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  1. cheyenne says:

    #45’s pick for HSD states no wall shining sea to shinning sea. More spent on beefing up checkpoints which the Arizona Republic has been running articles about. Mexico is Arizona’s biggest trading partner and the shortage of customs inspectors is creating a back log. And most drugs come through the checkpoints, not across the desert. And she is a woman.
    Also a woman is #45’s pick to head the BLM. A Wyoming attorney she wants to drain the swamp by moving the BLM headquarters to Denver. The left doesn’t like her and spread lies about her ties to the Bundies whom she once represented as a small part of a farm group years ago in a lawsuit against the government.
    I’ll leave it to others to post the bad about Trump while I post the good. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Remember when Obama was in China and he praised China’s leadership to high heaven, blamed all of our trade problems with China on past U.S. presidents, said that the U.S. had fallen behind China, and gave China a complete pass on human rights issues?

      Yeah, me either. That’s because all of that happened yesterday. But imagine the shit-storm on Fox News if Obama had done it.

  2. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Rumor has it that the New York Times is about to drop a career-ending story about my favorite comedian, Louis C.K. Ugh.

    • Tim says:

      They are the same allegations that gawker wrote about in 2012 and 2015: quirky comedian, who often jokes about not being able to control his masturbatorial urges, likes to masturbate in front of female colleagues…

  3. Tim says:

    More than half of Shasta County students failed state testing this year; 52% failed to meet standards in English and 62% failed to meet standards in Math.

    These scores show little improvement since Common Core began: In 2016 53% failed English & 62% Math, a small improvement over 2015 when 56% failed English and 66% Math.

    Statewide, students did about the same: 51% failed English & 62% failed Math in 2017, a small improvement from the 53% that failed English & 63% Math in 2016 and 56% that failed English & 67% Math in 2015.

    Shasta County students scored much higher 10 years ago under the STAR testing program: in 2007 66% of 11th graders passed English and 72% passed Math (vs statewide passing rates of 61% in English and 71% in Math). The Department of Education cautions against comparing STAR scores with the new CAASPP scores.

    Schools with the majority of students passing both tests in 2017:
    University Preparatory: 76% pass English, 69% pass Math
    Grant Elementary: 72% English, 68% Math
    Millville Elementary: 67% English, 64% Math
    Manzanita Elementary: 56% English, 60% Math
    Fall River Junior-Senior High: 68% English, 58% Math
    Cottonwood Creek Charter: 57% English, 57% Math
    Junction Elementary: 67% English, 53% Math
    Stellar Charter: 57% English, 53% Math
    North Cow Creek Elementary: 54% English, 50% Math
    Chrysalis Charter School: 53% English, 50% Math

    • cheyenne says:

      In Denver and Phoenix all school funding taxes or bonds, every one, passed. The Denver liberals and the Phoenix conservatives are not looking for any help from a dysfunctional DC. They are doing it locally.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Interesting how poorly North Cow Creek fared. It’s the school across the street—my daughters went there. We’re surrounded out here by hobby ranches—lots of parents who are well-off professionals. You’d think their kids would be reasonably bright. Of course, the school board (made up of parents, I presume) recently voted to allow teachers to pack heat at school, so……

      • Tim says:

        They still made the top 10, so they did well compared to the dismal scores elsewhere… A more typical elementary school score looks like this:

        Lassen View Elementary
        English: 45% pass
        Math: 32% pass

        Bonnyview Elementary
        English: 39% pass
        Math: 30% pass

      • cheyenne says:

        Steve, I worked in Shasta County schools for twenty years and the last people to be allowed to carry guns are teachers. While there are many mature teachers who know guns there are a few who lose keys, left them dangling in the door, and whose students would end up with those guns. And who decides which teachers would carry? In a political atmosphere like schools it would be the administrator’s lap dog who very well might not know which end the bullet comes out.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          I wouldn’t trust ANY teacher to have a gun in my kid’s classroom. If I had kids at NCCS, I’d demand to know which teachers had guns. Police officers are some of the most highly trained firearms users in Shasta County, and we’ve had at least one local cop’s kid die when the cop left his service revolver where his kid could get it.

