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Community Advocate Known for High-End Custom Guitars

Jason Schroeder unlocks the door of his south Redding guitar workshop and steps into the unassuming, sunlit space. He’s just come from a meeting with businessmen Ed Rulliman and Mike Dahl – wearing his “community advocacy hat” – but switches easily to the labor that pays the bills, gives him schedule flexibility, and, most notably, [...]

Wreaths of the Season 2014

The beauty of the garden in winter is a unique pleasure: fragrant, fresh evergreens, bright berries, frosty mornings. Photo: Frosty Indian hawthorne on a cold North State morning. Seasonal greens, winter fruits, and sculptural cones have long been associated with the winter holidays–with brightening shortened days and long nights, with the universal hope for the [...]

Nature: My Life as a Turkey

All of us have, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to live another life: to survive Hell Week with the Navy SEALS, to become a famous pop star, to disappear into a foreign country and learn to pass as a native. Naturalist Joe Hutto took the chance to do exactly [...]

Mistress of the Mix: Thankful

I feel sorry for Thanksgiving. It’s a great holiday. So unique, so North American, so full of mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s such a warm and fuzzy holiday that bridges the gap between the Christian idea of giving a shout out to God for putting food on our plates and the Pagan practice of recognizing the [...]

The Bear Facts: A Conversation with Pete Figura – Bears are Common Redding Visitors

You may recall that Sunday, a black bear romped through my Garden Tract neighborhood in Redding. He made a stop on my roof and exited through my back yard before touring other parts of downtown. Eventually, he was “darted”  by Pete Figura of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Today, Figura updates us on [...]

City Council Votes Benefit Both Veterans and Domestic Violence Victims

Veterans and victims of domestic violence both received help from the Redding City Council this week. In the first case, former state Sen. Maurice Johannessen’s dream of an independent living complex and clinic for veterans is a step closer to reality following the council’s unanimous vote Tuesday to OK a forgivable loan of $28,700. The [...]

Lastest City Council Spat Centers Over Turtle Bay Land Sale

The Redding City Council found time for one last squabble before new members are seated next month, and on Tuesday the subject again was the sale of 14 acres of land to the McConnell Foundation to allow Turtle Bay to develop a high-end hotel. At issue Tuesday was the recent revelation of a letter from [...]

Up on The Rooftop, Black Bear Paws

Some years back, I was driving through Igo late one night. I slammed on my brakes as I rounded a corner. There, in the middle of the road, staring at me through the windshield, was a huge mountain lion. It turned its head, and continued walking across the road. I later learned that cat had [...]

A Writing Lineage Shines Through in the Work of Singer-Songwriter Curtis McMurtry, who Performs Tuesday in Redding

Although many of his characters are tormented, disillusioned, sad, despondent and often full of recrimination, singer-songwriter Curtis McMurtry himself is a rather chipper person. On his Facebook page, the Austin, Texas, resident encourages people to catch one of his shows and hear “pretty songs about awful people!” For his West Coast tour, which stops in [...]

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