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Where Do Autumn Colors Come From?

Fall is in full swing and many trees throughout our region have been showing off their festive colors for a number of weeks now. Although children as young as five know why the sky is blue, many adults don’t understand how it is that a deep green leaf just a week ago can turn a [...]

If It’s Friday, This Must Be The Equinox

When I first sat down to write about the Fall equinox a few weeks ago, it was 85 degrees in Redding, and I was actually considering the idea of wearing a long sleeved shirt to work. Now, as the deadline to get this to the editor looms over my head like a thundercloud, the thermometer [...]

Learn Floral Design for Autumn Occasions

What: Floral Design for Autumn Special Occasions When: Starting Wednesday (Nov. 3), and continuing Nov. 10, 17 and 24; 6 to 7 p.m. Where: TBA Materials fee: $60 due to instructor on first day of class Fee: $60 for 4 classes Sign up at Redding Recreation, 530-225-4095, 1250 Parkview Ave. Celebrate the colors of autumn through [...]

Was ‘Cash for Clunkers’ a Dud?

If ”Cash for Clunkers” rebates were used to buy new vehicles with only marginally better fuel economy numbers, was the program a failure? That’s the question posed by a big story zooming around the Intertoobs today: An impressive examination of last summer’s ”Cash for Clunkers” program by The Associated Press. Reporters analyzed data acquired through the Freedom of Information Act and found [...]

Fall in the Air

I stepped outside before dawn this morning (my secret identity: Insomnia Man), and it was cool with a hint of a breeze. Something more there, too. A scent, a taste, something. Autumn. After another scorching weekend, Redding finally gets a break this week as a low pressure system swoops down from the Gulf of Alaska. Expect highs [...]

“Youth is like spring, an overpraised season more remarkable for biting winds than genial breezes.  Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”  ~ Samuel Butler

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