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The Amazing Graduation

This month, I went to the most amazing graduation I have ever seen. I am a seasoned graduation goer. I played “Pomp and Circumstance” in the school band year after year, starting in the 4th grade. The only ones I missed were the ones where I was a graduate – you can’t march and play the [...]

Dude Wisdom: Powerful Girlfriends are Just What The Dude Ordered

I’ve been getting a lot of good questions lately — it looks like you have begun to open up to The Dude! As the weather flips and flops between rain and sweet, blessed sunshine, so too seems to be the trend with your love life. Fear not, The Dude is in! This week’s session has [...]

As You Desire: Perversion or Preference – What’s it to You?

Is it perversion or preference?  You have certain sexual or sensual experiences that make you feel good, that toot your horn, blow your skirt up or knock your socks off. You enjoy acting out your fantasies with others who share in your excitement.  You are not hurting anyone.  You pay your taxes, contribute to charity, and [...]

As You Desire: In Search of Intimacy

Are you getting your fill of intimate touch and connection?  Do you crave a deeper connection with those you are in relationships with? Intimacy is necessary for us to thrive and survive.  The result of not having this experience during our lifetime can be tragic.  It is well understood that developmentally, loving touch and communication [...]

As You Desire: Taking Pleasure Into Your Own Hands

Most everybody (speaking of you who will admit to it) is doing it, so why is it so difficult to talk about? Well, we’re talking now — about masturbation. We do realize that sexuality exists from birth to death, right? There is no specific age which indicates the beginning or the end for our sexual lives. As [...]

As You Desire: After 20 Years, a Red-Hot Affair Goes Cold

I share with you a letter from someone who is in what I call a VERY complicated situation.  As you read this letter, you are going to experience your own judgments and criticisms.  Some of you will have empathy and compassion. Many of you will have a mixture of every emotion, as I did.  I [...]

As You Desire: A New Version of ‘Truth or Dare’

Did you ever play the game Truth Or Dare? I did. I also recall being nervous, intimidated and a little excited by it. My husband and I invented a new version. It’s called Dance or Don’t Dance. Allow me to explain. Have you ever posed a question to your partner and then got really mad at [...]

As You Desire: Sex in Overdrive – or Can’t Find the Keys?

Did you know that sexual satisfaction has a stronger link to perceived “relationship quality” for men than it does for women? From The Kinsey Institute: Fact One: Sexual dissatisfaction is associated with increased risk of divorce and relationship dissolution. (Karney, 1995) Fact Two: Across all ages, couples who reported higher levels of marital satisfaction also [...]

As You Desire: Beyond Flirting

The butterflies in your belly … racing heart … sweaty palms … I think we agreed after my flirting column that this feeling is really FUN for many of us and dangerous for others. Most of us, as it turns out, really love that feeling; we thrive on that feeling of being alive, vibrant and [...]

Dude Wisdom: Returning the Love

It seems that you, loyal readers, have shown The Dude your interest. You’ve kindly commented on my introductory column, you’ve shown me love on The Dude’s Facebook page, and you listened to The Dude’s first radio show guest appearance. Now it’s time to pay back the favor. I received a lot of good questions this [...]

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