          A handgun in a secure quick-code gun safe in the Principal’s office, just to give the gun-humpers some measure of comfort? Maybe, but only if the two or three people with access to the code undergoe extensive firearms training.

          • cheyenne says:

            I read, on USA Today, where a school in Florida is selling $120 bulletproof pads for student backpacks. That doesn’t surprise me but apparently student bullet proof pads have been marketed for 25 years. And the tweets from other countries are not exactly favorable.

    • cheyenne says:

      K, interesting link about the back door attempt to prevent abortions. While everyone is concerned about the big items, as you point out, it is the small details that both parties stick into these bills that cause the harm. Of course this is about a tax plan that has not, and will not pass.
      Also the part about removing the ban on churches politicalizing, how’s that ban working now on Bethel? Are they exempt if they buy Redding. Of course, as Steve Towers pointed out, then they could solve Redding’s budget problems with supernatural funds.

  4. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    Nothing will change in education until experienced elementary and high school teachers, neurologists, college and trade school teachers, employers and experts in cognitive development get together. The people who toy with and change the curriculum have degrees but are not the experts. There is a lot of money involved in textbook creation and adaption, new educational standards and programs. If you’re a long time teacher who is really concerned about “best practices” and what works, you roll your eyes every time some new program comes down the pike.

  5. Beverly Stafford says:

    “Those who can, teach; those who can’t pass laws about teaching.” I worked in a school district for a number of years – from No Child Left Behind to Common Core – and good teachers left because of these unworkable programs. As the song goes, “When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?”

    • K. Beck says:

      Total agreement here. People seem to think teachers are just glorified baby sitters. I have an elementary teaching credential and a Certificate from UC Santa Cruz in Training & Development. I spent most of my life teaching people how to do things. Just because you have a degree in math does NOT mean you automatically know how to teach math. There is way more to it than having a degree in some random subject. Think about some of the College Profs you had. You can teach Jr. College on up with no credential.

  6. Common Sense says:

    “President Trump today stated that he believed Vladimir Putin is being sincere when he denies Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and reiterated that he hopes to cooperate with Russia in Syria. There’s nothing ‘America First’ about taking the word of a KGB colonel over that of the American intelligence community. There’s no ‘principled realism’ in cooperating with Russia to prop up the murderous Assad regime, which remains the greatest obstacle to a political solution that would bring an end to the bloodshed in Syria. Vladimir Putin does not have America’s interests at heart. To believe otherwise is not only naive but also places our national security at risk.” -Senator John McCain

    Ahhhh GOP….someone is BEGGING to be impeached here!…..Hello

  7. cheyenne says:

    And today, DNC chief Tom Perez, vowed to make the 2020 Democratic nominations fairer as he had a laundry list of what the DNC needed to do. No mention of Russia probably because the Dems did such a bad job in 2016 it wouldn’t have made a difference. HRC won the popular vote on the coasts but lost the fly over voters who voted for Obama in 2012 but voted for Trump in 2016. That alone shows what a bad candidate Clinton was.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      We will likely never know the extent to which Russia’s meddling had an effect on the election; just that it likely had an effect. (If Facebook ads are worthless, it’s hard to imagine how they’re able to sell billions of dollars worth of them. If they’re effective, it’s hard to imagine how the Russian ads were exempt from that effectiveness.)

      We do know who the Russians targeted, including which states (21, including three big rust belt states that swung from Obama to Trump) and which political persuasion (mostly conservative). On Facebook, via likes and shares, we know that the ads reached at least 126 million people.

      Clinton was a bad candidate. That doesn’t legitimize Trump or the election.

