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Free Memorial Day Admission to State Parks for Veterans, Active and Reserve Military Personnel

California State Parks will honor men and women who served or are serving in the Armed Forces this Memorial Day by offering free admission at participating state parks on Monday, May 24, 2015. “Offering free admission to our beautiful parks is one of the many ways our state honors Veterans and service men and women [...]

Whiskeytown NRA Ranger Guided Activities Offered On Memorial Day Weekend

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area will offer a variety of ranger guided activities during the Memorial Day weekend Saturday, May 23 through Monday, May 25. Activities will include the ever-popular kayak tours, Whiskeytown Cemetery tour, and the Walk in Time at the Tower House Historic District with gold panning for the entire family. Kayak tours require a [...]

Turtle Bay offers new nature walk: Riparian Forest Adventure

Turtle Bay Exploration Park will be offering a brand new experience for guests to enjoy: the Riparian Forest Adventure! Beginning May 4th, all Turtle Bay guests will be exploring the forest around Turtle Bay like never before as they travel from the Museum to Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp. Turtle Bay is doing restoration work to [...]

Giving Back: The 4th Annual Veterans’ Garden Project Memorial Day Platn Giveaway

This weekend, May 2nd and 3rd, 2015, Michelle Angela, Director and Rosemary Febbo, Project Manager, of the Veterans’ Garden Project of Butte, Glen and Tehama Counties, talked to us about the project and its 4th Annual Memorial Day Plant Give-away coming up on Monday May 25th, 2015. U.S. VETERANS RECEIVE FREE GARDEN PLANTS Memorial Day [...]

Turtle Bay Exploration Park to open Wings of Summer: Butterflies!

Turtle Bay Exploration Park will be opening Wings of Summer: Butterflies! again this summer beginning May 2nd. At Butterflies, visitors observe hundreds of butterflies in a tranquil, enclosed garden. The butterfly house usually consists of up to 32 species of butterflies found throughout the United States.  The butterflies arrive as chrysalis and will eclose (emerge) in [...]

Expanding your Gardening Awareness: Poison Oak & the North State Garden

PHOTO: An expansive native oak in a natural oak woodland setting, just up from the banks of Chico Creek. Look closely, its trunk is encircled with a stand of poison oak, just leafing out. Some of the poison oak twines its way up the trunk of the tree. Both plants provide a lot of food [...]

Torpedoes of Death Masquerade as Innocent Grass to Torture Dogs

I see foxtails. Everywhere. Hordeum murinum or “Hare Barley,” a non-native invader from Spain, grows in healthy, thick patches along the trails and in open spaces where people walk their dogs. What appears to be innocent, lush grass in early spring quickly develops into pesky, sometimes-lethal spiny seed-heads; little torpedoes ready to burrow into anything [...]

April in the North State Garden & Monthly Calendar of Gardening Events

Our very mild winter and early warm temperatures, with little precipitation, have brought us to what feels like an early burst of life and color in the garden this year some of my garden plants – roses and salvias for example seem close to a full month early. With the urban world in bloom and [...]

Happy (and Hungry) are the Hummingbirds

PHOTO: A hummingbird sitting on her tiny nest. Her body literally fills the lichen, spider web, twig and fluff-constructed nest to the edges, sealing in the eggs from weather and temperature fluctuations. Spring is here and more than a few creatures have spring fever. Daily I strip long lines of pale green aphids from the [...]

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