effects of changes in atmospheric chemistry,” including the build-up of greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Next time: Our Broken Sky – Part II.

Doug Craig earned a B.A. in journalism during the Carter administration and a doctorate in psychology during the Reagan administration. He has been a clinical psychologist in Redding for 22 years. Since 2004 he has suffered a serious obsession with the science of climate change and is most concerned about the Earth his children will inherit. You can find him at his website, ClimateTruth.org.

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  1. Avatar CerebralAlchemist says:

    Great start!

    On an unrelated side note:

    The Big Kenny ad in the sidebar freaks me out.

    I don't want you to do anything about it… I just want you to know that it's freaky.

    Have a GREAT Day! 🙂

  2. Avatar roanoke joe says:

    What a scam.

    "While non-scientists still debate whether it is real, human-caused or a serious problem, many climate scientists have moved past this debate"

    Ya'll just keep drinking the kool-aid.

    This is a religion (global warming) and as such it should be treated the same way Scientology has been treated.

    Run for the hills "The sky is falling".

    Get over your self, the climate has and will change with earth's cycles and there is not a thing Electric cars and CFL's can do to change that.

    What we need to do is prevent the liberal government from imposing this religion on our nation.

    Pehaps then people will enjoy a great standard of living that America is destined for.

    • Avatar CerebralAlchemist says:

      "the climate has and will change with earth’s cycles and there is not a thing Electric cars and CFL’s can do to change that."

      Would you mind posting some links to the research you used to make that determination?

      It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Avatar Richard Douse says:

      Many of us older folks now regret what we have done to our planet. We wish to make amends. But, other than speaking out, their is little we can do. As you must know, greed and corporate money and influence trumps reason, and doing nothing is always easier than hard work. Because of this, politicians are easily swayed.

      So, roanoke joe, I know where you're coming from. And, believe me, I wish you a long and instructive life. Long enough to enjoy the ramifications of our collective karma.

  3. Avatar Skip Murphy says:

    Good to see you here Doug. You always stimulate the conversation. Whether or not your readers are convinced of global warming, reducing the unwanted impact of manmade gasses on our environment should be common sense. As a child growing up in Southern California in the ‘60s, I often came home wheezing from my bicycle paper route after pedaling in smog you could see and taste. As a member of the Shasta Historical Society, I can show you photographs of our local landscape denuded of vegetation by smelter fumes. Common sense and real world experience tells us that byproducts of human activity can have a real and measurable impact on our atmosphere. If common sense is a religion, then I confess I’m a follower. I’m looking forward to more of your thoughtful writing, Doug. Thanks.

  4. Avatar Micah Ree says:

    Thanks for what you're doing.

  5. Avatar Terry says:

    What a fascinating and well-written article. Thank you, Doug. I'm very relieved to hear about "geo-engineering" because, as you say, we are "breaking the vase". I look forward to more information!

  6. Avatar Brad Arnold says:

    There is a cheap and simple way to immediately cool down the Earth: just add a little (more) sun dimming aerosol to the upper atmosphere. Our short-lived sun dimming pollution already cools us down a significant amount (a few tenth of a C). James Lovelock calls this phenomena a "fool's climate."

    So, what do you think will happen when the climate turns nasty and agriculture become difficult with routine crop failures? Yeah, the people will just starve and forgo dimming the sun a little more because it is soooo dangerous. That's the ticket.

  7. Avatar Sarah MaHannah says:

    I'm going to go with the 98% of research climatologists that say climate change is real, as opposed to the 2% who disagree.

  8. Avatar Sarah MaHannah says:

    An interesting article from NPR

    Belief In Climate Change Hinges On Worldview

  9. Avatar Randy says:

    A huge problem is that we have been brought up in a system that places personal wealth as one of, if not the the highest, of achievements. This gross simplification of human purpose and potential relieves the masses from having personal responsibility in the destruction of the very ecological systems that give us life. Many brilliant and enlightened humans have dedicated their lives to understanding the natural workings of our planet and today that body of knowledge is expanding more rapidly each day and becomes increasingly available to any who care to look. Dead zones in the oceans, mercury contamination in even the most pristine mountain streams and rampant deforestation are each just pieces of the mindless human ambitions driving the 6th Great Extinction. There is nothing to argue about here, you either look at it or you turn your head. The American Association for the Advancement of Science, possibly the oldest and one of the most prominent science organizations in existence, has a statement on their website concluding that Geoengineering our climate may be necessary since we do not have the collective will to make the necessary changes to avoid catastrophic climate change.

