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Matt’s Chats: Meet the Other Grigsby – Brother Brian

Meet Brian Grigsby.  Full disclosure: he’s my much older fraternal twin brother (by 3 minutes).  Brian is a teacher at Shasta High School and the 2014 recipient of the National Space Club Explorer’s Award and has hit me in the head with a rock more than once, although not recently (as far as I know).  [...]

Call the Midwife Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Saddest Episode Ever

Peter Noakes is conducting a meeting of the civil defense brigade when a rat scurries into the middle of the group of men and everybody freaks out. The rat is clobbered by one of the men, and Noakes thanks him. Back at Nonnatus House, Nurse Crane has laid out rat poison, which Sister Monica Joan [...]

North State Live Music and Open Mics: April 10 – April 14

Friday, April 10 The Blackwell Brothers at the Post Office Saloon in Redding at 8:30 p.m. 21 and over. (530) 246-2190. Ashley MacDonald performs at Kelly’s Pub and Wine Bar in Redding at 8 p.m. 21 and over. (530) 223-3165. Sami Jo at the California Brewing Company in Palo Cedro at 6:00 p.m. All ages. (530) 222-2739. Crary, Evans, and Spurgin at Pilgrim Congregational Church in Redding at 8 p.m. Presented by the Oaksong Society. All ages. Tickets $20, $10 for [...]

Call the Midwife: Season 4 Episode 2 – New Love, Old Love

This is a recap. There are major spoilers here. Sister Julienne is tending flowers in the garden when the skies open up into a downpour, and she is suddenly drenched. She goes inside to change, and finds there is a leak in the roof, letting a great deal of water through. Sisters Winifred and Evangelina [...]

Just Sayin’: Once More, with Feeling – The Topic of Love

In February I sat down to write a piece about love. Well, it was Valentine’s Day after all.  I hadn’t written anything productive for a few weeks, so I put on my self-discipline hat and set to work. Oh, I did go on at great and profound lengths about love and how we choose to define [...]

Call the Midwife is Back: Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

This is a recap. There are major spoilers here. Nurse Patsy Mount delivers a baby and returns to Nonnatus House early in the morning, while Trixie is getting ready. A call comes in, and Trixie takes it. A woman is giving birth in a car down by the docks, and Trixie gets a ride from [...]

North State Live Music and Open Mics: April 1 – April 7

Wednesday, April 1 Chico Breaks the Record! at the Tackle Box in Chico will be happening around the clock. It’s an effort to break the current Guinness World Record for “Longest Multi-Artist Concert” of 15 days, 12 hours, and is the brainchild of Julian Ruck. 21 and over after 9 p.m. (530) 345-7499. If you’re interested in helping to set a new record by [...]

KIXE Series Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies

Cancer has always been with us. Our first written records of cases date from ancient Egypt, and physicians in each era have struggled to understand and treat the disease. The new documentary series, Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, traces this history, telling the stories of men and women who have fought the disease, and [...]

Old Windows: Clearly, Many Uses

Bone yard:  Slang. an area where old or discarded ships, planes, etc., are collected prior to being broken-up for scrap, or otherwise disposed. Years ago, while on a job for a client at a window and glass shop, I noticed old windows piled in a heap, in the “bone yard” outside. Many of the windows [...]

North State Live Music and Open Mics: March 25 – 31

Wednesday, March 25 Bernie Baker and Al Mires at Market Street Steakhouse in Redding at 6 p.m. All ages. (530) 241-1777. TBA at the Post Office Saloon in Redding at 6:30 p.m. 21 and over. (530) 246-2190. Maxwell’s Eatery in Redding has an open mic starting at 7 p.m. Hosted by Mark McAbee. All ages. (530) 247-7200. In Paradise, the “Open Mikefull” group hosts an open mic at the Paradise [...]

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