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Kokanee Salmon Die-off Prompts Questions; No Official Explanation

Thousands of dead and dying Kokanee salmon were floating on the upper end of Lewiston Lake this week after increased flows were initiated to save this fall’s run of adult Chinook salmon in the lower Klamath River. The dead Kokanee fingerlings, floating belly side up, were killed by the rapid change in pressure which occurred [...]

September in the Garden & North State Calendar of Regional Gardening Events

PHOTO: Ripe Ribes amarum. September in the North State garden begins in earnest our biggest and best window of opportunity to plant in our gardens. From mid-September to the end of October, from Davis to Redding, a generous number of arboreta, plant societies and nurseries will host plant sales to get us started on our [...]

Mistress of the Mix: Being Lily Tanner

I received a Facebook message last November that went like this: “I was thinking about my life and the future, and I came to the conclusion that being you in the future would be pretty cool.” That was Lily Tanner’s opening line when she approached me about the possibility of being a summer intern at [...]

At Sevillano Links, Choosing the Right Tees Is Half the Battle

Not unlike the casino that accompanies it, Sevillano Links offers its customers a variety of choices. The first choice, and the one that will set the tone for the day, is made before the first swing: which set of tees to play from? While most courses offer two or three choices, Sevillano Links has five [...]

Back to School? Pack Andrea’s Healthy Bars

School is back in session and it’s time to pack kids healthy lunches. Packing a healthy lunch that your kids will eat can be a challenge. I have one kid who refuses to eat at school; he finds eating there ‘gross.’ I think this is his first act of civil disobedience. He will eat a [...]

Gardening Tips for Redding Heat

Redding gardeners need to take the heat into consideration to ensure growing delicious fruits and vegetables. For example, tomato and sweet pepper pollen does not work when the highs are above 95F.  Fruit already set will continue to grow. A mistake I have made in the past is to increase watering and fertilize.  Instead, be [...]

Chiffon Revisited

A few years ago, I wrote an article about hemming chiffon. To date, that article has had thousands of readers so I know people are still trying to learn how to hem chiffon. That article was mostly about marking the hem and I provided one method of actual hemming. Because there are always different ways [...]

Film Review: ‘Boyhood’: Linklater’s Masterpiece More Than Cinematic Gimmick

Much has been written about “Boyhood”, the latest film by Austin’s Richard Linklater. Evaluations range from gimmicky – albeit effective – parlor trick on one end of the critical spectrum to masterpiece of Americana on the other.

Plaza Dedication Honors Don and Doreeta Domke’s Community Contributions

A happy crowd gathered at the south end of the Sundial Bridge this morning for the McConnell Foundation’s dedication of Domke Plaza, a seating area built to honor and celebrate Don and Doreeta Domke’s lifetime of community service and contribution, most notably their dedication to and passion for Turtle Bay Museum. Don died in November. [...]

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