  10. Avatar Randy says:

    Our planet is not a toy that can be taken apart and put back together by some egotistical scientist with a new patent. This is my planet too and I should have a say as to whether or not I want to turn the climate workings of mother earth over to a group of scientists.

    • Avatar offgridguy says:

      Egotistical scientists? If you say so. But my concern is with large multi-national Corporations that only care about the short term. With their money they determine my planet's health, or its lack thereof. I suppose you prefer them defining your future.

      • Avatar Randy says:

        Actually, no I do not prefer allowing corporations to design our future and my inferred disdain for "egotistical scientists" was referencing the scientists who are ready to jump over the part about how we must drastically reduce co2 and provide their own "fix" of geoengineering.

  11. Avatar Hotspringswizard says:

    Unfortunately Climate Change will continue to worsen, because humanity will continue to burn enormous quantities of hydrocarbon fuels, wood in various forms, etc releasing the consequently produced greenhouse gases into the incredibly thin layer which constitutes our atmosphere. Humanity in general will continue to try and preserve the current socio economic paradigms because the PTB, and most in the various populations are totally invested in the system as it is, and will not deviate from pursueing this course as long as they can conceivably continue.

    However this completely unsustainably house of cards is now crumbling, with the world's climate being one of the major casualties of humanities manner of living upon the Earth. Now certain people think that they can just tinker around with various technological supposed remedies that they propose could lessen the impacts of our worsening climate situation, and this is termed Geo Engineering.

    Just like scientiest are manipulating the very DNA of life itself with their various experimentation, these new Geo Engineering schemes are unbelievably idiotic in their shortsided and simplistic views of what would really be the repercussions of their computer generated models of what these programs could do. With these attempts, which are ongoing even now with much more proposed for the future, a dire pandora's box of un-forseen harm and errant devastating repercussions will be the ultimate and inevitable fruit of these mis-guided efforts.

    The climate will continue to get worse as people ( until the issue is forced ) just can not give up their business as usual practices regarding the workings of their societies. Geo-Engineering programs will fail to solve this problem, and will only bring more troubles, while these attempts sap enourmous funds and resources from the other critical measures humanity will be needing to pursue to try and cope with ongoing and quickening collapse of the many basic systems ( biological, economic, climate, etc ) in this world that have until now supported the human endeavor.

    • Avatar Randy says:

      I think you have totally described our situation. So from your perspective what is the way out of this?

      • Avatar Hotspringswizard says:

        Randy, I'm not sure specifically what you meant when referencing a " way out of this ". Since the article is referencing Geo-Engineering, I would think you are refering to that particular problem as apposed to something else I spoke of in my response. The western economic systems are now being essentially run by the elite financiers and big corporations. A very recent decision by the supreme court has given the corporations unlimited ability to dump their zillions of dollars into the US political system, meaning the " supposed " democratic power of your basic citizenry will now be completely overwhelmed by big money interest. If big mone wants Geo-Engineering, for what ever reason, the very few people across the nation that realistically would become knowledgeable about this subject to the extent that they would/will try and implement political action to stop these programs will see the pervasive corporation controlled media drown them out completely with dis-information and outright lies, and that process will only happen if they feel the counter Geo-Engineering efforts are of any threat to them at all in proceeding to implement these programs.

        Given the imminent and growing collapse of the world's complex industrial societies, one would think that the resources needed to run such extensive programs will become more and more limited, which should cause them to decrease. However, as we have seen already in these beginning phases of the world's entry into the new realities for the foreseable future of growing economic contraction ( negative growth for a whole host of reasons ), the military budget continues to rise dramatically, at the same time that the general population sinks into increasing economic degradation. With this in mind, the PTB may continue to utilize their immense wealth and political power to continue to fund increasing Geo-Engineering programs as they errantly see this type of " solution " as being the only way to stave off run-away Climate Change. If they do this, of course non of it will be well thought out in consideration of the negative repercussions that will with out a doubt will ensue.

