Shasta Historical Society Wants Your Recipes For Its Cookbook

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The Shasta Historical Society is now accepting recipe submissions for its upcoming Shasta County Cookbook (title to be determined at a later date).

The SHS would love to include your family favorite recipes in its cookbook, with the hope that this book will be a reflection of the North State community and our rich shared history.

There are three ways to submit recipes to the Shasta Historical Society. First, you may email your submissions to

Second, you may mail them to Shasta Historical Society at 1449 Market Street, Redding, CA,  96001.

Third, you may bring them to the SHS office Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Deadline is Nov. 1. Please include your name, city and the name to whom you’d like the recipe credited. Please also include contact information in case the SHS cookbook creators have questions.

For more information call Renee McKean at the Shasta Historical Society at 530-243-372.

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