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Just Sayin’: Of Death and Taxes

Well, there you have two subjects that I bet just made you just want to pop open this blog and get right to it! These are two subjects with which each and every one of us has to deal in some form or another. Who was it, Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, Will Rogers? Someone very [...]

Nature: My Life as a Turkey

All of us have, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to live another life: to survive Hell Week with the Navy SEALS, to become a famous pop star, to disappear into a foreign country and learn to pass as a native. Naturalist Joe Hutto took the chance to do exactly [...]

Performers Wanted at Winter Rink Downtown

The City of Redding is looking for musical talent to come and perform at the Winter Rink Downtown. There will be a stage set up and we are looking for a variety of groups to come and perform on the evenings of December 20 through January 5 (excluding December 25). There will be thirty minute [...]

Change in NVCSS Board Leadership

On November 10th, after nearly 27 years of volunteer service to Northern Valley Catholic Social Service (NVCSS) Board of Directors, Dr. Dave Gasman has stepped down from the role of Board President. Dr. Gasman has been a part of NVCSS since it was founded in May of 1986 and was elected Board President in April [...]

Winter Rink Downtown Coming to Redding

The City of Redding Recreation Division and Viva Downtown Redding are pleased to announce “Winter Rink Downtown” presented by Shasta Regional Medical Center. “Winter Rink Downtown” is a unique, environmentally sound, non-refrigerated skating rink that will offer family fun for all ages over the holiday season December 20, 2014 – January 5, 2015. Winter Rink [...]

Matt’s Chats with Colin Wright; Redding is Among World Traveler’s Upcoming Stops

Meet Colin Wright, a renaissance man of the digital age.  His internet footprint is a wonder to behold but I think his travel habits are truly mind blowing.  Every four months he moves to a new country he’s never lived in before, as chosen by his readers. This means I can sit on my couch [...]

Take a Hike on the Historical Crystal Creek Water Ditch

The Crystal Creek Water Ditch- particularly the Whiskeytown area - is a great trail for history buffs. To get there, take Highway 299 west to the Whiskeytown Visitor Center. First, stop at the visitor center and enjoy the view, snap some pictures of the beautiful lake and browse the center for a few minutes. Continue west [...]

The Next Shack Restaurant Event: Sunday at The Stirring

Maybe you’ve tried The Shack restaurant at Living Hope Compassion Ministries, but for some months now the restaurant has been operating one Sunday a month at The Stirring, 2250 Churn Creek Rd. in Redding. Serving delicious food and attentive service, proceeds support Living Hope Compassion Ministries in Redding. The Next Shack is Sun. Nov. 16 [...]

Just Sayin’: Process? … What Process?

How do you process information? And what do I mean by that statement. We all take in information . . . always, at all times, through our five senses. Many times this information is subliminal. And sometimes our senses even lie to us. Magicians who perform as illusionists count on this fact. I like to [...]

Our Landfill – More than Just Trash

It’s tough to write about something you’ve never seen. When I decided to write about landfills, I realized I’d never been to one. So I arranged to visit Shasta County’s West Central Landfill, which lies about 9 miles west on Clear Creek Road off Highway 273 in Redding. The drive there took me through scorched [...]

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