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Dude Wisdom: Time to Grow Up?

Hello and hello! Great weather a couple days this week, but the mystic prophets at the weather stations are calling for … wait for it … ANOTHER ROUND OF SNOW! Who knew? Sidebar: for those of you who don’t already have tickets for Jonny Lang’s benefit performance today, I suggest you get your tickets … [...]

Dude Wisdom: Friendship on the Rocks, With Salt

What in the heck is happening in the world today? There are wars, financial crises and all types of bad stuff going on. But that’s not what I’m talking about. The weather outside is amazing! The Dude gladly gives two manly thumbs up to 65-degree days and sunny skies. But let us not fool ourselves; [...]

Dude Wisdom: Oh, The Games We Play

Happy New Year, friends and neighbors! From the sound of it, 2010 was pretty rough for many, so here’s looking forward to a happy and prosperous 2011. The Dude has been a bit sporadic lately … too much happy egg nog, one might suppose. Plus, to top it off, The Dude has recently come down [...]

Dude Wisdom: Returning the Love

It seems that you, loyal readers, have shown The Dude your interest. You’ve kindly commented on my introductory column, you’ve shown me love on The Dude’s Facebook page, and you listened to The Dude’s first radio show guest appearance. Now it’s time to pay back the favor. I received a lot of good questions this [...]

A Dating Guru for the Guys: Dude Wisdom

This one goes out to the guys. An advice column for men, by a man – a man, astonishing though it may be, who has screwed up a lot of relationships. Good ones gone bad. Bad ones gone worse. A guy who stuck in relationships with big flashing warning lights that made mountains crumble and [...]

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