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  • Mistress of the Mix: Mozart vs. McCartney

    I was on stage the other night doing my thang before Rain (which is more of a Beatles full immersion experience than a tribute band). I made a joke about how I was pretty familiar with music from the 50′s and 60′s…..the 1750′s and 60′s, that is. I mentioned that it was Mozart’s birthday and [...]

    Matt’s Chats with Shelley Ridgley: The Low Down from the Woman Down Under

    Meet my friend Shelley Ridgley, tucked away Down Under in Australia.  I like to think of her as my Friend From the Future because she’s in a time zone 18 hours ahead of me, which means just as I’m starting my Monday morning, she’s already moved on to Tuesday. It’s probably as close to time travel as I’m [...]

    Free Therapy # 54: Free to Be Who We Are

    Okay so here’s the deal. I figured out a long time ago what I was here for and it has made my life a little easier to know that secret. I am here to serve. My life is all about service and surrender. Knowing that has helped me a lot. It does not mean I [...]

    The Empty Lands

    Have you ever heard of the Highland Clearances? I hadn’t, until I moved here. A terrible time in Scottish history, Highlanders in the 1800s were thought to be less than their ‘betters’ in England, even considered sub-human – and then those supposed ‘betters’ decided to rid themselves of those who stood in the way of [...]

    Mistress of the Mix: Oh, The (Cards Against) Humanity!

    Every month, I get together with a group of girlfriends for ‘Bunco’ night. We’ve been doing it for several years, to the point where we have finally had to start admitting to our husbands that we don’t even play Bunco. When I finally made the confession, he said, “So now we can just start calling [...]

    Just Sayin’: You’ve Got a Peeve, I’ve Got a Peeve. All God’s Chillun Got Peeves

    You think you don’t have any peeves? Oh, come on now. Sure you do. We all have peeves. You know, it’s that little something that consistently annoys us, but not enough to do something about. Or else it’s the something over which we have no control,  but annoys us anyway. It may be something never [...]

    Wanted: New Farmers!

    We’re in a worldwide food crisis. According to the World Policy Institute, it’s because of increased population, water shortages, soil degradation, and climate change. Locally, we will feel it sooner or later in the forms of price increases, shortages, poorer quality and fewer choices, especially in fresh fruits and vegetables. On the health front, we [...]

    Jaimie Chamberlain-Lord Remembered for Beauty, Kindness

    Jaimie Maileilani Chamberlain-Lord, formerly of Redding, died in Glendale, California, on Dec. 12, 2014, after a short illness. She was 57. Jaimie was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Oct. 28, 1957. She was Donald and Claudia Chamberlain’s third daughter. She grew up in Redding and attended Pine Street Elementary School, Magnolia Elementary School, Cypress Elementary School [...]

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