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Mistress of the Mix: The Scoop on the 2015-16 Cascade Theatre Performance Series

A few days ago, a thick manila envelope landed on my desk, filled with top secret stuff. It’s one of the wonderful privileges of being on the inside track at the Cascade Theatre, getting the scoop on the upcoming season before its released to the public. And one of the wonderful privileges of reading the [...]

Lassen National Park – 100 Years of Changing Landscape

The Cascade Mountains stretch from southern British Columbia, Canada, all the way into northern California. Part of the famed Ring of Fire – a string of volcanoes and mountains running throughout the Pacific Ocean – the southern Cascades contain hundreds of small- to medium-sized volcanoes. This includes more than 30 volcanoes that make up California’s [...]

North State Live Music and Open Mics: May 20 – May 26

Wednesday, May 20 In Paradise, the “Open Mikefull” group hosts an open mic at the Paradise Grange. Signups at 6:45 p.m. All ages. Admission $2. 5704 Chapel Drive in Paradise. Brother Grand at the Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant at 8 p.m. All ages. (530) 229-9449. Mumblefinger at the Post Office Saloon in Redding at 6:30 p.m. 21 and over. (530) 246-2190. In Eureka, Old Town Coffee & Chocolates has an open mike [...]

Free Memorial Day Admission to State Parks for Veterans, Active and Reserve Military Personnel

California State Parks will honor men and women who served or are serving in the Armed Forces this Memorial Day by offering free admission at participating state parks on Monday, May 24, 2015. “Offering free admission to our beautiful parks is one of the many ways our state honors Veterans and service men and women [...]

Whiskeytown NRA Ranger Guided Activities Offered On Memorial Day Weekend

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area will offer a variety of ranger guided activities during the Memorial Day weekend Saturday, May 23 through Monday, May 25. Activities will include the ever-popular kayak tours, Whiskeytown Cemetery tour, and the Walk in Time at the Tower House Historic District with gold panning for the entire family. Kayak tours require a [...]

Redding Council Moves to Bolster Police Records Management, Renew a Hotel ‘Bed’ Tax and Promote Bike & Pedestrian Paths

In a relatively quick and drama-free meeting, the Redding City Council took action Tuesday to streamline police record keeping, reiterate its support of a 2 percent “bed” tax to fund tourism marketing and establish a bicycle and pedestrian corridor between the Sacramento River Trail and downtown. Redding police records The council voted 5-0 to give [...]

‘Call the Midwife’ Season 4 Episode 8: Finale Brings Love and Tragedy; Forboding for Season 5

This “Call the Midwife” episode was Season 4′s finale, and it featured the best and worst of life and love. Violet and Fred are on their way to Nonnatus House for an engagement celebration. Violet is nervous because she brought dahlias, which she’s not sure was appropriate. Fred assures her that everything will be fine. [...]

The Blue Dot Report’s Dave Schlom: Lassen Celebrates 100-year Anniversary of its Great Eruption, and We’re Invited

Q: Welcome, Dave Schlom. Today, in your capacity as a Lassen National Park volunteer you’re talking with us about the upcoming anniversary of Lassen Peak’s eruption. Even so, many readers may know your name from the The Blue Dot Report on KCHO/KFPR, and may remember your weekly sign-off sentence, which never ceases to make me [...]

Eruption Celebration Events at Lassen Volcanic National Park

Memorial Day weekend, May 22-25, Lassen Volcanic National Park will be hosting a series of special events to commemorate and celebrate the historic eruptions of Lassen Peak in 1915. The large explosive eruption that climaxed Lassen’s eruptive activity on May 22, 1915 set the stage for the establishment of the National Park on August 9, [...]

Free Therapy # 62: Chasing Happy (3) – The Observing Mind and Thinking Mind are Different

On rare occasions in my life, I’ve suffered momentary break-downs when sudden waves of sorrow would sweep over me in a storm of tears that wrenched up out of me in sobbing pleas and prayers; petitions to some unknown force for answers that never came.

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