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  • Go Fund Me Abuse: Are the ‘Go-Fund-Me’ Type Programs Merely Cyber Begging?

    Let me preface this by warning you this is a venting piece. Everything I do revolves around Conscious Living Concepts. And this problem I’m talking about flies in the face of these concepts. I practice and teach self-awareness and self-responsibility. You’ll see why this has me so worked up today. Does it seem like the [...]

    A Village Enigma

    My Highland village is full of ‘incomers’ like me. I have found that some of them reinvent their past to create a history more interesting than the truth, and didn’t I miss my chance at that?! It never even occurred to me to embellish my past. I could truthfully say, for example, that I’ve sung [...]

    Free Therapy # 58: To Make You Feel My Love

    I had no right to take my mother for granted but I did it anyway. I knew she would die one day but I refused to think about it and even worse, I carefully concealed the fact of my avoidance from myself. That way I did not struggle. No conflict.

    The Bicycle

    I wanted a bicycle in the worst way. It wasn’t likely to happen, though, in a depression year in the mid ’30s. My brother had taught me how to ride. He had an old Army bike. I’m not sure of its provenance, but it was painted olive drab. It was high and had skinny tires [...]

    Matt’s Chats: Meet Andrew J Ditton – Living in an Airstream in the South East of England

    1) Who are you and what’s your deal? I’m Andrew J Ditton, and ‘my’ Deal is the seaside town of Deal in the county of Kent, North of Dover in the South East of England. My Mum still lives there and I spent my formative years there as well as Dover, the town famous for [...]

    Mistress of the Mix: Walking The Dog

    Meet my husband’s new business partner, Olive. That’s not how it started out, of course. It was last July, a sunny Sunday morning, and we were sitting at one of the outdoor tables at the Gold Street Cafe (R.I.P.). Waiting a bit too long for our food, I’d read everything interesting in the paper and [...]

    The Key to a Successful Job Shadow Experience: Frappuccinos

    If you read this in the morning, I’m probably out talking about online journalism with three high school students: Sara Quenzer, Olivia Sorrells and Tesla Lackey. I know their names because I got a letter saying so from Julie Gussenhoven, committee chair of the Redding Rotary’s annual job shadow program. By 11:30 the three students and [...]

    Sexy Shades of Gray

    Warning: If you find this too shallow a topic – and who wouldn’t – I suggest you move along and find something with more depth and substance to read. I will totally understand.
    OK, now the rest of us can talk.

    Get Benno! Shasta County Snuffs Out Medical Marijuana — And Gun Rights, Too?

    Sometimes, I wonder what the Shasta County Board of Supervisors and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office have been smoking. Wasn’t it just six months ago they were telling voters that Measure A, by totally banning all outdoor medical marijuana cultivation in the county’s unincorporated areas, would make it easier to enforce the law, even though [...]

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