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From Seed to Table: A Seed Starting Workshop

March 18 Workshop, “From Seed to Table” will be postponed until April 22, 1:00-3:00, at the Teaching Garden (due to a storm advisory for the weekend). For more info call: 530.242.2248. Join Kalan Redwood of Redwood Seeds to learn about starting your spring and summer crops from seed. This workshop will cover seeding technique for [...]

Community Teaching Garden “Getting Started in Your Organic Garden”

For novice to seasoned gardeners seeking to improve productivity, this workshop will help you with planning and developing an organic garden, including information on acquiring good seed, preparing your soil for planting, developing an efficient watering system, and avoiding common mistakes to get you off to a good start.  Bring your questions and problems, from [...]

Shasta College Presents the Comic Play “School for Wives” Beginning March 8

The Theatre Department presents Molière’s classic comedy, School for Wives, which addresses the issue of “how to train” a girl to be the perfect wife. An older man, Arnolphe, believes the only way to get a pristine wife is to keep her ignorant and innocent, as he sets his sights on his ward Agnes and [...]

Women in Math and Science Conference March 10

The Redding branch of AAUW announces the Women in Math and Science Conference for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls. Target area is Math and Science Middle School educators.  The conference goals are: •To increase young women’s interest in mathematics and science. •To foster awareness of career opportunities for women in math and science related [...]

Feb. 3 Drive-Through Tri-Tip Dinner to Benefit Cancer Patient

(Update: Please note that the correct date for this event is next Friday, Feb. 3. We apologize for any confusion, but hope this gives everyone even more time to plan for the dinner.) Michele Hughes, dental hygienist and single mom, was diagnosed with colon cancer in September. Redding dentist Gary Howland is hosting a drive-thru tri-tip [...]

Shasta College Student Essay: Samantha Magaña – A Bleak Future

(Editor’s note: This is a Shasta College student essay, submitted for extra class credit as a letter to the editor.) As we all know, California is currently in the midst of a recession. This recession has forced funding cuts upon schools, work forces, and many other local programs. These enormous cuts amount to roughly 12.5 [...]

Shasta College Student Essay: Christina Lopez – Churn Creek Mall

(Editor’s note: This is a Shasta College student essay, submitted for extra class credit as a letter to the editor.) Redding, CA comes across as a mellow, quiet type of town, however this is quickly changing. Redding is quickly growing and industries are narrowing in on this weakness. A few years ago, Redding was known [...]

Shasta College Student Essay: Proposed Churn Creek Bottom Strip Mall is a Bad Idea

On August 1st 2011, Shasta county supervisors voted to approve the building of a strip mall in the lower Churn Creek bottom area near Interstate 5 and Knighton Rd. Under the proposed plan, a developer out of Idaho would be allowed to build a large strip mall on nutrient-rich farming land.

Shasta College Student Essay: Keep State Parks Open

As far back as I can remember, my parents have always made a point that we “go check out” various recreational areas while on road trips or to specifically see certain places.

Shasta College Student Essay: Where’s the Bacon?: Sky-High Unemployment and a New Opportunity

(Editor’s note: This is a Shasta College student essay, submitted for extra class credit as a letter to the editor.) It’s no secret that the United States’ fourteen digit national debt is looming over America’s citizens. With the recession in play, it’s becoming more and more difficult to pay bills, and more and more difficult [...]

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