        With all of the great growing problems of this world, the situation is much the same. People want hope, they want solutions, easy fixes to huge dire problems, but there is a dynamic momentum to these things, and the course of humanity is headed for a train wreck of monumental proportions, with multiple life support systems, that provide for the quality of lifes of modern society beginning to fail. As far as people's priority list in the coming increasingly troubled times, things like no job, no home, no food, no health care, no ability to afford a good education, growing water problems, increasingly un-affordable energy cost, etc, etc will be first and foremost upon the minds of the masses, and concerns about Geo-Engineering as important a subject as it is, will be somehwere ( if anywhere ) much further down on the list of things that must be attended too for people's basic day to day survival needs. Of course for the vast majority of the masses, none of this is even on their radar, as " green shoots " of new economic prosperity are just around the next corner, and they have never even noticed all those lines in the sky which on many days grow into a pervasive canopy of artificially created clouds, with a great deal of evidence showing that the toxic substances that made them are permeating down through the atmosphere, to create a whole host of problems at ground level, where we live and breath.

        • Avatar Randy says:

          Geoengineering is the topic of this conversation but there is a world of circumstances related to geoengineering.
          You describe the future as a "train wreak", and list many of the undeniable circumstances leading toward this train wreak.
          I would like to hear your thoughts on what we, the average, powerless individual can do to positively influence our future?

        • Avatar Hotspringswizard says:

          Randy regarding your question on what individuals can do to positively influence our collective futures. We are not powerless, but there are battles we can win, and those we can't. If you were on the Titanic, and you knew for sure it was going down, would you try and save the ship? Or, would you put your energies into preparing a life boat, because that will be the only thing that might save your life.

          Now there are those that fight battles of noble cause, understanding how greatly the cards are stacked against them, but the mission of trying is enough reward, even if they feel achieving victory looks realistically out of reach.

          Jaque Coustea fought a long battle to bring attention to the many threats that were threatening the viability of the ocean ecosystems. He garnered alot of help and resources towards this endeavor. But what is the state of the oceans now? Of course they are in a much more dire state and there are reasons why this is the case. The collective impacts of the myriad circumstances causing the demise of the ocean's ecosystems was much greater than the energies of those who would seek to save them.

          And this is the same situation with most all of the dire trends of our time. We are now entering a new era which will be seeing the built up complexities of humankinds civilizations begin to slide into imminent decline, prolonged for the forseeable future, and also likely becoming catastropic in many population areas. The beginnings of this is now occuring for a long list of reasons too lengthy to discuss here. The kind of economic upheavel that we have seen in the US alone in the last couple of years is just the beginning repercussions of what will be much worse to come.

          But again, you are not powerless. People will always fight those battles that they feel they must, no matter the outcome, but personally I think you will gain the most overall benifit by focusing your efforts on creating as safe and sustainable a local community situation as you can, one that is dependant the least as you can make it on the greater outside systems inputs. As fast as these dire developments are unfolding, there will be only so much time to work towards this end. The corporation owned news media will not tell you the truth of just how serious things really are. They are trying to keep a lid on things, and of course in their misguided ways they " hope " for the restart of the same unsustainable path which brought us to the sorry state we are now in as a nation. The reality is, this is no simple traditional downcycle. Watch the signs of whats happening in the real world around you, and not to the talking heads on TV.

          So where does the battle against Geo Engineering fit into all of what I discussed above? Each individual will have to decide that for themselves. My recommendation would be, work on your lifeboat, because that will be the most important thing that may provide you and those you love with the ability in the future to have some sort of viable and sustainable future.

  12. Avatar Judy Lynn says:

    In response to the Geoengineering Conference held in San Diego, I consider geoengineering projects a THREAT to all animal, plant and human life. Their highly classified experimentation, especially the aerosol spraying (chemtrail spraying or persistent jet contrails), contain extremely high quantities of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other metals and chemicals being sprayed into our atmosphere. Our rainwater, soil, and snow have been tested, and high quantities of these chemicals contained in the aerosal spraying is evident in these tests and it's affecting our health and our very lives. Respiratory disease is skyrocketing! Look up and see the lines in the sky (persistent jet contrails) change a perfectly blue sky to a hazy white and know that the chemicals that are coming down on the population are causing disease and even death. We have to breathe and people must demand that this experimentation be stopped.

