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  • Keeping the Skies Safer for Everyone

    The topic was how to stay safe, a serious subject when you’re talking about flying. Those gathered had plenty of experience – some well over 50 years – and amidst the comraderie and fun, everyone gave their full attention. A group of 75 to 80 pilots participated at the FAA Safety Team (FAAST) safety training [...]

    Vineyard City Church Hosts Chili Contest to Benefit Rother Elementary School

    Vineyard City Church is hosting a chili contest fundraiser to benefit Rother Elementary School on Sat. Nov. 1.  The chili contest winner will take home $250 in prize money. The event is from 3-6 p.m. at Rother Elementary School, 795 Hartnell Avenue in Redding. Free “house” chili (not the contest chili) will be served at the event, [...]

    You’re Never Too Old to Live Your Dream!

    Life can get in the way of achieving our dreams. After a certain point, or age, many of us figure it’s too late to grasp that brass ring. But after speaking to a few octogenarian pilots at a FAA Safety Team (FAAST) training seminar I attended this past weekend, I’d say age doesn’t have to [...]

    Menu Please: Yaadgar Indian Restaurant Creates New Memories

    Memory is a tricky thing: what one remembers as absolutely true and without question is often disputed by another person who claims that their memory is the accurate one and that you’ve got it all wrong. A lengthy discussion follows about what actually happened, and each person walks away thinking, “Gee, it’s so sad to see whatizname [...]

    Lawns Can Remain Happy, Healthy, During Drought

    We are coming into a growing season unlike none experienced in nearly 100 years – possibly forever – considering that 100  years ago almost no one had lawns. In Northern California, water conservation requirements are often determined by the water source.  Even the smallest water districts implemented water conservation requirements, and by  summer’s end most districts [...]

    Fall Prescribed Burning at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

    Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is planning to begin seasonal prescribed burning activities within the next several weeks.  Rain events in late September helped to provide desirable conditions for the safe and effective use of prescribed fire at cooler and higher elevation locations within the park.   Based on these conditions, fire crews plan to conduct [...]

    ‘Code Black’ Film to Provide Vivid Look at a busy ER; Cascade Screening to Spark a Healthcare Dialogue

    Code Black is the universal hospital shorthand for alerting staff to the presence of an explosive. In Ryan McGarry’s award-winning documentary of the same name, the American health care system is the ticking bomb and the Emergency Room is the epicenter of the impending explosion. In “Code Black,” which will be screened at 7 p.m. [...]

    Lassen Volcanic National Park to Host Vehicle Free Day October 18

    After a successful vehicle free day this past spring, Lassen Volcanic is happy to announce another opportunity for non-motorized recreation along the park highway. On Saturday, October 18, your park invites you to enjoy its fall colors and crisp air as you bicycle, walk, or run along the Lassen National Park Highway, vehicle-free. ”Lassen’s first vehicle free [...]

    Lassen Park Via Motorcycle With a Helmet Video Camera: ‘Feel the Wind in Your Hair’

    Having been born and raised in Redding, I, like so many others of like heritage, have traveled through the Lassen Park area dozens of times. It’s something I never get tired of, or take for granted. Recently, I took a motorcycle ride through Lassen with some friends. Since this was my first time through the [...]

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