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  1. Richard Christoph says:

    A beautiful 1st day of October here in sunny Far Northern California and we have much for which to be thankful.

  2. Happy October 1!
    Question: Have you or family been the victims of crime? If so, what was the crime, when was it, and did you report it? (If not, why not.) What’s your city?

    I’ll go first: First time was six years, when my car window was smashed in after I’d stupidly left my purse locked in my car at the Cypress Square Shopping Center for a 5:45 a.m. Jazzercise class. I did call the police to report it, and an officer arrived and took the information. The purse was never found.

    The second time was last month when my locked car was parked in my sister’s driveway and ransacked sometime during the night. I tried to report it via the RPD website, but it was such a mess of questions that I quit, so it was never reported. I live in Redding.

    • Tim says:

      Let’s see if I can remember…

      ~8 years ago: window to rental outbuilding broken and pillow, blanket, and drug paraphernalia found inside (first time I ever saw indications of heroin usage — burnt spoon). Called non emergency line, waited a few hours, and eventually left before anyone responded. I suspect it was the former (evicted) tenant.

      ~7 years ago: car window broken at Raley’s shopping center, compartments rifled through, nothing taken (nothing to take). Police came quickly and took report.

      Few months later: car stolen from movies 8. Reported, police arrived in ~90 minutes (which is a looong time to stare at an empty parking space). Police found the car a week later across town with a sloppy lock & ignition and a seat that was fully reclined (seriously, who can drive like that?!). Thankfully I beat the tow truck to the scene so I didn’t have to pay impound fees on top of everything else…

      ~5 years ago: Bicycle stolen from my garage in a “nice neighborhood.” Reported, police came hours later, basically blamed me for leaving the side door unlocked (behind my fence).

      ~around the same time: Window broken in vacant rental home and saw indications of druggies camping/squatting. Not reported

      ~3 years ago: power tools stolen from rental undergoing repairs. Not reported

      ~1 year ago: storage locker burgled, old computer & printer stolen. Unreported.

      Few months later: car window broken and radio ripped from dash while parked by the Pine St School. Attempted to report online, gave up.

      Every few months I’m the victim of petty vandalism, usually stuff like ripping down a “no parking” sign, dumping garbage, putting up unauthorized political signs on vacant lot, tagging graffiti on a fence/wall, etc. I no longer report, it is faster/easier to just deal with it myself.

      To date, no one has been caught and, aside from the car, nothing returned.

  3. Common Sense says:

    To say #45 had a rough week last week is an Understatement! From Dissing on the Mayor of Puerto Rico to not knowing who the leader of North Korea is….well let’s just say….the party….It’s really just getting Started!

    It’s about time for another Bombshell…….I have a $20.00 on us seeing something Very interesting in the next 7 days….

    And let us all not forget….you Can’t Pardon your way out of any “State” Level Charges……so look for more of the low hanging Fruit to Flip here really Soon!…..

    So as Mueller continues with his “Interviews” with Whitehouse staff let us also keep this in mind… If they lie, it’s a crime. If they refuse to cooperate, it’s a crime. If they participated in a coverup, they’re guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice. If they witnessed a felony and failed to report it, they’re guilty of misprision of a felony.

    Can you see why so many will be “Flipping” very soon?

    When you wallow in the Mud….you come out dirty…..

    Flip….or Trip……their choice……a Trip to the Federal Corrections Center? or Sing Like a Canary……I have another 20.00 on some real flippers here SOON!

  4. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    One “not too serious” crime story I will share was that a bicycle my brother had built for me (after my first bicycle was stolen) was stolen shortly after I first arrived in Redding. I periodically would go to the Police Station to check recovered bikes. One day I found my bike in the collection. The officer told me that if I had a key to the lock on the bike, I was free to take it home. I did, and was thrilled to have recovered my bike. A few years later I gave my bike to the son of a friend. It was stolen from their property shortly after.

  5. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    I woke up this morning to the news from Las Vegas, which made me want to go back to bed for a couple of days. Instead, I waded into the deep end—and by that I mean I read the comments, including the comments posted below the version of the story carried by our local fish-wrap. Jesus God.

    I’m not going to spend half the day online, telling hateful, crazy people that they’re hateful and crazy.

    Instead, here’s a song about how useless that is.

    • Gary Tull says:

      So few Americans understand what the second amendment is really all about.

