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  • A Village Enigma

    My Highland village is full of ‘incomers’ like me. I have found that some of them reinvent their past to create a history more interesting than the truth, and didn’t I miss my chance at that?! It never even occurred to me to embellish my past. I could truthfully say, for example, that I’ve sung [...]

    Shasta College Annual Spring Plant Sale

    Three day plant sale held at Shasta College Farm/Horticulture Area (northeast portion of the campus), 11555 Old Oregon Trail, Redding Thursday, April 16, 2015:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Friday, April 17, 2015:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday, April 18, 2015:  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM In addition to vegetables and other ornamental plants [...]

    Happy (and Hungry) are the Hummingbirds

    PHOTO: A hummingbird sitting on her tiny nest. Her body literally fills the lichen, spider web, twig and fluff-constructed nest to the edges, sealing in the eggs from weather and temperature fluctuations. Spring is here and more than a few creatures have spring fever. Daily I strip long lines of pale green aphids from the [...]

    Popular Crawdad Festival Returns to Rolling Hills Casino

    Excitement is building at Rolling Hills Casino as preparations are underway for the 2nd Annual MardiCraw Festival to support local efforts to increase tourism in Tehama County. This year’s Mardi-Craw Festival is April 4th from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Rolling Hills Casino, and features all you can eat crawdads, plus beer and wine [...]

    Menu Please: Fire and Pizza at Cinders

    In his 1983 book “Third Helpings,” journalist Calvin Trillin investigated the infamous Fried Chicken Wars of Crawford County, Kansas. It seems that Chicken Annie had made a name for herself in the 1930s until 1943, when Chicken Mary opened up her fried chicken palace at the corner where customers turned off the main road to [...]

    March in the Garden & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

    As spring rises, so do my gardening urges – dreams and plans. Thankfully, the older I get – and it’s a nice round number for me this year – the more deeply I care about some things, and the far less I care about others. This is true in all facets of my life. I [...]

    Solar-powered Canals – Are They the Future in California?

    Governor Brown’s recently announced plan to have California derive 50 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 has opened the door for bold ideas to help achieve this. Carl Weidert, a retired, self-employed biologist who lives in Shingletown, has spent years garnering interest in his idea of utilizing California’s canals as solar arrays [...]

    The Kindness of Highlanders

    Two traits I’ve noticed about Highlanders are that they look out for each other, and they know everything about each other. The first is a consequence of remoteness – so far away from “civilization,” people have drawn together and helped each other out for generations. The second thing can go either way – there are [...]

    New West Side Trail Connection

    The Westside Trail is a gem, a multi-faceted gem. The main trail and its access trails provide more than 8 miles of adventure, the destination of which are the vistas provided by traveling along the ridge, which is the western skyline of the city Redding. This trail is the result of the vision of a [...]

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