The Greyhound Chronicles, 18

Art & Life at the Greyhound Station

Three months ago, Sally Marbry conceived the idea to transform a utilitarian electrical box in front of the Greyhound station in downtown Redding into a piece of public art. This 18-part series is a chronicle of her work and her observations of life on the corner of Pine and Butte.


Part 18: He’s got my back

August 23 I pull up to a vacant station and Indian Joe mysteriously appears at the back of my car. We talk of the hours the station is open and that the busiest times are at night. He was watching people taking their pictures on the trunk last night and said someone tried their hardest to move it. Totally fooled.

I borrow a penny to paint on the top. That should fool the panhandlers, although, I doubt they would dive for a penny.

We talk of the outside bench that the depot people were going to put out. Indian Joe said it will just collect street people. I guess he is not an advocate, but at least they could give it a try for one day. Need to talk to the female manager. I notice that Indian Joe has the broom and dust pan from the depot. Maybe he did get a job.

I get a compliment from a young kid and look up to see a little Leonardo DiCaprio. A contemplative man watches me paint minute detail.

I zoom off and forget to put up my “please be kind” caution signs, but I now can rely on Indian Joe, my protector and keeper of the trunk, 24-7.

To be continued…

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Visit Sally on September 12 on Pine and Butte as she reveals her electrical box turned masterpiece as part of September’s 2nd Saturday ArtHop.

sally-marbySally Marbry has shared her fine art, ceramics and sculpture skills as a teacher, product designer and interior designer. For the past year, Sally has been the host and writer of “Home Zone,” weekly on KLXR. She also chairs Viva Downtown Redding’s Design Committee, which spearheaded the public art and street beautification project. Reach Sally at