      • cheyenne says:

        That link shows that tin foil hats are worn by the leftists too. Repeal the Second Amendment because it is a tool of slave owners and resulted in mass shootings like the recent one in LV?
        There is a grouch mindset affecting old, yes white men, as they age. While Las Vegas was an extreme example there are smaller incidents happening around the country. Here in Cheyenne there were two this past year. A retirement home resident brought a rifle into the home and shot three residents playing a poker game in the foyer. My kitty corner neighbor screwed all the house windows shut from the inside and then shot his wife and himself.
        I refuse to become another grouchy old man like so many do. I try to smile all the time and show patience to others. I call it the grouchy old man effect and it is more a mental issue than a gun issue.

  6. Beverly Stafford says:

    Nope, not much to cheer about this AM.

  7. cheyenne says:

    Agree about the comments, Steve.
    But for good news I’m enjoying my coffee watching the first snow fall and the Rockies are turning white.

    • cheyenne says:

      Interesting link and if you read the whole article it points out that Singapore healthcare is neither cheap nor evenly split among patients, the rich get better care than the poor just like here in America.

  8. Common Sense says:

    Prominent Member of Trumps Cabinet Makes Sizable Investment in the Cannabis Industry. Shane McMahon knows what’s up!

  9. Gary Tull says:

    This Shooting Isn’t About Gun Control We Refuse To Pass, It’s About Access To Mental Health Care We’re Continuing To Gut

  10. Tim says:

    Chico billboard depicting Trump as Hitler makes national news:

    The used clothing store also boasts a webpage depicting a white policeman getting his head split in two…

    • Common Sense says:

      Wow!….Pushing the Envelope on that one ( Short lived Billboard)…..betting they get Audited by the IRS once that gets back to the Cheetoe in Chief!

      Who’s next to Go??….I have my money on John Kelly or Rex Tillerson for the next departure!….Possible Kelly Ann after that……

      Things are heating up…..more departures….firings……leaked news……heck….we are just at the end of the First Quarter in this ball game!

  11. Tim says:

    Google’s War on Right continues… YouTube censors Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs) video for telling kids to follow opportunity, not passion:

  12. K Beck says:

    The other major problem is the education system that pushes people into degrees where there are no jobs. Forget about the “passion” thing.
    It is great that Shasta College has a welding program. However, they are pumping out welders when there aren’t enough jobs in Redding. They fail to tell their students they will probably have to leave Shasta Co. in order to find a job. Works OK, IF you don’t have a spouse who is working in Shasta Co. and/or children attending school here. Uprooting your whole family is not a minor thing.

    I got my elementary teaching credential from a state college that was touting teaching careers. Great. However, that was at a time when, in CA (and other states, as well, I found out after I had the credential in hand), elementary schools were closing down due to lack of enrollment. Baby boomers were waiting until they were older to have children! Some of my graduating class ended up teaching at private schools, where the pay was so low they had to move back in with their parents. I know, I know, that is the norm now, but I am talking about the mid-70s. NO ONE moved back in with their parents. I would have had to move to a Southern State to find a job. No way Jose! So, I continued working at my night job in the Semi-conductor industry. Turned out to be OK. I made way more money doing that instead of teaching. Down side, no CalPers pension.

    • cheyenne says:

      It depends on where you live. At LCCC, the community college here in Cheyenne, welding students and diesel mechanics have jobs waiting for them before they graduate.

    • Tim says:

      There really aren’t many jobs in Redding that make full use of a college degree. If a 16 year-old wants to live all his life in Shasta County, he is literally better off dropping out of high school and pumping septic tanks while saving/investing half his paycheck. Doing so, he could probably retire a millionaire at 36 while his peers are just finishing paying off their student loans…

      • cheyenne says:

        Tim, or that Shasta County kid could stay in high school get good grades and graduate. Then do like my oldest daughter who joined the Army when she graduated from Anderson. She got her college paid for while seeing the world and now owns a house here in Cheyenne, $500,000, and a house in Alaska where she works for the US Marshals. She did do a couple of tours in Bosnia which was easier than the current sand boxes in the middle east. A lot of high school kids in rural areas with no job prospects study hard in school and join the military to pay for college and get a decent economic future. Telling them to drop out of school is for losers who want to milk the welfare system which in California pays better than manual labor jobs.

        • Tim says:

          Sure, there are lots of opportunities for those that want to leave the northstate. But not many for those who want to put down roots here.

