Author: Doug Cushman


Thanks, Doni, for asking about my safety.

All is well here. I moved to St. Malo, a lovely little town on the Brittany coast last September (yes, THAT St. Malo, the setting of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel that I’ve yet to read), so I was far away from the shootings.

I am Charlie

On a cold Wednesday morning in Paris, 3 gunmen entered the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine that satirized public figures and morals. After they left, 12 people were dead, including police officers,...

greeting card14

On behalf of everyone at A News, we hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. We wish for you a joyful, stress-free, healthful, successful 2015. What has been the best part of your holiday so far? – Doni


Preparations for the holiday season here in the City of Lights aren’t much different here than they are in any other big American City. The shop doorways are draped with the obligatory garlands accompanied...

Dear Redding,

It’s been a while since I’ve visited you, almost seven years. I hadn’t even written you. So I admit I was a bit wary and nervous when I flew into Redding Municipal Airport a...