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Sandy Dubose: Generous Spirit Keeps on Giving

Like many people in Shasta County, I was thrilled to learn recently of the preservation of the Parkville Ranch with a conservation easement administered through the Shasta Land Trust. As the Ranch could otherwise be sold for development purposes at a much higher price, this action amounts to a large gift to the public and [...]

Lillian Nelson Nature Preserve Brings New Possibilities for Shasta Land Trust and Community

Nestled between two major forces of local development, the Shasta Land Trust’s newest conservation easement shows the clear need and benefit for conserving natural open space. Bounded on three sides by subdivisions and Bethel Church, the Lillian Nelson Nature Preserve provides a rich wildlife corridor and pleasing natural landscape for all around it, benefits which [...]

SCCAR Celebrates 25 Years of Commitment to Social Justice, Diversity

You’ve likely seen the signs—green, with white lettering—small but distinct placards dotting roadsides and punctuating school and church properties throughout Shasta County. “No Room for Racism,” they proclaim. The signs—at one point 75 of them—have been a subtle but consistent presence in this Northern California region since 1995. The same could be said for the [...]

Vigil Supports Downtown Trees

Dozens of people gathered beneath the shade and softly sloping branches of a gargantuan deodar cedar Monday afternoon. They were there  to sign petitions and show support for the downtown heritage grove and its nearby historic bungalow at Yuba and Oregon streets. That site is slated for the construction of a new courthouse. Frank Treadway, the self-described community activist who helped plan [...]

Does Shasta County Need a Human Rights Commission?

Shasta County Citizens Against Racism (SCCAR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of racism, prejudice and social injustice through education, cultural exchanges, and public advocacy. Its early years often found SCCAR seeking application of hate crime law (CA Penal Code 422.6) to local cases, and advocating for prosecution under these laws. SCCAR co-hosted [...]

The Resourceful Gardeners: Alice Wilkinson and Tom O’Mara of Happy Valley

Say you invite Alice Wilkinson to a fancy dinner party in Beverly Hills, and say she admires the flavorful heirloom tomatoes that you serve on the salad. Be forewarned: Alice is the kind of gardener who will walk herself to the kitchen and ask if the tomatoes happen to be organic (which will increase the [...]

Living Black History Celebrates: Isaac Lowe

Update about Isaac’s videotaped interview: Click on the links below for the 28-minute Isaac Lowe interview; videotaped and produced by Bob Belongie of Belongie Entertainment Enterprises in Redding, which he divided into three sections and uploaded into YouTube clips. First Segment Second Segment Final Segment ————— Update: about Isaac’s health: Some who remained at the MLK Center toward the [...]

Guest speaker, Tom O’Mara
Love your parks

Tues., April 22, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors will consider a recommendation to implement impact fees on new development. They have contracted with and will be discussing a 78-page report prepared by the Oakland consulting firm MuniFinancial. If enacted, the proposed fees will fund nine essential functions of county government

Is Cutting Spending un-American?
Tom O’Mara

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting state spending 10 percent across the board as a solution to the state’s budget woes, and you’d think he called for lacing the water supply with a combination of salt and LSD. Defenders of spending are cropping up all over with comments like, “It’s not happening on my watch,” [...]

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