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  • A Haven for the Most Needy Creatures

    Chic Miller of Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary didn’t think twice about scaling a cliff in a freezing downpour to reach a quivering dog stuck on a ledge. Likewise, she’s forged creeks, climbed under bridges and over barbed wire to retrieve sacks of far-flung litters of mewing kittens and crying puppies. She’s dodged traffic on [...]

    Walkability: How To Revitalize Redding One Step At At Time – Part One of a Series On Jeff Speck’s Walkable City

    Shasta Living Streets sometimes gets described as a bicycling group. While we advocate cycling, it’s just a portion of our platform. Our full platform can be found in our name—living streets. Streets that are lively and accessible to everyone in our community: bicyclists, pedestrians, young, old, abled, differently abled, and yes, motorists too. The City [...]

    In a North State Garden and Two New Friends

    On Tuesday April 8th, I hosted a special edition of In a North State Garden during Northstate Public Radio’s Spring Membership drive the theme for which has been “A Steady Stream.” With this in mind, my special was a celebration of the steady stream of garden, nature, ecology and local food programming that North State [...]

    Measles Case Reinforces Importance of Vaccines

    A Shasta County adult is recovering from the measles, Shasta County Public Health has confirmed. The patient is at home and was instructed to remain quarantined from others to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease until their infectious period is over later today. Public Health is contacting anyone who may have been in [...]

    27th Annual Lemurian Shasta Classic Mountain Bike Race

    The 27th Annual Lemurian Shasta Classic Mountain Bike Race will be held at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area near Redding on Saturday, April 26. The parking lot at Whiskeytown Lake’s Brandy Creek Marina will be the start/finish area for the 2014 event. On-site registration and check-in will open at 7 a.m. and the race will start [...]

    5 Options for Moving Away from Windows XP

    April is here and this year comes a gift even better than blooming flowers, warm weather, and birds chirping: the end of Windows XP. Today – April 8 - Microsoft will no longer be providing security or software updates for its 12-year-old operating system. For a lot of people, this is viewed as a major inconvenience [...]

    Menuplease: Maxwell’s – food for the hip and not-so-hip downtown

    Back in the late 1970s there was a Maxwell’s Restaurant in Redding. Femme de Joie’s memory is a bit fuzzy on this, but she recalls it being on the corner of Market and Sacramento, where Vintage Wine Bar sits now. But she also seems to remember it on Market Street north of the mall, so [...]

    3 Ticket Outlets for Bella Vista Farms Event: Enjoy the Store; VCA Facilities &

    Support Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary by attending its first fundraiser, Sat., May 3, 5 to 8 p.m., at the Cottonwood Community Center in Cottonwood where you will: • Enjoy a delicious homemade spaghetti-and-meatballs dinner with salad, bread and dessert, as well as a no-host bar. Desserts by Doni Chamberlain-Greenberg. • Buy Dutch raffle tickets for chances [...]

    Ebby’s Tale – A Rescue Dog Finds A Home

    It was time to get a new dog. Our last dog, a terrier mix, was with us for over 18 years. His passing devastated us, especially my wife Diane who would break out in tears months afterwards if his name was mentioned. We were dogless for four years, which gave us more leeway in travelling [...]

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