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Phil’s Funny: I’ve been to Gallup and it ain’t so hot

Or So it Seems … Up on the Rooftop

Once a year, in April, my house tries to kill me. That’s when I go to the rooftop to prance around, attempting to revive my aging swamp cooler. Sure, I’m up there in the fall, too. But it’s no problem to cork it up, and shut it down. Simple. But my spring rendezvous to reawaken [...]

Police Seeking Information on Shell Gas Station Robbery

On March 20, 2014 at 5:15 pm, the Shell Gas Station at 1233 Hilltop Drive was robbed. The suspect, a white male adult, used a knife to steal money from the business. The suspect is described as a white male adult, approximately 30 years of age, 6’ tall with a slender build, and dark hair. [...]

Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s New Building Quite a Production

ASHLAND, Ore.—‘Tis the season once again at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, our first-class theatrical neighbor some 140 miles north of Redding. As always, a mix of freshly interpreted classics by the Bard, original scripts and other dramas and comedies are on the docket. Behind the scenes this year: a new production building that will streamline [...]

Shasta County’s Most Wanted for the Week of April 13th, 2014

The following is a list of Shasta County’s Most Wanted for the week of April 13th, 2014. Each of the listed subjects has been convicted in court and has failed to appear at sentencing. Any person appearing on this list is urged to turn themselves in to local law enforcement or the Shasta County Jail. [...]

‘Greek God’ of Guitar Returns to Cascade

The Cascade Theater rocked with guitar virtuoso Pavlo on Thursday night. The audience was instantly drawn into the music and performance the moment Pavlo and his band took the stage.  To say that Pavlo is a guitar master is too tame a description. His fingers flew across the acoustic guitar at lightning speed, producing music [...]

Mistress of the Mix: Put On A Happy Face

Sometimes all it takes is a smile. Perhaps you’ve seen mine, bigger than life (literally), on the side of the Cascade Theatre. Seriously, my mouth is about four feet wide and my smile is all teeth and gums. I’m right next to Sue Lang in the big hat, under Dan Kupsky and the entire cast [...]

Or So it Seems … Shipping Out – One Box at a Time

The phone rings, and it’s my son, Joe, calling from the Naval Training Center. He’s got good news. His hard work and solid test scores have moved him up the food chain a bit and earned him additional privileges. We share a father-son Hooyah, and I put down the cordless phone to do the “happy [...]

Dust off Your Financial Plan

Spring is officially here. Before you get started with your spring cleaning, perhaps another matter deserves some dusting off—that long-term financial plan. April is National Financial Literacy Month—the perfect time to spring into action when it comes to planning your financial future. If you already have a plan, this is a great opportunity to take [...]

Board of Supervisors 4/8: County Mental Health Money; ACID Water Transfer; Blood-borne Disease Prevention Project

On April 8, the Board of Supervisors transferred $1.8 million to meet increased costs for county mental health services. The Board conducted a public hearing to make budget adjustments in the Health and Human Services Agency. In 1991 the state transferred more responsibility for certain health, mental health and social services programs to counties, along [...]

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