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  • American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered

    Modern pop culture has a tendency to see Bing Crosby as “that guy who comes out once a year to sing ‘White Christmas.’” The new installment of the American Masters series, Bing Crosby Rediscovered, seeks to change that, introducing Crosby to a new audience while reintroducing him to those who remember him from before. It’s [...]

    Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and Shasta State Historic Park Partner for the Annual “Old Time Holiday” Celebration

    The National Park Service and California State Parks are gearing up for their annual “Old Time Holiday” celebration on Saturday, December 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Follow in the footsteps of miners who in 1849, after preparing a holiday meal in Shasta, traveled to Whiskeytown to share their food and cheer!  The events will [...]

    Wreaths of the Season 2014

    The beauty of the garden in winter is a unique pleasure: fragrant, fresh evergreens, bright berries, frosty mornings. Photo: Frosty Indian hawthorne on a cold North State morning. Seasonal greens, winter fruits, and sculptural cones have long been associated with the winter holidays–with brightening shortened days and long nights, with the universal hope for the [...]

    Nature: My Life as a Turkey

    All of us have, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to live another life: to survive Hell Week with the Navy SEALS, to become a famous pop star, to disappear into a foreign country and learn to pass as a native. Naturalist Joe Hutto took the chance to do exactly [...]

    Mistress of the Mix: Thankful

    I feel sorry for Thanksgiving. It’s a great holiday. So unique, so North American, so full of mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s such a warm and fuzzy holiday that bridges the gap between the Christian idea of giving a shout out to God for putting food on our plates and the Pagan practice of recognizing the [...]

    Winter Rink Downtown Coming to Redding

    The City of Redding Recreation Division and Viva Downtown Redding are pleased to announce “Winter Rink Downtown” presented by Shasta Regional Medical Center. “Winter Rink Downtown” is a unique, environmentally sound, non-refrigerated skating rink that will offer family fun for all ages over the holiday season December 20, 2014 – January 5, 2015. Winter Rink [...]

    A Writing Lineage Shines Through in the Work of Singer-Songwriter Curtis McMurtry, who Performs Tuesday in Redding

    Although many of his characters are tormented, disillusioned, sad, despondent and often full of recrimination, singer-songwriter Curtis McMurtry himself is a rather chipper person. On his Facebook page, the Austin, Texas, resident encourages people to catch one of his shows and hear “pretty songs about awful people!” For his West Coast tour, which stops in [...]

    The Next Shack Restaurant Event: Sunday at The Stirring

    Maybe you’ve tried The Shack restaurant at Living Hope Compassion Ministries, but for some months now the restaurant has been operating one Sunday a month at The Stirring, 2250 Churn Creek Rd. in Redding. Serving delicious food and attentive service, proceeds support Living Hope Compassion Ministries in Redding. The Next Shack is Sun. Nov. 16 [...]

    Ceremonial Robes by Rodney Thompson

    The public is invited to the opening reception for the art exhibit Ceremonial Robes by Rodney Thompson. These are ceremonial garments for the shamans, magicians, and wizards of our time: The creators of electronic wonders, the magical boxes that entertain and pacify the populace, insuring domestic tranquility. The robes are made of paper, electronic parts, and materials [...]

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