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Be Attentive, Be Engaged; Manage Your Covered CA Account

In January, Covered California reported consumers’ health care coverage information to the IRS. This is done to ensure individuals are meeting their health insurance requirements for the year. Form 1095-A was mailed to consumers who purchased individual coverage though Covered CA marketplace or Exchange. The form 1095A provides information for the primary tax filer or [...]

April in the North State Garden & Monthly Calendar of Gardening Events

Our very mild winter and early warm temperatures, with little precipitation, have brought us to what feels like an early burst of life and color in the garden this year some of my garden plants – roses and salvias for example seem close to a full month early. With the urban world in bloom and [...]

Mistress of the Mix: Honky Tonk Girl

I grew up in public radio. First, roaming the halls of KLCC in Eugene, Oregon, and later at KSOR in Ashland, which then became the Jefferson Public Radio you know (and hopefully listen to) today. At first I was accompanying my mother to work. Later I became a volunteer, and finally landed an actual paying [...]

Old Windows: Clearly, Many Uses

Bone yard:  Slang. an area where old or discarded ships, planes, etc., are collected prior to being broken-up for scrap, or otherwise disposed. Years ago, while on a job for a client at a window and glass shop, I noticed old windows piled in a heap, in the “bone yard” outside. Many of the windows [...]

Go Fund Me Abuse: Are the ‘Go-Fund-Me’ Type Programs Merely Cyber Begging?

Let me preface this by warning you this is a venting piece. Everything I do revolves around Conscious Living Concepts. And this problem I’m talking about flies in the face of these concepts. I practice and teach self-awareness and self-responsibility. You’ll see why this has me so worked up today. Does it seem like the [...]

A Village Enigma

My Highland village is full of ‘incomers’ like me. I have found that some of them reinvent their past to create a history more interesting than the truth, and didn’t I miss my chance at that?! It never even occurred to me to embellish my past. I could truthfully say, for example, that I’ve sung [...]

The Road Hat

My brother is mildly famous around these parts for spotting stuff by the side of the road; dead animals mostly, rattlesnakes, deer, wild pigs, bear, but also tools, rope, money and once even a humongous rhino horn dildo. Occasionally he brings this stuff home. About three months ago he walked in the door and tossed [...]

Musings on the Current SCOTUS Challenge

As discussed last week the current Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obamacare) centers on what has now become known as those four little words: enacted by the state. The center of the case essentially says that if the plaintiffs prevail, no subsidies will be allowed [...]

The Women’s Fund Honors Founders

The 68 risk-takers who set a philanthropic force in motion five years ago despite a sour economy were celebrated March 19 at a special event of The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation. “Look Back to Look Forward: An Evening with the Founders of the Women’s Fund” at the McConnell Foundation in Redding [...]

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