      • cheyenne says:

        I don’t know how Russian meddling would affect the election unless they actually got in the ballot box and changed the votes. If the Russians posted ads about one or another of the candidates how is that different then the lies that are posted by candidates or their political groups about other candidates. If a lie is posted by the Sierra Club or the Koch brothers or the Russians it is still a lie.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          It’s not different, and that’s the point. Advertising works, or it wouldn’t exist. Russia used Facebook to advertise on behalf of Trump, and it likely had an effect. The only question is, how big an effect?

          Cheyenne, you can’t seriously be arguing that Russia meddling in our presidential elections is no big deal. C’mon, man.

          • Common Sense says:

            Come on Steve….it’s just a little undermining of our Democracy….what’s the big deal?….but let me point out that one thing 45 has done that is a positive for you…..oh…sorry….that’s Cheyenne’s job.

          • cheyenne says:

            Steve, America has meddled in many elections in other countries that have resulted in leadership changes or tried too. Now it’s being done to us, I call that payback and we just have to deal with it. Of course you will just say I’m deflecting, but it’s the truth, deal with it.

          • Steven Towers Steven Towers says:

            A lot of people are trying hard to deal with it—unfortunately, the Buffoon-in-Chief is trying to quash the investigations. What’s puzzling is that so many people are joining Trump in his “fake news” chant—as if assuring the sovereignty of our elections is no big deal.

  8. Common Sense says:

    Trump is toast…..he will get hit here soon my Mueller worse than a dime store pinata. As more and more underlings flip and Mueller builds piles upon the already large piles of evidence….his days are numbered…heck Mitt Romney is looking pretty good for President at this rate!

  9. Beverly Stafford says:

    I really like seeing A New Cafe’s advertisers on the sidebar. Unobtrusive but a nice reminder of who supports our favorite site so that we can support them.

  10. Common Sense says:

    “This Bud’s for you” will now take on a whole new meaning as Large Beer Companies look toward Cannabis as the next key Market!

    • cheyenne says:

      Actually, CS, this is old news and has nothing to do with Bud. The marijuana craft choices have been going on ever since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. The Denver Post even ran a list of the top ten craft brands last summer with quality grading. A couple of brands were from southern California. As some of these choices are hybrids I wonder how that sets with the anti-GMO crowd. I think a big natural market awaits for Northern California’s Golden Triangle if the whole state gets on the same page.
      And a bigger threat to the craft marijuana industry, expressed by actual legal craft shops in Denver, is that Big Tobacco will take over the craft industry like Big Beer took over the craft beer industry.

  11. cheyenne says:

    While CS, Steve and others keep pointing out the pitfalls happening in DC, pitfalls that will have zero effects on Redding, I will point out a pitfall in Redding that many seem concerned about but apparently just shrug it off. Why are you keepers of everything negative not posting about raising the handy man limit above $500 to probably $5,000. From what I, who no longer live in Shasta County, have found, this seems to be a California problem. Many states require anyone doing electricity work to have an electricians license and other contractors to purchase permits for specific projects but I can find no monetary limit on what a handyman can do. If $500 is hard to stay under in Redding what’s it like in the Bay Area or LA, I would say impossible. So what does a homeowner in those cities do? They go down to where the day workers hang out and pay cash to someone who doesn’t pay taxes. Raising the limit would allow many skilled unemployed to begin working again and being a positive in the community.
    Time to start solving problems that affect Redding.

    • Gary Tull says:

      I think there ARE a couple of good reasons why $500 limits apply to handyman services in California. A big one is that they are not required to prove their skill level by taking a state contractors exam. Another: by-and-large, they are not bonded. Both are about consumer protection.

      • cheyenne says:

        Very true, Gary. But what do you do when a licensed contractor won’t do the job because it is too small. I know this from personal experience when I was a homeowner in Anderson. I had a 100 yard long dirt, actually DG, driveway. It had potholes that would appear every winter and DG would be tracked upon the concrete and in the house. To level and gravel the driveway the bids from licensed contractors started at $4,000. I bought the gravel from Axner, they delivered it, and I had a friend who had a small farm and a tractor that he would do odd jobs with and he leveled my driveway and spread the gravel. It cost me a total, including gravel, about $800. That was 12 years ago, I doubt I could get it done as cheap today. My point is that some jobs are too small for licensed contractors to make money on and they have to over bid just to break even. I was fortunate in knowing people who were handymen and competent and I recommended them to others.
        And just because a contractor is licensed and bonded doesn’t mean they are competent, only that to sue them for faulty work could cost more in legal fees than the initial job would have cost.

