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  • Oatmeal Chippers, a Favorite Cookie Through the Decades

    Once upon a time son Josh was a little boy who loved a cookie by the name of Oatmeal Chippers, laced with cinnamon and nutmeg studded with chocolate chips and walnuts. Oats from the cookie’s foundation, leaving the cookies moist and delicious. The recipe came my way from the “Farm Journal’s Best-Ever Recipes” — which [...]

    Rolling Hills Casino Closes Kitchen for Renovations

    The busiest kitchen in Tehama County is about to undergo a complete renovation at Rolling Hills Casino from April 27 to May 14. During the renovations, the Casino plans to serve meals chuck-wagon style in their gigantic event tent. “It’s been almost 13 years since we served our first meals in the Rolling Hills Buffet [...]

    Life Insurance – Because You Care

    Life Happens and LIMRA just released the results of the 2015 Insurance Barometer Study. LIMRA is a worldwide research, consulting, and professional development organization that helps more than 850 insurance and financial services companies in 73 countries increase their marketing and distribution effectiveness. Life Happens was formed in 1994 by seven leading insurance producer organizations, [...]

    Expanding your Gardening Awareness: Poison Oak & the North State Garden

    PHOTO: An expansive native oak in a natural oak woodland setting, just up from the banks of Chico Creek. Look closely, its trunk is encircled with a stand of poison oak, just leafing out. Some of the poison oak twines its way up the trunk of the tree. Both plants provide a lot of food [...]

    Scottish Food-To-Go

    There are loads of things I miss about the USA, and near the top of the list are the wonderful restaurants I had practically at my doorstep – and the fast food chains I furtively visited in the dark hours of night, bearing away my prizes, giggling madly while running up my apartment steps for [...]

    Accomplishing the Impossible

    Quite often I’m asked if a certain alteration is possible. I have been altering clothing for over 30 years and I’ve been through a variety of fashion cycles, many fabric and construction changes, and my clients have gone through the inevitable body changes.  I’ve never come across an article of clothing that couldn’t be altered. [...]

    ‘War’ on Cancer? Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth?

    “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” the documentary by Ken Burns recently played over 3 nights on KIXE. It is inspired by the book by Siddhartha Mukherjee. It was a fascinating piece that covered the modern history of the disease and its treatment. Of course cancer is a broad term that essentially refers to the [...]

    Cooking With Doni: One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato … Times 30

    There’s cooking, and there’s catering. Me? I’m a cook. I swore off catering more than 12 years ago after I prepared the food for my niece’s wedding. It was my gift to the bride and groom. The theme was Old World Tropical, and in preparation for that special day I spent untold hours making hundreds [...]

    Menu Please: Delicious Bargains at Tiny Thai Hut

    Pity the poor cilantro hater. Genetically disposed to loathe the pungent herb ubiquitous to Latin and Asian cooking, they find themselves the object of disbelief, mockery, and repeated attempts to recruit them to the legions of cilantro lovers. There are online support groups via Facebook, communities such as  I Hate Cilantro (“The most offensive food known to [...]

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