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  • Homemade Granola: Eat a Better Breakfast …

    My mother – who was not kitchen-friendly – never prepared such delightful breakfast treats as pancakes, waffles or French toast. Even so, she was ahead of her time when it came to making healthy, simple breakfasts. She served things like broiled grapefruit, stewed prunes, soft-boiled eggs on toast, and oatmeal with a pat of butter [...]

    Trinity Co, Safe Joins Big Lawsuit Against Ca Dept. Of Food and Agriculture

    Eleven groups and the city of Berkeley sued the California Department of Food and Agriculture today over the agency’s approval of a statewide “pest management” plan that allows pesticide spraying on schools, organic farms and residential yards, including aerial spraying over homes in rural areas. California approved the program despite tens of thousands of public [...]

    North State Schools and Dignity Health Hospitals take the Great Kindness Challenge

    Mercy Medical Center Redding, St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff, and Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta encourage schools and community members to come together and participate in The Great Kindness Challenge, January 26-30. Dignity Health is partnering with Kids for Peace to sponsor this year’s Great Kindness Challenge, a global program that aims to [...]

    Healthier Living Workshop Offered

    Living with or caring for someone who has chronic conditions can be difficult.  The Healthier Living workshops are designed to educate individuals and promote self-management of any chronic disease.  Attendance is open for anyone age 18 and over with an ongoing health condition, family  members or friends of someone with an ongoing health condition, and [...]

    The Empty Lands

    Have you ever heard of the Highland Clearances? I hadn’t, until I moved here. A terrible time in Scottish history, Highlanders in the 1800s were thought to be less than their ‘betters’ in England, even considered sub-human – and then those supposed ‘betters’ decided to rid themselves of those who stood in the way of [...]

    Dyeing with Mushrooms: Art, Craft & Science

    Mushrooms are sometimes delicious and sometimes dangerous but they are always beautiful and mysterious. Did you know that they also can produce some beautiful dyes? A rainbow of colors in fact. PHOTO: Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms are some of Sherri Scott’s favorite fungi to use for dye. They can produce vibrant purples and lavenders with the right [...]

    Lovely Lemon-Ginger Curd: Despite Potential Steam Burns and Curdled Curd, it’s Worth it

    I feel so fortunate that although I over-pruned my two lemon trees two years ago, they managed to remain alive and even produced some lemons. That’s great, because lemon curd is one of my favorite things to make, eat and give away. It’s delicious on scones, muffins and toast, but one of my favorite things [...]

    Tai Chi: A Chinese Secret to Better Health

    In the ancient Chinese medical text entitled the “Huang Di Nei Jing” (circa 200BC) it was said that giving someone medicine after they became sick was like digging a well after they became thirsty or going to war and then making weapons. The idea was that it was easier to prevent illness rather than treat [...]

    OK, Guys – Suit Up!

    I thought I would address men’s fashion for a change, and talk about suits.  And yes, these guidelines will apply to women’s suits as well. In my humble opinion, all men of a certain age should have at least one well-fit suit. I get that most men don’t wear suits to work any more, although [...]

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