      • The kind of work I was hiring a handyman to do wouldn’t require any proof of skills: ripping out old carpets, patching rat entrances, sanding floors, hauling garbage, etc. I don’t care if my handyman is bonded for things like that. I think a handyman (or woman) would be able to earn as much as he or she wishes if they’re willing to work hard.

        I don’t need consumer protection from my handymen. But man, have I had some bad experiences with licensed contractors.

        • Gary Tull says:

          Doni, In your case, I understand your point.

          As for licensed contractors, I too have experienced bad results and damage that one caused. Case in point: lower exterior siding needs replacement now since a contractor installed an auto irrigation system (not long ago) that disfigured and rotted sections behind our front Escallonia. Didn’t notice it till recently.

    • K. Beck says:

      I agree, $500 is too low for the cost of living in 2017. This law was updated but they still left the total too low. Most people running the Government have no idea what anything costs. Remember when someone took George I to the grocery store and he didn’t know what a scanner was? They all have “people” who do the everyday tasks we all do for ourselves.

      You are correct, this is a CA state law, not a City of Redding Ordinance.

      I disagree with the comment about none of the “pitfalls happening in DC” having zero effects on Redding; they will have effects on everyone in this country. Especially the tax laws the Reps seem hell bent on passing.

  12. Gary Tull says:

    “Like clockwork, just as we learn of damning details of Donald Trump Jr’s contacts with WikiLeaks, the Trump administration is firing up the fog machine to distract from the Mueller probe”. Brian Fallon

    • cheyenne says:

      Gary, why is this a distraction. The uranium mine by Gillette was part of the deal to let a Russian company buy uranium mines. It is not against the law to sell uranium to a foreign country but it can’t be exported to them. We have concerns here in Wyoming about how involved the Clintons were in that sale. It may be a distraction to you but it is not a distraction to me when I live on the edge of a nuclear air base.

      • Gary Tull says:

        Cheyenne, look at the timing. The Mueller investigation is closing in on Trump affiliates regarding Russian connections and the election. Trump probably knows plenty and is up to his eyeballs in it. Sessions was in the hot seat today for the third time and 3 former Trump honchos have been criminally charged already and are co-operating to stay out of prison.

        As for the uranium thing: no uranium was ever exported and there is no evidence of HRC involvement. Certainly, not enough to assign special investigators anytime soon, Sessions more or less suggested today.

        In all due respect, It seems your concerns regarding the Clintons and uranium may be about a conspiracy theory to cause distraction from REAL and confirmed capital crime.

        I’ll say it again: When a machine is running this badly, it’s likely about to blow… soon. When all of that finally comes down, we will have a better overall picture of this colossal mess.

        • cheyenne says:

          The sale of the uranium mine by Gillette to a Russian owned company has been more than a distraction here in Wyoming even before the election. Whether the Clintons were involved has been a question asked by us in Wyoming and the Obama administration did nothing. With Trump leading an investigation we may finally learn the truth about the deal.
          Tick…Tick….Tick…Who will go to jail first?

          • Gary Tull says:

            “With Trump leading an investigation we may finally learn the truth about the deal.”

            WTF? Trump leading an investigation? He’s only doing what he always does — tweet gross exaggerations, call secretary Clinton crooked Hillary and lie-hard- all-the-time. As for his AG, he has been caught lying under oath already and his memory-lapses are not serving him well.

          • Common Sense says:

            Last months keyword….Collusion….

            This month’s Keywords are …..Obstruction of Justice/Collusion/Treason

            Don’t take your eye off the ball…….the 45 train is Going Down!