    An informative website is: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org. Get educated and informed and then ACT by informing others.

    • Avatar Todd Gandy says:

      I love those websites. Fill with techno-jargon, link to big name news agencies (whose stories may or may not have anything to do with the websites focus), add some confusing charts that look impressive but are incomprehensible and then proclaim that the sky is not falling, it is being sprayed with chemicals out of jets that are causing all of our current medical ailments. A government conspiracy.

      They don't expect you to actually read any of the links (of which there are many) on the site. Many are misleading or out of context, but the only real reason I posted was that buried in the site there was a link to some actually very interesting information on how contrails form.

      Here you go, from about halfway down followed a link to contrail science and then to this site:
      <a href="http://asd -www.larc.nasa.gov/GLOBE/resources/activities/appleman_student.html” target=”_blank”>http://asd <a href="http://-www.larc.nasa.gov/GLO…” target=”_blank”>-www.larc.nasa.gov/GLOBE/resources/activities/appleman_student.html

      Never a huge fan of the Wiki, but here's their take:

      I don't believe the sky is falling, but I do believe we are having an effect on our environment and we should start doing something about it.

      Looking forward to part two of the article!

  13. Avatar DW says:

    Thank you Dr. Craig for your tireless effort to bring forth the most credible scientific data.
    Mr. Roanake, what do you base your conclusions on? Did you know that this January was globally the warmest ever recorded? Did you know that ocean temperatures in 09' were the warmest ever recorded? Did you happen to know that Canada just recorded its warmest and driest winter ever? Did you ever consider that except for the corporate media's total hyping up of a few e-mails and a statement or two that was not properly researched, about 98 to 99% of the scientific world has concluded that anthropogenic warming is very real?
    So, Joe, lets say your right and global warming isn't real, just for the sake of conversation. Would it make you angry if you knew that your government had fully deployed massive geo-engineering programs that involve spraying tens of millions of tones of toxic heavy metals into the atmosphere, and their excuse is global warming mitigation? Would it upset you if you knew that the entire surface of the planet was being polluted with the fallout from these totally unregulated programs. Perhaps someone in your family has recently developed respiratory troubles? Could that be connected to the massive levels of heavy metals that have shown up in numerous precipitation and air tests around the globe, dozens in Shasta county alone? Just keep ignoring the the science Joe, everything will be just fine.
    Great article Dr. Craig

  14. Avatar Mauro says:

    The question of the age…of THIS GENERATION of humanity (sapien sapien), is….

    are we, as a whole, willing to trade our atmosphere as it was handed to us by our MAKER, our ancestors (including previous evolutionary ancestors) FOR what we PERCEIVE as conveniences, our fossil fuel lifestyle and the path of so called science?

    We have endured and are choked by science…plastics, uranium contamination, atomic weapons (including DU) greenhouse gases, ozone depleting gases, GMO foods that kill the soil (and as we are finding out, wildlife and ourselves), the loss of heirloom seeds and the natural order (our massive loss of one species per 20minutes)…

    ALL THIS….is on the table before us. Do WE accept geoengineering, allowing the geoengineers to dictate who is "helped" and who is hurt? They seem to agree that to start, perhaps 2 billion people across africa and asia will have to be fed by the rest of us as their aerosol in the sky scheme creates draughts, destroys forests and increases desertification across the planet….so SOME can have a stable climate.

    When in fact the top engineers say they havent researched what their aluminum aerosol is going to do to our children, our wildlife.

    To me, the government and the scientists and the industries that will profit from this and force this upon us IS THE DINOSAUR that must become extinct. I for one see geoengineering as the final nail in the coffin of the United States and all nations that force this upon their people. What little confidence I have in tiny remianing parts of this nation have eroded completely with this scheme.