          And college costs a lot more than tuition, room, and board. It costs time — the most critical time of your life. Einstein purportedly called compound interest the 8th wonder of the world and time is the key variable in compounding. So I’m not joking when I advocate dropping out of high school (or at the very least, rationally considering the possibility).

          A 16 year old high school dropout pumping septic tanks for $50k/year can invest $25k/year and still be living larger than his peers in school, at least for the first decade. Investing $25k/year at 7% interest for 20 years yields a $1.2 million net worth by the age of 36.

          Meanwhile, his peers go to high school for another 2 years, college for 4-5, intern for 1, college for another 2… Let’s say they manage to complete their masters by 26 with zero debt (ha!) and make $100k/year. Even if they invest $50k/year, they’ll still be ~$400,000 behind the septic-pumping dropout at age 36 AND THEY NEVER CATCH UP! And that’s assuming free college!

          Age…Grad’s net worth…dropout’s net worth
          16… $0 … $0
          26… $0 … $413k
          36… $826k … $1.2m
          46… $2.4m … $2.8m
          56… $5.5m … $5.9m
          66… $11.8m … $12.2m

          But but but EVERYONE says stay in school?! John Kenneth Galbraith derisively called such sentiment “conventional wisdom.” ~2000 years before that, the Talmud ordered prisoners freed when rabbinical panels unanimously judged a defendent guilty.

          • cheyenne says:

            Septic pumping jobs open in Shasta County-0. The days of high school dropouts going to work at any livable wage in Shasta County, or anywhere in America, are gone. The future is education.
            CDL license, free. Many trucking companies will train drivers free for a term to stay with the company, usually one year. That is how my son, graduated Anderson High, got his.
            Community college usually 2 years and earn a vocational degree. Cost-not in six figures. Stay at home while in school. 20 year old can find job with vocational degree. Healthcare jobs are the number one job hiring in every state.
            It is virtually impossible to find a job without a high school diploma anywhere, not just Shasta County.

          • Tim says:

            Aside from doing unpleasant labor (garbage sorting, septic clean out, etc), here are some jobs that do not require a diploma (but may require an apprenticeship or short training classes with no prerequisites)

            Bounty Hunter
            Heavy Equipment operator
            licensed contractor
            lawyer (apprenticeship + baby bar)
            engineer (apprenticeship + exam)

            Bank teller
            Mortgage originator

            Current $15-25/hr jobs listings not requiring diploma or GED:

            Caltrans livestock inspector I — no diploma required if you have raised livestock for 2 years (thanks 4H)… $55k
            Waste management is hiring welders and trash collectors in Corning. $20+/hr
            Sierra Pacific is hiring an entry level laborer in Anderson, get your foot in the door.
            Roseburg is hiring an entry level laborer in Weed $19
            FedEx & UPS are hiring sorters in Redding/Anderson
            Schwan’s is hiring a driver $50k
            Emerald Kingdom hiring in Red Bluff.
            Foothill Distribution hiring in Redding.

          • cheyenne says:

            Tim, in that long list of potential jobs you listed not a single one could be filled by that 16 year old you recommend dropping out of high school.

          • Tim says:

            Those who never put themselves in a position to get lucky never do. A 16 year old who keeps showing up at 7am ready to work will eventually be at the “right place at the right time.”

  13. Common Sense says:

    Sorry Iowa!….WE have to try and make at least one last ditch effort to try and make the ACA Not work in your State! You know…that partisan politics/try to undo everything Obama did thing…..

  14. Common Sense says:

    Senator Bob Corker is not having any of it!….amazing what happens when you have already made your decision to retire….the truth seems to oooze out….

    • Gary Tull says:

      In modern American red counties, partisan politics rule. Many in such counties vote strictly conservative regardless of how inept and awful their candidate is (notice Shasta County). Blind loyalty, I guess… but practicing blind loyalty is never wise.

      Consequently and predictably, we now have a narcissist orange toad as commander in chief who would rather golf daily than attend WH briefings and possibly learn something about his job.

      And I thought “W” was the worst.

  15. Common Sense says:

    In a “fake news” world, the neuroscientist Tali Sharot explains what convinces people—and what does not.

  16. Common Sense says:

    Bob Corker says it best…..he needs to go! Are you Ready for WWIII? What does that say when one of your
    ” Own” in Politics says these things?….

