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L.A. Refuses to Ban Medical Marijuana Sales

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to allow dispensaries to continue selling medical marijuana, but the council is still considering a cap on the number of dispensaries allowed within the city limits.

LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley, who has declared war on the medical marijuana industry, had urged the council to pass an ordinance that would ban the selling of medical cannabis. Cooley and some other law enforcement officials insist that exchanging pot for cash violates state law governing medical marijuana collectives.

The City Council didn’t see it that way. In a seven-hour session Tuesday, the council stripped out language that would’ve banned sales, and replaced it with flexible language that allows cash sales and contributions, as long as they comply with state law.

Another ordinance, which would cap medical marijuana dispensaries in the city at 200 or less (down from a current estimate of 1,000) is still under consideration.

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The Washington Post, meanwhile, had an interesting update on the national debate over legalization. A recent Gallup Poll showed that 44 percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana; it’s 53 percent in the West. Legalization advocates say the issue has taken off like never before. Full article here.

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