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Shasta College’s Speaker Series Brings Inspiration to Education

Shasta College will launch its new Community Speaker Series on Wednesday. This joint effort between the Shasta College Foundation and the McConnell Foundation is designed to inspire, educate and challenge participants with fresh ideas / perspectives on education, our community and our environment. The first event features author, teacher and workshop leader Ms. Ninive Calegari. [...]

State of Jefferson – A Modest Proposal – Part 1: The Vision

State of Jefferson proponents are gearing up for a new campaign, starting with another visit to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors. The opening salvo was a recent “town hall meeting” in Redding, as described by R.V. Scheide, who remains decidedly unconvinced. R.V.’s reservations aside, this is exactly the sort of tonic I need to [...]

Health Care Rules Are Fluid

Nothing is so constant as change, especially when it comes to health care rules and regulations. I have said that multiple times in this column and this year is no exception. First, individuals may have another new extended enrollment period. This new “Qualifying Life Event: is called Informed of Tax Penalty Risk. It will only [...]

March in the Garden & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

As spring rises, so do my gardening urges – dreams and plans. Thankfully, the older I get – and it’s a nice round number for me this year – the more deeply I care about some things, and the far less I care about others. This is true in all facets of my life. I [...]

Mistress of the Mix: Kick Him to the Curb

kick him to the curb. Definition:
1. To quit seeing him, especially if it’s a relationship or commitment involved.
2. To waive/fire him, especially in business matters.
Ex: If you catch a man cheating on you, kick him to the curb right then.

Solar-powered Canals – Are They the Future in California?

Governor Brown’s recently announced plan to have California derive 50 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 has opened the door for bold ideas to help achieve this. Carl Weidert, a retired, self-employed biologist who lives in Shingletown, has spent years garnering interest in his idea of utilizing California’s canals as solar arrays [...]

Tea Party Tent Show – Notes on the State of Jefferson

I’m a sucker for lost causes and the State of Jefferson is more lost than most. The quixotic notion that a half-million citizens in northern California and southern Oregon’s rural counties, frustrated with lack of representation at the state level, should band together, break away and form their own 51st state is not without merit. [...]

The Kindness of Highlanders

Two traits I’ve noticed about Highlanders are that they look out for each other, and they know everything about each other. The first is a consequence of remoteness – so far away from “civilization,” people have drawn together and helped each other out for generations. The second thing can go either way – there are [...]

New West Side Trail Connection

The Westside Trail is a gem, a multi-faceted gem. The main trail and its access trails provide more than 8 miles of adventure, the destination of which are the vistas provided by traveling along the ridge, which is the western skyline of the city Redding. This trail is the result of the vision of a [...]

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