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Schreder, Weaver Join Majority in Moving Public Comments to End of Council Meetings

Redding’s newest City Council members stuck to their guns Tuesday and joined the majority in voting to shift the time allotted for public comments to the end of council meetings. The 4-1 vote was identical to the Dec. 2 meeting when the new council first addressed the issue, and again the council was subjected to [...]

Or So it Seems … National Fruitcake Month – A Mayan Warning

Every December, my wife and I clash on the most serious question of our time. Is fruitcake food or something far more sinister? My wife belongs to a not-so-secret society that LIKES fruitcake. I find this troubling. To me, the stone-like substance masquerading as dessert is an evil recipe-gone-wrong. How is it possible to take [...]

Free Therapy # 51: The Deep Meaning of Christmas (According to me, Jim and Jesus) And you?

I must have been about ten when I thought my mother was dead. I had no evidence. None. There was no reason for the fear. It was just a thought that popped into my brain. I was home alone on a school day, pretending to be sick. My brother and sister were at school and [...]

Hogmanay and First Footing

I’m writing to you from a cozy room decorated with streamers, snowflakes and ornaments. We are coming into the festive season and winter is nipping at the windows and doors with icy teeth – another gale! Christmas is a big deal for children but traditionally it wasn’t the biggest celebration here in the Highlands. It’s [...]

Francie Sullivan Picks Up Mayor’s Gavel as Two New Council Members are Sworn In; Turtle Bay, Public Comment Period Dominate Meeting’s Agenda

The last vote Rick Bosetti presided over as Redding’s mayor was divided, with Council members Gary Cadd and Patrick Jones dissenting on a motion to certify results of the Nov. 4 elections. The first vote incoming Mayor Francie Sullivan presided over was unanimous, with all five council members approving the panel’s annual reorganization. Councilwoman Missy [...]

Menu Please: Shameless O’Leery’s – Whiskey, Football, and Food

It was during the 1970s and early 1980s when a predilection took hold for restaurants to be named after a fictional person, names with little or no association to the actual owners and operators: Ruby Tuesday’s, Tia’s Tex-Mex,  R.J. Monkeyshines,  Applebee’s, and so forth. These sorts of restaurants usually sported a certain sameness –  bar with [...]

Free Therapy # 50: Broken Bodhisattva

“May I be a protector to those without protection, A leader for those who journey, And a boat, a bridge, a passage For those desiring the further shore. May the pain of every living creature Be completely cleared away. May I be the doctor and the medicine And may I be the nurse For all [...]

Autumn Gales and Tough Old Ladies

What shall I write about? I wondered just now. I can hardly think for the sound of the howling wind outside… Ah, that’s it! The wind! You might not think a lot can be said about a blowy day, but around here there are a lot of them especially this time of year as autumn [...]

Community Advocate Known for High-End Custom Guitars

Jason Schroeder unlocks the door of his south Redding guitar workshop and steps into the unassuming, sunlit space. He’s just come from a meeting with businessmen Ed Rullman and Mike Dahl – wearing his “community advocacy hat” – but switches easily to the labor that pays the bills, gives him schedule flexibility, and, most notably, [...]

City Council Votes Benefit Both Veterans and Domestic Violence Victims

Veterans and victims of domestic violence both received help from the Redding City Council this week. In the first case, former state Sen. Maurice Johannessen’s dream of an independent living complex and clinic for veterans is a step closer to reality following the council’s unanimous vote Tuesday to OK a forgivable loan of $28,700. The [...]

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