    I will be on the streets with the rest of the riot when this starts. The geoengineers, Ken Caldeira, David Keith, Alan Robock and the others are becoming household names….the new Stalins, the new fascist face to a world going into war…with the weather. This scheme comes from Livermore, where death is conceived and weaponized.

    Our civilization either corrects our values now or the trust what small portion of civilization puts into these insane men will be the spark of the last world war, one which will level the elite to the level of farmer. Where they should be…the few that survive.

    That is my prediction.

  15. Avatar shirey rickett says:

    I know that the chemtrail problem that you protray is absolutely correct. I also know the devastating effects of it in our water supplies, our farms that grow our foods and everything else the chemtrails touch.

    I know the agenda of the elitists to reduce earths population is real, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their devilish ends.

    I'm glad there are groups forming with scientific backgrounds to bring forth this knowledge to the people. God bless u in your efforts to bring this important message to light to all Americans.

  16. Avatar roanoke joe says:

    Ok so I normally don't respond as Flame wars are not pretty.

    But in all fairness to several folk who mentioned my post, here goes.

    By saying Global warming is a religion does not mean I deny that pollution exists.

    Nor do I think pollution of our planet is a good thing DUH.

    I am just more that a little concerned when the PTB express that we are changing an entire climate of an entire planet, that is a stretch.

    It seems that most climate folks are atheist, and do not believe that God is in control.

    So they have replaced a belief in god to a belief that man is God.

    What are we to do about the 6 Billion people on this planet if we go back to an agrarian society?

    No, that would not be sustainable many more people would die from starvation and disease than if we just continue along.

    And as Doug's piece is referring to there are those who will seek to justify cockamamie schemes to “rectify” the damage done.

    Carbon sequestering is another insane idea that will get money and resources applied when it is desperately needed elsewhere.

    Face it there are a lot of people wearing tin foil hats on both sides of this issue.

    I for one embrace technology with a bit of grace from God.

    It is HIS planet and he will decide when enough is enough.


  17. Avatar Dale vine says:

    Thank You Doug for getting the word out. Geoengineering is a sad commentary on the Human condition. What are they using?Aluminum/Barium? What are the long term effects on the biology of the planet from this relentless dispursement into our precious atmosphere?From trees, to fish, to people themselves? Humans Wisdom is not on par with their technology…..and that is frightening. The Earth can restore herself back to health….but can Humans…Forget It.

    Dale Vine

  18. Avatar Dane W says:

    Mr. Roanoke,
    So you "believe" it is a stretch to think we could actually change our planet's climate? Is it really a "stretch" to conclude that burning 10,000,000 + years worth of stored fossil fuels in only a hundred plus years, is likely to impact climate? Are you aware that in 92' , a single "not so big" volcanic irruption of Mt. Pinatubo changed global temperatures a full degree? Do you know that the amount of toxic materials (starting with aluminum), that the most internationally recognized geoengineers propose we dump into the atmosphere, via aircraft payloads, exceeds that of the Pinatubo irruption? Why wouldn't that effect climate? Why wouldn't that radically alter weather patterns, just as the Pinatubo irruption did? (92' was by 50% the lowest global rainfall year ever recorded. This was directly attributed to the Pinatubo irruption.) We are all responsible for what we pass on to our children. We are all responsible to be good stewards of our gift, planet earth. What hand could God have had in technology like atomic bombs, or all the other techno advances that are largely based around total destruction and death? How about all the techno advances for which the primary goal is the creation of monetary wealth at any cost to anyone? I don't believe a benevolent creator would have any hand in any of this. I certainly do not believe, God would have a hand in the toxic aerosol spraying of the entire planet, with metals that are known to be highly toxic in bio-available form, as a "fix" for our total irresponsibility in the first place. Isn't there a saying about two wrongs? It seems so few have even noticed our once blue skies are now, more often than not, a dirty white haze laced with aircraft particulate trails. Anyone that takes the time to research the already lethal reality of geoengineering, will be shocked. The "geoengineeringwatch.org" site is a good start. Mr. Roanoke, I do agree with you on one point, Mr. Gore, and those like him are out for their own profit. Though climate change is real, I believe the data on geoengineering can only lead one to the conclusion that it is a curse, not a cure.