          • Gary Tull says:

            Cheyenne! Here are the facts concerning Uranium One reported by none other than a FOX news anchor.

          • cheyenne says:

            Gary, while digging up a you tube video how did you miss the articles in The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor and even another FOX article by a different person about the facts, or lack of, in the Uranium One sale. Bribes were made and one person is already in jail. The FBI reported just recently, which explains why this was brought up now, that they have an informant that was privy to all the dealing and can revel what actually took place. Were the Clintons involved other than Bill being paid to speak at a Russian uranium meeting, who knows. As one official pointed out it was doubtful HRC was involved in the actual details, but maybe she should have paid more attention. This is all old news as these dealings have been in Wyoming news for over a year. But we mine uranium here, unlike Redding, and maybe we like to know where it’s going.

  13. Dear ones, bear with us while we fix the Photo Cafe box.

    Carry on.


  14. Gary Tull says:

    Cheyenne, I didn’t have to dig much. The Washington Post (today’s edition) front page, top article w/video is comprehensive enough for me.

  15. Common Sense says:

    Why we have the problems we have in this Country! Some great comments from Trump voters here.

  16. Common Sense says:

    12 Year old Girl suing the Federal Government over Cannabis. Her Premise in court will be- You guys have a patent on the plant for the medical benefits( CBD)….it helps my Seizures and yet you have it not legal across our great country.
    Not sure if she will win or not but bringing to Light the Hypocrisy of the Dept of Health and Human Services having a patent on the plant for medical benefits yet not allowing people to use it for medical benefits should be an eye opener for any one in possession of common sense!

    We need to Move Forward and get Rid of Sessions….it’s Quite Obvious he has some SEVERE issues going on with his brain and Can’t remember anything! Suffering from CRS….The Selective Version of it!

  17. Hey, peeps, I know this is last minute but I have some tickets available for tonight – Wednesday – for Riverfront Playhouse’s media night performance of A Christmas Carol. 7:30 p.m. I’ll be there.

    Please email me at if you want a pair of tickets. First come, first served .

  18. My column will appear Friday instead of Thursday this week.

    Carry on, and have a wonderful day. xod

  19. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    Thanksgiving comes next week. I’ve long had mixed feelings about restaurants that stay open for the holiday. No doubt many if not most food service workers would rather be home, but for folks who have no family or are traveling on a holidays, those open establishments can be a real blessing. (Been there.) As far as I know, CR Gibbs, Lulu’s, Win River, Marie Callendar’s, and Denny’s will serve on Thanksgiving. A special tip of the hat goes out to Mister Taco in Anderson, who will be offering their 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day at Mister Taco, offering free meals to those who might otherwise miss out. Also, the Woodside Grill in the Gaia Hotel will offer a Thanksgiving meal and live music from J. Norman Stewart.

  20. Common Sense says:

    New round of Indictments should be happening here soon….Papadopoulos may have been wearing a wire prior to leaving. He has spilled the beans on 4 others now!

    I am guessing Mueller will hand out or unseal these Indictments in the next 2 weeks….

    Muellers Christmas table might be Full of Turkeys!


  21. Common Sense says:

    Dianne Feinstein may be helping to Double the sales of guns here Soon! What she is missing…..Bad Guys Don’t go by Laws….much less gun laws!

    Sales should Surge now until the law goes into effect! Gun Shops are Very happy with this new Law and Christmas is looking much rosier in sales revenues!

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      How stupid do you have to be to view any gun-control bill offered up by Feinstein or any other Democrat as anything other than symbolic? If any mouth-breathers actually think that the GOP-controlled Congress is going to put a serious gun-control bill on Trump’s desk that he’s going to sign—making it time to panic-buy a bunch of guns—that alone should disqualify them from the right to purchase guns. You’d have to be dumber than dog$#!+ to believe any of that is going to happen.

