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  • Mistress of the Mix: Thankful

    I feel sorry for Thanksgiving. It’s a great holiday. So unique, so North American, so full of mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s such a warm and fuzzy holiday that bridges the gap between the Christian idea of giving a shout out to God for putting food on our plates and the Pagan practice of recognizing the [...]

    Up on The Rooftop, Black Bear Paws

    Some years back, I was driving through Igo late one night. I slammed on my brakes as I rounded a corner. There, in the middle of the road, staring at me through the windshield, was a huge mountain lion. It turned its head, and continued walking across the road. I later learned that cat had [...]

    Matt’s Chats with Colin Wright; Redding is Among World Traveler’s Upcoming Stops

    Meet Colin Wright, a renaissance man of the digital age.  His internet footprint is a wonder to behold but I think his travel habits are truly mind blowing.  Every four months he moves to a new country he’s never lived in before, as chosen by his readers. This means I can sit on my couch [...]

    Free Therapy # 49: Advice to a New Poet

    A dear friend of mine is taking a poetry class. And I am happy to report: she has completely caught the innocent disease.

    Take a Hike on the Historical Crystal Creek Water Ditch

    The Crystal Creek Water Ditch- particularly the Whiskeytown area - is a great trail for history buffs. To get there, take Highway 299 west to the Whiskeytown Visitor Center. First, stop at the visitor center and enjoy the view, snap some pictures of the beautiful lake and browse the center for a few minutes. Continue west [...]

    Just Sayin’: Process? … What Process?

    How do you process information? And what do I mean by that statement. We all take in information . . . always, at all times, through our five senses. Many times this information is subliminal. And sometimes our senses even lie to us. Magicians who perform as illusionists count on this fact. I like to [...]

    Fall Fashion Trends 2014: Boots, Faux Fur and Skinny Pants for Everyone

    Fashionistas, I hope you have saved your money because there are several new trends this fall that (in my humble opinion) you will want to have. But first, let’s see what’s coming back. Boots are still being shown, thank goodness because I love boots even though I live in a warm climate. From short “booties” [...]

    Our Landfill – More than Just Trash

    It’s tough to write about something you’ve never seen. When I decided to write about landfills, I realized I’d never been to one. So I arranged to visit Shasta County’s West Central Landfill, which lies about 9 miles west on Clear Creek Road off Highway 273 in Redding. The drive there took me through scorched [...]

    Free Therapy # 48: How to Become Spiritually Enlightened

    “Be big.” Elizabeth Kelly* Let me be clear. I am absolutely not spiritually enlightened. Not even close. I am more like an usher in a theatre where enlightenment happens for the actors on the stage. I get to watch the show and usher others to see the light. Someday each of us we will have [...]

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