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Return of the Road Hat

I am a superstitious man. When I chance upon a tarnished penny on the ground my fate hangs in the balance. If the coin is heads up, I pocket it and thank God for the good luck. If the coin is heads down, I flip it to heads and pass along the good luck to [...]

Menu Please: View 202 – All That Glitters is not Gold

Not everyone loved the old Hatch Cover Restaurant, but it held a warm place in Femme de Joie’s heart from many get-togethers with family and friends over the years. She loved the retro-70s vibe with the piped-in Pablo Cruise-y music, the cozy sofa nook in the lounge, that weird painting of the man in black [...]

Special Enrollment Period Ends this Week

This is the last week to buy individual insurance under the “Informed of tax penalty” category. This category was established in response to those who claim they did not know they would be charged a penalty until they prepared their tax returns for this year. This special opportunity ends April 30. Coverage can be purchased [...]

Mistress of the Mix: Kool Cars

For the last couple of weeks, this car has been haunting me. It’s a pink and black 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner (I know, because I looked it up), with the most amazing paint job I’ve ever seen. And this thing, it seems, has been following me around town. Maybe you’ve noticed it. I mean, maybe it’s [...]

Just Sayin’: Children! What Good Are They, Anyway?

As I watch the news and just live life day to day, I notice that regardless of the country, ethnicity, social strata or economic development, children are pretty much welcomed into this world with unmitigated joy. Then life happens. What is it about the giving of life to another soul that elicits warmth and joy [...]

Redding Council Gets First Look at Proposed 1,000-foot Slip ‘N Slide Project; Votes to Alter City’s Pot Garden Ordinance; Tips Cap to Bob Blankenship

A 1,000-foot-long slip-and-slide requiring 15,000 gallons of water. On Placer Street between Orange and Chestnut streets. In the middle of July. In the middle of a withering drought. Piece of cake, according to the two young Redding men who pitched the idea to the Redding City Council on Tuesday. Sure, it will raise some eyebrows, [...]

Cooking With Doni: Oatmeal Chippers, a Favorite Cookie Through the Decades

Once upon a time son Josh was a little boy who loved a cookie by the name of Oatmeal Chippers, laced with cinnamon and nutmeg studded with chocolate chips and walnuts. Oats form the cookie’s foundation, leaving the cookies moist and delicious. The recipe came my way from the “Farm Journal’s Best-Ever Recipes” — which [...]

Redding: Your Frog is Cooked

If I had a dollar for every word A News Cafe.com has published about the homeless, transients, street people, and homeless encampment clean-ups, I’d be an extremely wealthy, retired woman living in my Waikiki beach house, sipping sidecars and writing my screenplay. Like many of you, I’ve gradually adapted to what should be unacceptable anywhere [...]

Life Insurance – Because You Care

Life Happens and LIMRA just released the results of the 2015 Insurance Barometer Study. LIMRA is a worldwide research, consulting, and professional development organization that helps more than 850 insurance and financial services companies in 73 countries increase their marketing and distribution effectiveness. Life Happens was formed in 1994 by seven leading insurance producer organizations, [...]

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