      • Beverly Stafford says:

        My sister in Washington State wrote a letter to Feinstein regarding her proposed bill. In essence she said, “How can you believe that further gun control bills will keep guns out of the hands of criminals? These laws do nothing more than harm honest gun owners.”

  22. Did you miss A News for more than 24 hours? We missed you. We had a major glitch that started with a plug-in that broke the site, and then we had issues with a back up of EVERYTHING, which took forever.

    I never want to go through that again.

    Extreme thanks to Joe Domke and Jim Gore for working for hours and hours and hours to make things right, and special thanks for Jim for the final fixes.

    • Beverly Stafford says:

      I surely missed you! Each time I attempted to log onto the site and failed, I thought of Joe tearing out his hair over those little pixies who invade our ether lives. And to top off not being able to access my favorite site, I arrived at our Redding house only to find that there was no hot water. Scott from Earl’s Plumbing came within 45 minutes of my call, looked at the ten-year-old tankless water heater, showed me the discoloration and how “squishy” it was, and he’s in the process of locating a new one – on the weekend, of course. Who knew tankless water heaters were supposed to have service once a year? Better no hot water than no power, methinks. But it’s still a pain.

  23. Eleanor says:

    YES!!! I missed you and have been searching high and low!! Major thanks to Joe and Jim for rescuing you (and all of us). Had been worrying about your beautiful house, with these huge rains. First thing I did this morning is to look for your column…………Hoping all is good.

  24. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Nice to click on on my browser ribbon this morning and see the familiar home page load up after a teasingly long wait (damn you, satellite internet!).

    • Hal Johnson says:

      Steve, is Warp Two available where you live? I understand that it’s available in parts of Palo Cedro. We’ve been happy with it for the most part. The speed is nothing like what my wife gets at her office in Redding, but it beats the heck out of Hughes.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        I’ve had Warp 2 on my roof, and the prognosis is that I might be able to get their signal if I put up a tower for $10k. Shastabeam looks at my address and says, “nope” without even visiting. Too many big oaks in our neighborhood on North Cow Creek.

  25. Common Sense says:

    Today Key Word- Treason

    Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States provides: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

    While the penalty for Treason Can include Death….that is highly unlikely…….best bet is 5-7 years in Federal Prison and a Fine……

    Any Indictment with the words “Crimes against the United States” might raise one’s eyebrows in this matter….

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      As I understand the charges in the current high-profile indictment, the “crimes against the United States” involve tax evasion. If any prison time is involved, it’ll likely be Club Fed. This is still America, after all. We rarely throw our millionaires in the same holes as the “real criminals.”

      • Common Sense says:

        We agree the sentences handed out will more than likely be at the High Roller Penitentiary/Country Club facility!
        Tax Evasion/Money Laundering……just to warm the band up with!

  26. Common Sense says:

    American Taxpayers footing the bill for #45’s Private Businesses Lawyers! How’s that one rub you?

    • Tim says:

      Misleading characterization as private lawyers… They are defending lawsuits brought against Trump in his capacity as President of the US, not as a citizen.

      These are frivolous lawsuits from partisans who want to believe Trump can’t own businesses that serve foreign nationals when the emoluments clause only prevents foreign parties from paying the president FOR BEING PRESIDENT (with no prohibition against providing unrelated services).

  27. Common Sense says:

    “These people are defunct,” Francis told Buchanan. “Go to New Hampshire and call yourself a patriot, a nationalist, an America Firster, but don’t even use the word ‘conservative.’ It doesn’t mean anything anymore.”

    Interesting read by David Brooks….

  28. Common Sense says:

    Rudy Guiliani in the Ukraine yesterday?……am I the only one that finds this interesting? Perhaps talking about “Adoptions” also??

    And why did the news agency refer to him as Trumps Advisor?

  29. Gary Tull says:

    ‘You may be the only one who doesn’t see the ‘Translate’ link.

  30. Common Sense says:

    Thank you Gary……you can lead a horse to water….but if he doesn’t believe it’s water….he won’t drink…

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