  17. cheyenne says:

    The end of an era is here. Maricopa County has closed its tent jails. Now we will see who is correct, the right as they say crime will rise or the left that say the criminals have more rights then the victims. What is interesting is the newly elected Democratic sheriff said closing the tent jail will save $4.5 million then turns around and asks the county for a $4.5 million increase in his budget.

    • Beverly Stafford says:

      I’m not a Tweeter POTUS fan, but I was pleased when he pardoned Arpaio. Obviously I didn’t know all the details about why he was arrested; however, I thought he was doing a commendable job of lowering the crime rate. I continue to think the best use of Stillwater is a tent jail since we apparently don’t have enough cell space. Criminals and those who choose to be homeless – as opposed to those who have fallen on hard times for whatever reason or who have mental health issues – could be housed there.

      • Tim says:

        Arpaio was arrested for continuing to racially profile in defiance of a federal court order (his department would disproportionately stop Hispanics and ask for proof of citizenship). It had nothing to do with the tent city.

        • cheyenne says:

          What President Obama did to Sheriff Arapio is no different than what President Trump is trying to do against sanctuary cities, including Phoenix. When President Obama threatened to withhold funds from school districts, like here in Wyoming, that wouldn’t pass transgender favorable laws the left celebrated. But when President Trump threatened to withhold funds from sanctuary cities the left went ballistic. There is a big divide in America now and we need to reread RV’s column on what guns to buy for the coming civil war.
          The Arizona Republic just had an article on the Antifascists and contrary to popular belief they are not minorities but white liberals. The APD said that the BLM and other minority groups communicate with the APD while the Antifascists hide behind masks and promote violence as an answer to peaceful protests. They even have a Phoenix Facebook page when it’s up.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Say WHAT cheyenne?!

            Sanctuary cities merely state that they will not assist federal authorities when it comes to enforcing illegal immigration. That is not a violation of the law—it’s prioritizing the enforcement of local and state law over enforcement of federal law.

            What Arapio did was a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Two federal courts upheld his conviction. Trump pardoned him before he could even be sentenced—violating a longstanding tradition of the convicted felon: (1) serving part of his sentence, and (2) expressing contrition.

            Finally, the only people who thought Antifa members are minorities are the same people who think that most all troublemakers are minorities. And Antifa’s members aren’t “liberals” in any meaningful sense of the word, just as neo-Nazis and KKK members aren’t “conservatives” in the ordinary sense.

            Antifa’s members are mostly anarchists. They don’t believe in liberal governance, conservative governance, or any other form of governance. But, given that they don’t like government, they are particularly antagonistic toward the GOP’s current authoritarianism.

          • Tim says:

            It isn’t saying prioritize local matters, it is saying obstruct federal investigations. The current legislation threatens private citizens — landlords & employers — with civil lawsuits if they comply with ICE.

          • cheyenne says:

            Steve, what Arapio did was target criminals. Phoenix crime, was and is, was mostly in Hispanic areas committed by Hispanics on Hispanics. Who complained about Arapio? The Hispanic criminals like the spokesman who was charged with tax fraud because he told his Hispanic clients to claim their children still living in Mexico as dependents so they could receive the extra taxes monies for dependent children. I have been in Phoenix and my grandchildren live there. Arapio did nothing different than any other police department, including Redding or Cheyenne, by profiling criminals. Why doesn’t the Cheyenne Police Department profile Hispanics, we probably have as many as Phoenix? Because the Hispanics here don’t commit the crimes, whites do. And criminal whites are profiled just like minority criminals.
            As far as the Antifas I just relayed what the Arizona Republic wrote in their articles. And what the message is they send. And I did think they were mostly minorities and was surprised they are not. According to the Arizona Republic the Antifias are young white college students. Go argue with them instead of the messenger. The Arizona Republic should be mandatory reading for everyone but the liberals won’t read it because it doesn’t agree with them like conservatives don’t read The Washington Post because it doesn’t agree with them. I read both and both have excellent articles that show both sides of an issue.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Cheyenne — Apario didn’t get convicted of the crime of targeting Hispanic criminals. He got convicted of targeting *Hispanics.* Nobody has ever argued that there are no Hispanic criminals in Maricopa County. There are, but it’s unconstitutional for the Sheriff to then treat nearly all Hispanics as suspects, which is what he did. As a result, he’s a criminal himself.

