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  • A Brined Turkey is a Fine Turkey

     I’m a fan of brining. It’s the only way I’ll roast a turkey. A brined turkey is a more moist, flavorful turkey. I used to fear brines. I worried they’d make the turkey salty. I learned that if you pay attention to the amount of brining time (about 1 hour per pound), and if you keep the [...]

    Christmas in Paris

    Preparations for the holiday season here in the City of Lights aren’t much different here than they are in any other big American City. The shop doorways are draped with the obligatory garlands accompanied by gold bulbs and sprinkled with white or blue lights. The more posh shops, especially those in the first arrondissement along [...]

    Snowshoeing at Manzanita Lake

    A rare window of opportunity presented itself on Saturday, 12/13/14 as a clear day followed a heavy snowfall. My wife Bernadette and I headed to our favorite snowshoe venue, Manzanita Lake. And there we encountered a winter wonderland. Enjoy! Andy Ooley is a local musician and Redding native. When not building ultrasonic medical equipment for [...]

    I’m Dreaming of a … House Guest with Manners

    An invitation to stay with someone is a great honor. Your host wants you to be happy, to be comfortable and to feel welcome. If you’ll be a house-guest during the holidays here are eight easy tips to ensure you’re host will be dreaming you’ll be back again next year! 1. Arrive with a gift. [...]

    Hogmanay and First Footing

    I’m writing to you from a cozy room decorated with streamers, snowflakes and ornaments. We are coming into the festive season and winter is nipping at the windows and doors with icy teeth – another gale! Christmas is a big deal for children but traditionally it wasn’t the biggest celebration here in the Highlands. It’s [...]

    Once Upon A Brew Pub – Krogh’s Restaurant and Brew Pub

    Ever since I was young I have always enjoyed rustic lakeside restaurants. My family and I used to travel to Minnesota for summer vacation, and ever since, these older places have had a special appeal to me. Krogh’s was built in the late 1930s on the shores of Lake Mohawk in New Jersey. The dark [...]

    Public Invited to Participate in Mineral Christmas Bird Count on December 17

    The public is welcome to come and participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count in the Mineral area.  For well over 100 years people of all ages interested in birds have taken to the field during the holiday season to count birds in and around their communities as part of the annual Christmas Bird Count.  [...]

    The Best Sugar Cookies (According to Andrea)

    Baking cookies is a tradition that many share over the holiday season. One of my absolute favorite cookies to bake is this simple sugar cookie dough. My house fills with the warm aroma of vanilla, butter and sugar that remind me of a big cozy hug. These cookies are so good that I usually double [...]

    Menu Please: Shameless O’Leery’s – Whiskey, Football, and Food

    It was during the 1970s and early 1980s when a predilection took hold for restaurants to be named after a fictional person, names with little or no association to the actual owners and operators: Ruby Tuesday’s, Tia’s Tex-Mex,  R.J. Monkeyshines,  Applebee’s, and so forth. These sorts of restaurants usually sported a certain sameness –  bar with [...]

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