  19. Avatar not joe says:

    Oh gawd Chem trails?

    Get out the tin foil hats.

    if you follow this thread long enough it will eventually name Hitler as the culprit.

    Oh snap ! i just did.

  20. Avatar Dane W says:

    Not Joe,
    Ridicule without a single mention of fact is classified as a "rant". If you have a single fact, piece of verifiable research, credible statistic, etc, about the very legitimate issues discussed in this article and the comments, I would like to see it.

  21. Avatar Francis Mangels says:

    Let an active scientist report his results from Mt. Shasta, CA:

    Our snow has 61,000 ug/l of aluminum. My official NWS rain guage gets over 1000 ug/l of aluminum. Hikers drink the melted snow. It is considered poisonous at 1000 ug/l. Normal should be undetectable aluminum.

    pH of a coniferous or black oak soil should be 5.5. Normal rain or snow, about 5.5 pH. My compost pile of black oak leaves, 5.5, my garden and yard in Black oak/conifer woodland soils, 5.5. I tested all habitats from Redding CA to Oregon. Everywhere it is 6.6 to 6.8 pH. This drastically very wrong. The pH is therefore over ten times higher than normal.

    I tested the aquatic insects of our local trout stream, using the same methods as I used for my MS thesis. In the 1980s I got about 100 insect persquare foot in Wagon creek. Now, I get only 3, two stoneflies (Arcenopteryx) and one cranefly worm (Tipula). No mayflies or caddis. I got suspicious when all the trout I caught there last year (About 50 total) had nothing in their stomachs. The trout are therefore starving. SOOOO….cal trout, federation of flyfishers, field and stream, outdoor life, trout unlimited, etc. are you going to let the military jet spray your fishing out of existence? You are in grave danger. I have contacted your local fishermen if you wish to see this in person.

    The lab reports are available as email attachments. Detailed data reports are available. Want to see them. I don't believe all this religious BS in the above comments. Nor do I believe the conspiracy BS. I think this is just military ignorance gone crazy. All I ask is a public Environmental Impact Statement review of the side effects of the jet spraying.

    Belief? Yes, I am Christian. I also don't believe Jesus would spray poison on his neighbors without their consent. I also believe ignorance and evil have much the same consequences to the decent folk of the world.

    Francis Mangels, Mt Shasta, CA

    Retired federal USDA scientist

  22. Avatar Howard Edward says:

    As a 94 year old man, I've lived a long time and would like to comment about our skies.

    In the past, until the last decade, we had deep blue skies. Today, that has all changed. I've watched the trails the planes leave in the sky which soon change a blue sky to a white hazy sky which also dims the the light coming from the sun. As a chemist, I've done extensive research into aerosal spraying. Most people are unaware of the chemicals that are being sprayed on the population worldwide and are now found in our rainfall, soil, plant and tree foilage, etc. Alzheimers, cancer, asthma, respiratory and many autoimmune diseases are increasing in number as a result.

    People need to wake up and educate others to take action against these geoengineering projects that are destroying all life. Trying to control the climate to reduce global warming is going to depopulate the world by destroying our immune systems and causing sickness and disease. Think about it and then get involved to oppose this secret agenda.

  23. Avatar Bonnie Hoag says:

    When we started the Bonnefire Coalition it was to address concerns about what NASA calls Persistent Jet Contrails. These are the pluming jet trails, witnessed and recorded globally, which combine to haze the Sky and dim the Sun. While NASA has not admitted to these trails being anything other than commercial jet exhaust, the Agency does publish concerns that this haze holds heat against the planet and reduces direct sunlight.

    Now we have public discussion of what geoengineers are calling Solar Radiation Management. In November of 2009 and more recently in February of 2010 geoengineering testimony has been heard before the US House Committee on Science and Technology. The SRM Aerosol Program uses military jets to lay down reflective particles such as Sulfur Dioxide or Aluminum Oxide which effectively haze the Sky and dim the Sun. There seems to be no concern among these geoengineers for the loss of Direct Sunlight which is essential to life processes such as photosynthesis.