            As far as Antifa goes: Yes, they are mostly young and white. That’s not what I was refuting. You said they’re *liberals.* They’re not. They’re anarchists. If the Arizona Republic called them liberals, the Arizona Republic is a rag.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Tim — I’m familiar the most common forms of sanctuary city resolutions—including Davis and Sacramento—and none that I know of come within miles of punishing anyone for dropping a dime to ICE. They simply state that the local authorities won’t treat anyone differently based on their immigration status. In the most extreme cases, the resolutions instruct the police not to ask someone they’ve arrested about their immigration status.

            You say: “The current legislation threatens private citizens — landlords & employers — with civil lawsuits if they comply with ICE.”

            The current legislation? You do realize that there is no single, unifying sanctuary city legislation, right? It’s city-by-city. And I call bullshit on your broad suggestion that all, or even most, threaten private citizens with civil lawsuits if they cooperate with ICE.

            Here’s the biggest threat being tossed around: It’s our authoritarian POTUS threatening to withhold federal funding from cities that refuse to cooperate with ICE. Those cities, ironically, are the sources of most federal revenue.

            I know you fancy yourself a libertarian, but I’m starting to see you as a pseudo-libertarian who—when you peel off the sheepskin—is just another conservative authoritarian wolf. The woods is full of ’em around here.

          • cheyenne says:

            Steve, I respectfully disagree with your opinion of Arapio and as far as your opinion of the Arizona Republic I see you don’t read it. As far as Antifias they, according to the AR, mingle with the peaceful protesters, mostly minorities who want nothing to do with them. Whether the Antifias are liberal, white or purple or anarchists they are cowards who hide behind masks just like the ISIS terrorists.

          • Tim says:

            AB450 – forbids employers from cooperating with ICE without a court order.

            AB291 – forbids landlords from inquiring about the immigration status of prospective tenants and from cooperating with federal law enforcement except in the case of federal housing voucher or with a court order. Establishes a tenant’s right to sue civilly for harassment if a landlord’s cooperation or threat of cooperation with ICE causes a vacancy before the lease ends.

            Both bills have been signed by Brown.

            Yes, I am a Libertarian. I’d love to have open borders. But not as long as we’re an entitlement country $120 trillion in debt (that is 30+ years’ federal revenue). California is in worse shape on a comparative basis.

            It is no coincidence that Canada, Australia, and most EU countries have immigration policies at least as strict as the US (and often stricter).

  18. Common Sense says:

    General John Kelly… to go?…..If you look at the things said….and the things not said….follow the Pathology…you come up with General Kelly the next to be dismissed at the #45 Circus!

    Followed by Rex Tillerson…’s hard to get past that “He’s a Moron” comment that was credited to Tillerson earlier in the year……that might be eating on #45 a LOT…..

    I will throw a $20.00 on Kelly’s Departure prior to the end of this Month…..another $20.00 on Tillersons by the end of the year!

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Kelly and Tillerson have reportedly discussed how to justify stopping our unhinged POTUS if he suddenly lunges for the nuclear football. It’s tricky, because constitutionally Trump is Commander-in-Chief. They’ll have to play the “he’s bat-shit crazy” card.

      I’m not so sure we should be dancing a jig about the only two adults remaining in the White House heading down the road.

      • Common Sense says:

        Hello Steve, oh I am not Celebrating the exit of Kelly and Tillerson…that’s for sure…I am just calling what I see. IN fact….it would be a detriment to have anyone leave that has helped keep #45’s shaky finger off the Red Button!

        The Implosion at the W.H is in full swing…..the only things up in the air are…what charges are forthcoming to the Entire Cabinet and members of it and who does jail time…..the flipping has Commenced!

        I would not be shocked if Carter Page’s door doesn’t get knocked down if it already hasn’t yet! Why let Manafort have all the fun…..

        I keep hearing why doesn’t the president have good things to say…why isn’t he showing compassion for the residents of P.R or the Victims of the fires? He Can’t….it’s His Pathology! He doesn’t have Empathy…..he cares only about him self….that is OBVIOUS to anyone with Critical Thinking Skills…..You can’t tell a tiger to change his stripes…..

  19. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    My favorite performance this week.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Thanks, Hal—I had to share that on Facebook. I’m not going to say I hope they’re staying safe, because risk is the nature of their job, and a lot of their compensation is hazard pay and overtime. But I do hope they’re hanging in there.

