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Not Photoshopped: the sea really was this astounding color that day!

As I type this, a nice young lad from the power company is here installing “smart meters” for our electricity and gas.  They track usage half-hourly and will give us a good picture of...


“Different” is a fertilizer for growth. “Different” makes way for “different.” “Same” makes way for “same.” It’s a Domino Effect. “Different” can be uncomfortable. Find comfort in discomfort. Your life will open up.

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It’s the most important job I’ve ever had. Some days it’s a real challenge, while other days it’s a breeze.

And the pay? The riches are unimaginable – hand-made Christmas ornaments; adventures that make real work seem a million miles away; the smile when they hit the game-winning shot; watching your little boy turn into a kind, thoughtful young man; the promise of seeing them become loving husbands and fathers themselves.