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Take Precautions During Winter

It’s not officially winter for another week, but the usual winter weather pattern has settled over Northern California, bringing cold, damp conditions to Redding.

Shasta County health officials remind residents to protect their families and check on their neighbors during cold weather. Hypothermia is a real risk for the homeless, people too poor to use their home heat or those who work outdoors. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result from improper venting, or from burning wood or fossil fuels indoors.

Older adults, the homeless and infants are at most risk in cold weather, but anyone can fall victim to hypothermia. Stay indoors when it’s really cold, and bundle up when you do go out. I’m often guilty of  jumping in the car and going someplace without a jacket; that’s stupid.

The rain is forecast to continue off and on for the next few days, but the weekend should be dry and partly cloudy with highs near 60. Temperatures are dropping into the 30s at night, though, so be safe.

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