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Bulbs for the Forcing: Great gifts for Gardeners/From the Gardener

Even a small selection of bulbs ready to be forced, make great gifts at the holidays, for friends, for hostesses, for something to look forward to in early 2014! A few dry bulbs, some decorative rocks or marbles, a sweet perhaps gently used container or vase, tied up with a bow and there you have […]

December 2013 & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

It is the eve of December. The first frosts arrived on the valley floor only recently, but multiple hard frosts that will knock our tender plants down is in the forecast for the coming week. The air is crisp, the deciduous trees and shrubs are on the last run of their circle through the seasons […]

The Learning Curve: October in the Garden & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

My 14 year-old who is learning French for the first time and this last week she learned the colors and subsequently I re-learned French colors. Not dissimilarly, in the course of co-developing an exhibit on mushrooms and fungi of Northern California with colleague John Whittlesey, I have acquired some of the language of the world […]

September’s Seeds for a New Season & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

Photo: Oak leaves turning colors with the season. The beginning signs of a change in seasons – such as the falling acorns of last week, always seem to precipitate a bout of nostalgia in me – a longing look back at what has been, a greedy impulse to hold tight and a vague reluctance to […]

A Mast Year? The Form and Function of the Iconic Acorn

Photo: Acorn from a blue oak, or blue oak hybrid (Quercus douglasii). Note the stout, rounded body of the acorn and the well-fitted cap. Who doesn’t love an acorn? Who can resist bending over to pick up a fresh acorn newly fallen on the ground, looking at it carefully, tucking it into a pocket? Photo: […]

Fireworks: July in the North State Garden & Calendar of Gardening Events

Walking around the garden in the cool of morning last week, it occurred to me how much flowers remind me of fireworks – their colorful explosions, forces of nature demanding that we look at them: Here! Here! Here! Photo above: This week’s article features photos of flowers that remind me of fireworks – and yes, […]

The Origanums – Beautiful Cornerstones of the North State Herb Garden

I’m a big believer in Beauty for its very own sake, but in a gardening life where choices must be made as to what we will give room, resources, time and attention – it’s always nice to love a plant that is both beautiful and useful beyond this beauty. Photos above: Origanum ‘Bristol Cross’ in […]

Now that Winter’s gone: a Tribute to the Trees! Dunsmuir Botanical Garden

Every morning this time of year, from the early morning lifting through the trees and on the horizon just before 5 am to that hard to-pinpoint moment when morning has become full-fledged day, the birds regale us with their summer morning songs – symphonic it would seem when put all together in the green spaces, […]

Twining through Spring into Summer: Clematis in the North State Garden

My clematis are blooming nicely, elegantly draping themselves over trellises, fences and my shrub roses. I attended a meeting this past week for which my friend Jeanne had created two amazing arrangements for the table from her collection of now 24 clematis. I thought: Ahhh, now is a good time to revisit how to grow […]

Planting Time: An Overview of How to Decide What to Plant When

Mother’s Day is almost here and in our culture it’s a traditional day for planting out heat-loving summer fruit, vegetables and herbs – your tomatoes, peppers, and basil, for instance. Likewise your heat-loving summer annuals, including the non-hardy begonias, impatience, fuchsias, geraniums or brugmansia-laden container gardens or hanging baskets. Together these vegetables, fruits, herbs and […]

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