The Greyhound Chronicles

Series Finale, 2 of 4

Three months ago, Sally Marbry conceived the idea to transform a utilitarian electrical box in front of the Greyhound station in downtown Redding into a piece of public art. The 18-part “Art and Life at the Greyhound Sation” series is a chronicle of her work and her observations of life on the corner of Pine and Butte. This is Part 2 of 4 of her final thoughts.


Happy Again

September 7 Feel much better today. I am rested, but do not notice the sheriff a few feet from me until he clears his throat. He is the weekend guard. Just dropped by to compliment. Nice.

Indian Joe is happy too today. It must be the air. I find myself saying “yes” to doing his laundry. He’s in a pinch to keep it together. He disappears to collect it and I notice that Cardboard Man has stolen my caution wet paint sign. I always blame Cardboard Man for things like this.

Barber yells over, “Hey, it’s a holiday here.” I yell back the same. His excuse is that he came down to clean up. Does that mean he shaves in his shop every morning? One hour later he leaves and I still stay without an excuse.

A young traveler catches up on cell phone chat. I hear him say that he is “floating in air” describing the vagabond’s decision of whether to go to Sacramento or San Francisco. I start to a paint the Golden Gate label and bring him down to earth by explaining that the bridge is closed for Labor Day. I think he chose Sacramento.

Bottle man clanks by and yells a compliment.

Indian Joe returns and points out that they are washing the helicopter up there on the roof of the hospital. They do that every day. I ask if it makes them fly better. Traveling guy laughs.

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sally-marbySally Marbry has shared her fine art, ceramics and sculpture skills as a teacher, product designer and interior designer. For the past year, Sally has been the host and writer of “Home Zone,” weekly on KLXR. She also chairs Viva Downtown Redding’s Design Committee, which spearheaded the public art and street beautification project. Reach Sally at