    Anyone who would like to read more about what geoengineering has planned for us, is welcome to contact me at bonne_fire@yahoo.com. I will send you information about SRM and other programs and patents which are using the Earth's atmosphere as an experimental laboratory. Without our awareness or permission.

    Thank you.
    Bonnie Hoag
    The Bonnefire Coalition

  24. Avatar Randy says:

    This conversation should be taking place on cspan or at least on the front page of our local paper. So far the word "chemtrails" has been providing an easy and convenient out for those who do not wish to deal with the fact that aluminum contamination is being found in our air, water and soil at increasing levels above what is considered safe according to current health standards. Our local officials have concluded that a testing program would be too expensive. How can we afford not to look deeper into where this contamination is coming from and how this contamination is effecting our personal health and the health of our environment? The extreme levels of contamination found in the snow pack on Mt Shasta should be cause for public alarm and outrage. Where is the public? The horrifying truth is they are most likely watching a piece about the rich bachelor choosing a girl friend on Good Morning America or some similar piece of useless mind numbing filler.

  25. Avatar Anon says:

    Oh my oh my there is a chemtrail out my window

    Whatever shall I do?

    Oh my oh my my vegetables are dying

    Whatever shall I do?

    Oh my oh my my fire wood glows when burning

    whatever shall I do?

    Oh I know what lets blame those darn

    airplanes flying I the sky

    Oh my oh my

    I think I solved my problem

    No more Chemtrails today

    I have made them go away

    I have covered my head in TINFOIL

    yes that should do it.

    • Avatar Randy says:

      (from my previous post)

      "So far the word “chemtrails” has been providing an easy and convenient out for those who do not wish to deal with the fact that aluminum contamination is being found in our air, water and soil at increasing levels above what is considered safe according to current health standards"

      Didn't take long for a real time demonstration. Possibly I should thank you for making my point so dramatically.

  26. Avatar Dane W says:

    To Todd Gandy,for the the record, are we to believe a government version of what exactly it is we are seeing in the sky? Are we to believe those that have fed the general public a stack of lies to long to even go into in order to advance their criminal agendas of every description? From numerous wars of aggression. WMDs that never were, to telling the first responders it was "safe" to go back into the 911 site. The only thing one can be sure of about governments is that they lie. To clarify Randy's comment about aluminum levels in the environment being above what is safe, the levels of aluminum in dozens of lab tests in Shasta County alone are literally lethal. (rain, snow, air, and dust tests) To Anon, perhaps you thought agent orange was also a joke, or the numerous pacific islanders that lost their homes because the "superpowers" wanted to try out 1000 + nuclear detonations.Anon, do you think its a joke that the snow pack off the side of Mt. Shasta was over 61,000 ppb for aluminum? Thats over 60 times the recognized maximum contaminant level for this toxic metal. Not really a laughing matter for anyone sane.

    • Avatar Randy says:

      Is that 60 times higher than what is considered a "safe" level according to existing environmental health guidelines? I am also curious about what elevation the test samples were taken from. It sounds like the tests show more concentrated levels on the mountain than at the lower elevations. Is that correct? I also read somewhere that tests were taken from Shasta Lake that showed the same extreme levels. Is that correct?

      • Avatar Dane W says:

        Randy, it is 61 times the MCL, (maximum contaminant level). 1000 ppb is the threshold at which action should be taken to remedy the contaminant. Not any real indication of "safe". The snow test in question was taken in Bunny Flat by residents of Siskiyou County. There are also other tests from other residents as I understand. I do believe the concentration of aluminum in a snow bank could be higher than a straight single rain event test. As the snow evaporates the metal would remain, thus concentrating. Hope this helps.

        • Avatar Randy says:

          Todd has said he plans on taking a test of his own and it seems the wider range of tests the better. So far I have relied on tests you and others have conducted but have not done any on my own. Do you have a map of the collective testing you have done? I would definitely be interested in contributing to a plan designed to gather scientific data. Possibly the science department at Shasta College would have someone interested in playing some part in such a project.

  27. Avatar Todd Gandy says:


    Governments are made up of people. Some people lie. Some people are mislead. I'm open to all interpretations at this point.

    You clarified Randy's comment… are you two friends?

