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North State Live Music and Open Mics: February 25 – March 3

Wednesday, February 25 Black Vinyl 45 at Shameless O’Leary’s Irish Pub, starting at 8 p.m. 21 and over after 9 p.m. (530) 246-4765. Hal Johnson at the Post Office Saloon in Redding at 6:30 p.m. 21 and over. (530) 246-2190. Maxwell’s Eatery in Redding has an open mic starting at 7 p.m. Hosted by Mark McAbee. All ages. (530) 247-7200. Bernie Baker appears at Market Street Steakhouse in Redding at 6 p.m. All ages. (530) 241-1777. In Paradise, [...]

Tea Party Tent Show – Notes on the State of Jefferson

I’m a sucker for lost causes and the State of Jefferson is more lost than most. The quixotic notion that a half-million citizens in northern California and southern Oregon’s rural counties, frustrated with lack of representation at the state level, should band together, break away and form their own 51st state is not without merit. [...]

Downton Abbey Episode 8: Poor Anna! Congratulations to Mrs. Patmore, Rose and Atticus

This is a recap. There are major spoilers here.  Everyone is getting ready to go to London for Rose’s wedding. Carson and Hughes discuss the fact that they’re down a footman, and decide to hire one just for the time they’re in London. At a dress shop, Rose shows off her wedding outfit to Mary, [...]

The Kindness of Highlanders

Two traits I’ve noticed about Highlanders are that they look out for each other, and they know everything about each other. The first is a consequence of remoteness – so far away from “civilization,” people have drawn together and helped each other out for generations. The second thing can go either way – there are [...]

Free Therapy # 56: The Meaning of My Pain

I am in pain.  I am not the only one. I feel like a self-absorbed baby even writing about it.  It is not “manly” to admit I hurt.  I know better of course.  I am well-acquainted with the heavy burden men carry in our culture to be tough.  Or at least to appear tough and [...]

Nínive Calegari To Speak At Shasta College

The Community Speaker Series, a joint effort by The Shasta College Foundation & The McConnell Foundation, will host Nínive Calegari, co-founder of 826 National, as their first in a series of guest speakers, Wednesday, March 4, 2015. At noon on March 4th Ms. Calegari will guide a workshop on the Student Center Stage and then at 7:00 PM [...]

23rd Annual STARSHIP Variety Hour – Feb 26-28, 2015

Enterprise High School’s 23rd Annual Starship Variety Hour will be held Thursday through Saturday, February 26-28, 2015, at 7 p.m., with a matinee Saturday, February 28 at 1 p.m., at the David Marr Theatre, 2200 Eureka Way, Redding, CA. Tickets are $8. The Variety Hour showcases Enterprise Starship’s award-winning show choir and band, and the EHS percussion ensemble, presenting high energy [...]

North State Live Music and Open Mics: February 18 – February 24

Wednesday, February 18 Cory Robinson at the Post Office Saloon in Redding at 6:30 p.m. 21 and over. (530) 246-2190. Charles Valona and Bruce Calin at Market Street Steakhouse in Redding at 6 p.m. All ages. (530) 241-1777. In Eureka, Old Town Coffee & Chocolates has an open mike beginning at 6:30 pm. (707) 445-8600. In Oroville, Feather Falls Casino and Lounge has a blues jam starting at 7:30 p.m. (877) 652-4646. Iration at the Senator [...]

Scott Seaton, Third NSS Conductor Candidate: Raised in Nashville, the Avid Cyclist, Runner Loves the North State

Q: Scott, we hear about artists and musicians who expressed interests and talent early on. Was that true for you? I was fortunate to always have a lot of natural talent that I took advantage of for as long as I could.  I began playing saxophone in the fifth grade in Michigan because I wanted to [...]

Downton Abbey Episode 7: Uncovered Secrets, Accepted Proposal, Shunned Lovers

This is a recap. There are major spoilers here.  We begin at the train station, where Rosamund has arrived, summoned by the crisis with Edith. Violet meets her, and they discuss what they’re going to do, Violet deciding that they have no choice but to tell Cora about Edith and the child. At morning tea, [...]

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