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  • Writings of a Wanderer: Whirlwind Trip to Italy Begins in Naples

    In October, my husband Richard and I celebrated our marriage with a honeymoon in Italy. It was our first trip to Europe. It was the adventure of a lifetime. We created our own itinerary, which included seeing four cities in 10 days: Naples, Rome, Florence and Venice. Richard and I learned the basics of the [...]

    The Bear Facts: A Conversation with Pete Figura – Bears are Common Redding Visitors

    You may recall that Sunday, a black bear romped through my Garden Tract neighborhood in Redding. He made a stop on my roof and exited through my back yard before touring other parts of downtown. Eventually, he was “darted”  by Pete Figura of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Today, Figura updates us on [...]

    Best Part of Thanksgiving: Creamy Pumpkin Pie

    Editor’s note: this is a best-of A News Cafe column originally published on November 22, 2008. Thanksgiving is full of family traditions, food memories, and of course hours of fantastic kitchen fun for the dedicated foodies.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. I adore the smells, decorations, lovely trees throughout the north [...]

    Cranberries: Thanksgiving’s Crowning Glory

      Face it. Turkey’s a wonderfully versatile bird. But turkey aside, I must say that I’m partial to this Spiced Orange Cranberry Relish recipe. I make it every year. I love its color, so deep and ruby. I love its sweet-tartness. I love its sugar and spices and everything niceness. I love that this recipe takes practically no [...]

    Bringing it to Life: Altacal Audubon’s Backyard Habitat Certification Program

    This time of year is marked for me by the early morning calling of a great horned owl, who roosts (and hunts) from a line of blue oaks at the end of my garden. In the mid-day, the sound of hummingbird activity still dominates – nectaring in the last of the lavender and salvia, and [...]

    Take a Hike on the Historical Crystal Creek Water Ditch

    The Crystal Creek Water Ditch- particularly the Whiskeytown area - is a great trail for history buffs. To get there, take Highway 299 west to the Whiskeytown Visitor Center. First, stop at the visitor center and enjoy the view, snap some pictures of the beautiful lake and browse the center for a few minutes. Continue west [...]

    The Next Shack Restaurant Event: Sunday at The Stirring

    Maybe you’ve tried The Shack restaurant at Living Hope Compassion Ministries, but for some months now the restaurant has been operating one Sunday a month at The Stirring, 2250 Churn Creek Rd. in Redding. Serving delicious food and attentive service, proceeds support Living Hope Compassion Ministries in Redding. The Next Shack is Sun. Nov. 16 [...]

    Fall Fashion Trends 2014: Boots, Faux Fur and Skinny Pants for Everyone

    Fashionistas, I hope you have saved your money because there are several new trends this fall that (in my humble opinion) you will want to have. But first, let’s see what’s coming back. Boots are still being shown, thank goodness because I love boots even though I live in a warm climate. From short “booties” [...]

    Our Landfill – More than Just Trash

    It’s tough to write about something you’ve never seen. When I decided to write about landfills, I realized I’d never been to one. So I arranged to visit Shasta County’s West Central Landfill, which lies about 9 miles west on Clear Creek Road off Highway 273 in Redding. The drive there took me through scorched [...]

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