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Are YOU Stressed? Part 2

As you reviewed your results from the Stress Questionnaire in Part I, I hope that you had an extremely low number that made you feel proud, and not a number that made you fall out of your chair. Being in the field of health and wellness for a good part of my life has allowed me [...]

Are YOU Stressed? Part 1

I picked up an O Magazine at the market the other day. Who doesn’t love Oprah’s Favorite Things List? As I perused the cover I realized that she had included a list of “ways to relax” inside the magazine, and as I looked up, I realized that almost every single December issue of a magazine displayed before me [...]

Gratitude is the Attitude: Health and Wellness from the Inside Out

I absolutely love this time of year. We have left the scorching days of August. The rain is beginning to come on occasion, and I get to put away all of my skin baring clothes and replace them with scarves and sweaters and mittens. The pressure of Christmastime is still a few weeks away, and [...]

Health & Wellness from the Inside Out: Are you getting your ZZZs?

Here is a little sleep quiz for you: Do you get between 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night? Do you have an easy time falling to sleep and staying asleep? Do you wake up to the sound of the birds outside your window or the sunshine through your blinds? If you are like most [...]

Health & Wellness from the Inside Out: Love is the Best Medicine

Humans have one important need from the day we burst forth onto this planet. This need is love. Love must flow from our heart to another’s freely, and from another’s to ours in order for us to live abundant, health-filled lives. Unfortunately, most of us have a story, a story of hate that seeped in [...]

Fill up the Sundial Bridge on International Women’s Day 2012

Our beautiful Sundial Bridge will serve as a meeting place for women, men and children to stand in celebration of women on March 8. This 101 International Women’s Day will also be when thousands of beings stand together on bridges in 70 countries around the world. Four hundred and sixty-four events just like this one were held last [...]

Health & Wellness from the Inside Out: You Are What You Think.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”-Mahatma Gandhi As the ball drops and we kiss the nearest cutie, it begins, a New Year. The New Year brings new promises that we make [...]

Health & Wellness from the Inside Out: The 5-Minute Oasis

As I turn left onto Highway 44 driving from Palo Cedro into Redding, a woman is on my car’s tail. She swerves right and left behind me, as if in a NASCAR race trying to pass me. I take a deep breath and merge to the right. I am no slow poke on the road, but “Mario Andretti” obviously had places to go and people to see.

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