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Much Ado Makes for Much ‘I Do’

From Shaw’s “Pygmalion” to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” we, as audiences, love to see confirmed bachelors or bachelorettes inveigled into marriage. The more louche or outré the singleton the better. It somehow ratifies the sweetness, rightness and inevitability of our own domestic arrangements while at the same time flattering us that under our humdrum exterior [...]

Matt’s Chats: Meet the Other Grigsby – Brother Brian

Meet Brian Grigsby.  Full disclosure: he’s my much older fraternal twin brother (by 3 minutes).  Brian is a teacher at Shasta High School and the 2014 recipient of the National Space Club Explorer’s Award and has hit me in the head with a rock more than once, although not recently (as far as I know).  [...]

Torpedoes of Death Masquerade as Innocent Grass to Torture Dogs

I see foxtails. Everywhere. Hordeum murinum or “Hare Barley,” a non-native invader from Spain, grows in healthy, thick patches along the trails and in open spaces where people walk their dogs. What appears to be innocent, lush grass in early spring quickly develops into pesky, sometimes-lethal spiny seed-heads; little torpedoes ready to burrow into anything [...]

Matt’s Chats: Meet Andrew J Ditton – Living in an Airstream in the South East of England

1) Who are you and what’s your deal? I’m Andrew J Ditton, and ‘my’ Deal is the seaside town of Deal in the county of Kent, North of Dover in the South East of England. My Mum still lives there and I spent my formative years there as well as Dover, the town famous for [...]

The Key to a Successful Job Shadow Experience: Frappuccinos

If you read this in the morning, I’m probably out talking about online journalism with three high school students: Sara Quenzer, Olivia Sorrells and Tesla Lackey. I know their names because I got a letter saying so from Julie Gussenhoven, committee chair of the Redding Rotary’s annual job shadow program. By 11:30 the three students and [...]

Matt’s Chats with Mike Cullen: Neighbor to the North

Meet my friend Mike Cullen, a neighbor to the north in Ottawa Canada.  He’s a multi-talented go-getter with drive and pluck and a rather astonishing ability to write a new novel every year.  Seriously, every year.  If I wrote a book a year, you can believe they would be about five pages long and the [...]

Matt’s Chats with Shelley Ridgley: The Low Down from the Woman Down Under

Meet my friend Shelley Ridgley, tucked away Down Under in Australia.  I like to think of her as my Friend From the Future because she’s in a time zone 18 hours ahead of me, which means just as I’m starting my Monday morning, she’s already moved on to Tuesday. It’s probably as close to time travel as I’m [...]

Writers Forum February 14 Meeting: Marketing and the Modern Author

On Saturday, February 14, Writers Forum presents a comprehensive six-hour seminar for published and pre-published authors. The event is designed to help writers focus on their potential readers and engage with them by establishing a platform. Award-winning thriller writer Simon Wood will demonstrate social networking techniques to build a solid platform that will attract and keep a [...]

Phil’s Funny: Je Suis Charlie

Scenes around Mt. Shasta – Sightseeing in a Winter Wonder Adventureland

The weather was beautiful the day before Christmas Eve so we decided to take a trip up to the Mt. Shasta area. Our first stop was to Castle Lake to the west of Mt. Shasta City. Surprisingly, Castle Lake at 5440 ft. elevation was not frozen over! The road up to the lake affords some beautiful views [...]

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