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  • Former Redding Resident: ‘It is Time to Stop This Madness’

    Dear Friends and Neighbors, As a past long-term resident, and current property owner in Redding, I have been asked to share our experiences regarding transients and homeless individuals– as they have profoundly impacted our lives. In addition to our “story” we have recommendations to share that may help in resolving this growing, perplexing and controversial [...]

    Neighborhood Change-Maker Jason Schroeder: ‘Stand Up, Redding!’

    I remember driving back from our first “Stand Up, Redding!” meeting in March of this year and thinking: “Wouldn’t it be powerful if we could connect all of our Neighborhood Watch groups throughout Redding?” If we have an interconnected web throughout the city, we will be able to not just shoo crime from our neighborhoods [...]

    Boys’ Nighttime Yardwork Rakes Up More Than Leaves

    It was about 8:15 last night when someone rang my doorbell rapidly three times, and then switched to loud knocking. Good grief! I opened the door, expecting some manner of emergency. Instead, there stood two boys, though one looked large enough to be an adult. The smaller, shirtless one did the talking. He said he [...]

    Descendant of Shasta County Pioneers Rides On: Daniel Charles Bystle – 8/11/48 – 7/20/14

    The historic Bystle House in Old Shasta, California, still stands, yet after a struggle with complications from cancer, Dan Charles Bystle, a Shasta County native son of the pioneer Daniel Potter Bystle family, left us on July 20, 2014 at 2:20 p.m. at Mercy Hospital in Redding. A student at Anderson High and graduate of [...]

    Free Therapy Friday # 41: Adrift in the Sea of Life; Man Overboard

    When I was about four years old, I got lost. The year was 1960 and the place was Disneyland. I was filled with so much fear I thought it would choke me.

    Just Two More Things – One of Which is This Column’s End

    From the day I could walk, I’ve been on the go. My poor mother spent most of her time chasing me down, trying to make me stand still. She fought a losing battle. No sooner would she corner me, than I’d wiggle out of her grasp, and race off again. Exhausted, Mom would put me [...]

    Postcards From Paris: German Pig Museum is Big Fun

    Stuttgart, Germany! Headquarters of Mercedes-Benz, city of the Porsche Museum, chilled Rieslings, vineyards terraced on steep hills, world-class shopping, jazz festivals and proud supporter of the winning team in the World Cup. So what shall your European correspondent offer you in this installment? Pigs. (Full disclosure and shameless act of self-promotion: I like pigs, serveral [...]

    A Mother’s Plea: Our Community’s in Crisis; Addicts Need Help, Not Prisons

    The past five years of my family’s life has been a harrowing experience. The youngest of  my three children struggled with feelings of low self-worth, social anxiety, and depression beginning in elementary school. Like many others with similar feelings, he began self-medicating with prescription drugs as a late teen, namely OxyContin he found in friend’s medicine cabinets and [...]

    Or So it Seems … Jobs from Hell

    Now you know you’re underpaid but the boss says you ain’t He speeds up the work ’til you’re ’bout to faint You may be down and out, but you ain’t beaten You can pass out a leaflet and call a meetin’ Talk it over, speak your mind Decide to do somethin’ about it Pete Seeger, [...]

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