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Photo courtesy of Hello Fresh – A weekly surprise

America’s eating habits are changing as fast as technology changes while gourmet meal delivery has people taking a byte out of traditional meal planning.

We’ve come a long way since ‘Super Size Me’ hit the mainstream and created a cultural culinary shift with how we view nutrition as a nation.


Quick Reference Suitable for: hiking, biking, horseback riding, no motorized vehicles; mostly single track Amenities: at Oak Knoll Trailhead ample parking (including horse trailers), pit toilet, no water Dogs: under owner’s control Distance: (approximate)...

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Since beginning this column I have consistently referred to “the Affordable Care Act, ACA (aka Obamacare)”. In my insurance practice I avoid using the term “Obamacare” for one simple reason. I believe it is...

Not Photoshopped: the sea really was this astounding color that day!

As I type this, a nice young lad from the power company is here installing “smart meters” for our electricity and gas.  They track usage half-hourly and will give us a good picture of...


“Different” is a fertilizer for growth. “Different” makes way for “different.” “Same” makes way for “same.” It’s a Domino Effect. “Different” can be uncomfortable. Find comfort in discomfort. Your life will open up.