    I don't know you, but I'll clarify your arguments so far:

    1) Contrails are not a natural phenomena, they are a government plan to spray chemicals into the atmosphere.

    2) High aluminum levels in the snow pack in Mount Shasta prove that the government is spraying chemicals into the atmosphere.

    Some details that would help your argument.

    First, get a copy of the lab results that are supposed to be available as noted in a previous post… and not just a copy of the numbers get a photocopy with the name of the lab and the sample locations. Scan it and post it online for all to see. Post a link here, I'd like to see it.

    Second, at least note in this hypothesis of yours that high levels of aluminum could be present in the snowpack for a reason totally unrelated to a secret government geoengineering project. If you are making that mental leap, you should have reasons why.

    As for me, I'm still open to all possibilities. I'm heading up to the snow in a couple weeks, maybe I'll do some testing while I'm up there!

    • Avatar Dane W says:

      Hello Todd, I appreciate your sincere questions. Yes, some people lie, but show me even one government that does not lie, and lie, and lie yet again. It is the nature of governments. The more powerful they are, the more they lie. The more crimes they tend to commit. I will forgo historic examples as you seem intelligent and I imagine you know enough history to conclude this. Yes, I know who Randy is and I respect him for his concerns about the environment. No, I am not saying "contrails" are not natural in some cases, but there is a world of difference from a "contrail " (according to NOAA the conditions needed for a "contrail" to form is 70% humidity, and 70 degrees below zero or colder, even then, it should be very short lived) and what appears to be a "particulate" trail. There are a host of geoengineering patents that describe the exact scenario we see in our skies as their expressed goal, and the first ingredient on these patents is aluminum oxide. (See "geoingineering patents on the net) Does lethal amounts of aluminum from Mt. Shasta snow prove geoengineering? No, but there are some important points to consider. The metal is air born as it is in the precipitation. According to geohydrologists, rain should generally not contain over 1pph of aluminum. 61,000 ppb from snow pack at Bunny Flat is 61 times the MCL (Maximum contaminant level) 1000 MCL is the point at which the contamination is deemed unhealthful and action must be taken to mitigate the problem. As far as my conclusion that the spraying is the likely source, according to the California AQMD, metals are not among the aerosols migrating from China. Aluminum tests taken at "Basic Lab" in Redding, (a state certified lab) have shown an escalation of aluminum in a single rain event rising as much as 50,000% in four years. That is not a misprint (From an initial reading of 7 ppb, already high, to as much as 3450 ppb, off the charts. I can find no other plausible source of this massive contamination, if you can Todd, I would like to know. I do not relish the conclusions I have come to after years of examining data. I believe you can find testing copies from various Northern California residents on the "geoengineeringwatch.org" site if you keep looking. I would encourage you to take a snow test from Mt. Shasta. Test for aluminum and barium, it's $20 per metal. I think you will be shocked. I truly hope you will continue your investigation Todd.

  28. Avatar sandymac says:

    With a simple google search you will find [below] instant information about historical clean air legislation and citizen's participation of the past 50+ years. Why are we now, in 2010, allowing airplanes to fly back and forth across our skies spewing some kind of particulate matter? We watch as our skies slowly change from clear-blue to milky-gray-overcast because of these airplanes. What is going on, is there a problem and, if so, what is the answer to the problem? Do some people have their eyes open and other people have their eyes shut? We all live on the same planet.

    Legislation – A look at US air pollution laws and their amendments – Clean Air Acts of 1955, 1970, 1990

    Clean Air Act of 1970

    Clean Air Act Timeline – 1923, 1967, 1970, 1976, 1977, 1983, 1988, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003

    Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act (1970)

    Besides the chemicals being released in the atmosphere, we have to endure the chemical release of flouride in water and toothpaste; aspertame in ALL chewing gums, diet drinks and sugar-free foods; salts and high-fructose corn syrup used as food additives; highly toxic cleaning chemicals in household items etc.

    Allergies, asthma and lung related ailments are at an all time high. Pharmaceutical sales for these ailments are also at an all time high.

  29. Avatar Randy says:

    Where has "Our Broken Sky " part 2 and 3 gone?