Exclusive! Interview with Sundial Winner ‘Cart’ Lead Actor


By Tom Stovall

Question: Have you always aspired to be an actor in a Sundial Film Festival quality film?

Answer: No, I was discovered while doing my job at the Holiday Market. Actually, I was discovered by my agent, Mr. Bartholomew Boxboy, while he was shopping for groceries. I took an impromptu film test and was given the part. They were so taken with my Cart performance that they even named the film after me.

Question: In the scene when Cart ran over some rough road and flipped over the bank to fall into a ditch filled with water, were you scared and afraid of drowning?

Answer: No, they would not let me do that scene. They had a stunt cart do that one and all the dangerous stuff. Since becoming a star, my insurance company is very careful what I do and checks every scene. You know, sometimes it takes all the fun out of acting.

Question: Were there any really scary moments for you on the set, and how did you deal with them?

Answer: Yes, there was the scene when I was to roll down a big hill when traveling to the little boy’s home. At the top of the hill my double, who is actually a stunt cart, lost control and went across four lanes of traffic. He crashed into a fire hydrant and broke off one of his coaster wheels. He is still in intensive care. His misfortune allowed me to do the last dangerous scene.

Question: Last one… What do you plan to do with the large cash prize you received at the Film Festival for being the first-place winner?

Answer: My plans are to set up a home and refurbishing center for wayward carts. You know, seeing all those abandoned carts in the film just tugged at my heartstrings. And there is the injured stunt cart, who is going to need plenty of physical therapy on his coaster wheels. It makes a cart feel good helping others, especially little boys.

Interview conducted with permission of Cart’s agent, Mr. Bartholomew Boxboy, and the kind approval of the Sundial Film Festival. Thanks go to Jesse Rosten for creating such a fine film and to all the support personnel, especially those who produced the music. We look forward to next year to see what Rosten brings to the festival but especially to any future films starring the Cart. Interview conducted on location at the Holiday Market.


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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Grammalyn says:

    That film was the BEST! I hope others get the opportunity to see it. I never would have believed that I could fall in love with a shopping cart, but I look at them differently now 😉

  2. Avatar Grammy says:

    Did you have to worry about homeless people trying to kidnap you? Because you had to work so long outside, did you suffer from rust?

    Did they have bratty kids staring with you?

    Did you have uncomfortable times when you had to do your lines and a unfortunate squeak came out?

    Are you waiting around for more rolls to come around?

    Are you going to donate any of the money to go towards helping other actors that are down on their luck or living on the streets?

    Any words for all the poor, just like you, that are suffering at the hands of people that just don't care? Any advise on how to get out of the deep water some find themselves in?