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Dude Wisdom: Powerful Girlfriends are Just What The Dude Ordered

I’ve been getting a lot of good questions lately — it looks like you have begun to open up to The Dude! As the weather flips and flops between rain and sweet, blessed sunshine, so too seems to be the trend with your love life. Fear not, The Dude is in! This week’s session has [...]

Dude Wisdom: Weekend Visit, No Action?

Dear Dude:
I kissed my friend the other day. It was great, but I don’t feel great about it because I have a girlfriend. The girl I kissed is trying to convince me we should do it again but I don’t think I want to. She’s really cute, but I love my girlfriend and don’t want her to find out. Ahh, what do I do?
-John, Redding …

Dude Wisdom: Julia Roberts Ruined My Day

The other day, and without any legitimate reason for doing so (e.g., my girlfriend made me), I watched “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” I wasn’t searching for it, hadn’t had the craving for Julia Roberts therapy, but it was on TV, and with nothing better to watch or do, I slugged through it. For those who [...]

Dude Wisdom: Dude, U Should C My Hot Date!!

It’s been a busy week. I’ve helped fix a sprinkler system, made some nachos, played disc golf, helped (am helping and will continue helping) a good friend get through a divorce, and I watched a couple of snails have what I can only imagine was sex. I’ve seen a lot of people in pain lately. [...]

Dude Wisdom: The 3-day Rule & a Tattoo Terror

First, the Dude’s first event at Capone’s was pretty Dude-a-riffic. Talked to some really interesting people, answered a few questions and had a few of my own questions answered as well! Working on editing the footage to post a podcast, so bear with me. Also, I received some really good questions last week. I’m noticing more women are writing in, asking about their beaus. And I encourage …

Dude Wisdom: Returning the Love

It seems that you, loyal readers, have shown The Dude your interest. You’ve kindly commented on my introductory column, you’ve shown me love on The Dude’s Facebook page, and you listened to The Dude’s first radio show guest appearance. Now it’s time to pay back the favor. I received a lot of good questions this [...]

Fred “Fit Food Dude” Schafer
Expert Q&A
Fitness & Nutrition

Note from Doni: I am so very excited and honored to present our first expert Q&A feature, Fred “Fit Food Dude” Schafer. He’s one of more than a dozen north-state business professionals who’ve graciously agreed to answer some of your most-frequently asked questions about their respective fields each month. For example, Fred will address his [...]

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