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Once Upon A Brew Pub – North Coast Brewing Co.

I have always found the rugged beauty of the northern California coast both peaceful and awe-inspiring. Once a year I have a job in Manchester, just south of Fort Bragg, CA. Fort Bragg is home to North Coast Brewing Company, which has some absolutely wonderful brews. So of course it is imperative that I stop [...]

Christian Baldini, North State Symphony Finalist: ‘I believe in a collaborative approach with the musicians’

Today we meet Christian Baldini, the one of four finalist contenders vying for the North State Symphony’s Music Director opening left by Kyle Wiley Pickett. Q: Welcome, Christian Baldini, to aNewsCafe.com. I know you are a busy guy, so we are especially grateful to you for taking a few minutes to chat. You are the [...]

Hiking in the dark

My first experience hiking in the dark was in the 6th grade, at camp.  To say I did not enjoy the experience is putting it lightly.  In fact, the whole experience frightened me to the point that I vowed to hike only during well-lit times of the day from then on. For those of you [...]

Mistress of the Mix: And The Beat Goes On

It’s no secret that Pink Martini is pretty much my favorite band in the world. My crush first developed the first time I heard the French lyrics to “Sympathique,” while vacationing in Greece, and I fell head over heels when I was introduced to a live bootleg of “Hey Eugene.” I’ve seen them in concert [...]

Menu Please: Sushi and Serenity at Sakura

“Jiro Ono serves Edo-style traditional sushi, the same 20 or 30 pieces he’s been making his whole life, and he’s still unsatisfied with the quality and every day wakes up and trains to make the best. And that is as close to a religious experience in food as one is likely to get.” - Anthony Bourdain [...]

The Roosevelts: an Intimate History

After Teddy Roosevelt’s wife and mother died on the same day, he ran west to escape his overwhelming grief, losing himself in hunting, ranching, and other pursuits. In a letter to his sister, Bammy, he wrote, “Black care rarely rides behind a rider whose pace is fast enough.” This becomes the theme of Ken Burns’ [...]


Recently, while staying at an Air B&B house in Carpinteria, I was having dinner on the patio with the hostess who so graciously (& deliciously!) prepared it. We were sitting, chatting over lemon chicken and fresh garden vegetables, and her friend, Phillip of Grover Beach, started talking about “floating.” I immediately remembered reading an article [...]

Letter to Editor/Community: Negative Stigma on Foster Parents Doesn’t Help

Dear Community, You seem to have a pretty dismal impression of foster families. This month, I discovered just what it meant to be a foster family. For two blissful weeks, we were under the impression our chances of adopting our foster child of almost one year were becoming possible. At the permanent plan hearing, I [...]

Free Therapy # 44: Awakening to Our True Nature

Some time when the river is ice ask me mistakes I have made. Ask me whether what I have done is my life. Others have come in their slow way into my thought, and some have tried to help or to hurt: ask me what difference their strongest love or hate has made. I will [...]

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