      A Hotshot crew saved our Palo Cedro home during the Jones Fire in 1999—I gladly pay the much-hated annual fire protection fee. Though as these recent fires prove, it’s not just rural homes that are at risk.

    • K. Beck says:

      This now says “This video is unavailable” do you have a URL?

  20. Tim says:

    Once again, ignorant legislators botch a gun control bill…

    Seth Moulton (Massachusetts Democrat) and Carlos Curbelo (Florida Republican) introduced a bill that would make it illegal to have “any part or combination of parts that is designed and functions to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle.”

    If you’re for “common sense” gun control, that probably sounds just fine and dandy. But if you’re a shooter, it means your custom trigger job with a lighter spring and shorter reset (modifications making a gun more accurate) would become illegal because it ever-so-slightly increases the rate of fire. It also would make illegal that stiffer recoil spring which helps Grandpa’s colt 1911 feed modern day defense ammunition. Neither modification comes close to a bump-stock’s automatic rate of fire, but technically they have the potential to help a 2nd shot arrive a few milliseconds before it would otherwise…

    These legislators could have instead banned any device which allows the trigger to be depressed at a rate faster than a human can move his finger. But no, they over reached, as non gun owners are wont to do…

    And while banning bumpstocks may appease clamoring groundlings, the fact remains that a shoelace or couple rubber bands is all it takes to throw $50 worth of ammo downrange in 3 seconds from an otherwise legal firearm. The genie is out of the bottle…

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      You’re presenting a strong argument for an Australian-style buy-back of all the ridiculous military-style weaponry that they found in scheisse-for-brains’ hotel suite, because clearly nibbling around the edges isn’t going to accomplish a damned thing.

      Glad to see you’ve come to your senses.

      • Tim says:

        That would most assuredly lead to another civil war.

        If you were serious about ending “gun” violence, you’d want to disband the marines, cut the army & air force to the bone, and exchange our standing military for a citizen militia as the founding fathers intended. I’m sure the families of the 500,000 killed in the wars on those threatening our middle eastern oil supply would appreciate it.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          I’m more in favor of a negotiated divorce than a civil war. California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii would form a new nation called “Pacifica.” (I would want to include Colorado, but that would be awkward.) New England can do their thing as well. The Dirty South can form the fascist authoritarian nation that they so badly desire. Texas would for sure want to become the nation of Texas. The Great Red Interior could form Brokeassistan.

          People could migrate to the places that suit them. On that note, I don’t know why people who hate California don’t just move. It’s not that hard.

          Australia didn’t descend into civil war when they initiated their buy-back program. It says something about the level of craziness of America’s gun-humpers that they’d go to war and kill people over their supposed right to own military-style weapons.

          Your notion of replacing the military with something akin to what they have in Switzerland isn’t something that I’d dismiss out of hand. Switzerland gets by with a “well-regulated militia” (the quotation marks are around an obscure clause of a sentence that I read somewhere). What we have in America in the way of armed citizens in no way represents a well-regulated militia. We have well-armed yahoos.

          • K. Beck says:

            Switzerland has a defensible nation. That is how they survived WWII. They closed down all the incoming roads. Not easy to do today with airplanes and missiles.

            I would vote for “Pacifica” in a heart beat! I have been talking about the same thing, but left out Hawaii. CA, depending on what info you look at, sends more money to DC than what it gets back. We are funding all those “other” states that hate our guts.

            During the Clinton impeachment fiasco I read an article by an Australian journalist that ended with a line that went something like this: “Thank God we got the prisoners!” IRT the US getting the Puritans. I love to see how others view us!

          • Tim says:

            Why not leave? Many of us were here before Reynolds v. Sims caused the decline of rural California and have generations of family living here to consider.

            Why didn’t Australians revolt? Australia is much more homogeneous than the US: 89% urban, 93% white, and with less than 1/10 the population. The US is 65-80% urban (depending on how you measure), 68% white, with 10+ times the population and 30% more land area.

            Incidentally, Australia now has more guns than it did before their reimbursed gun confiscation.

            Steve said “It says something about the level of craziness of America’s gun-humpers that they’d go to war and kill people over their supposed right to own military-style weapons.”

            And it says something that the thought of armed resistance takes all the fun out of depriving others of their rights. It says more that “gun control” measures to date have systematically made it more difficult for marginalized members of society to legally obtain weapons; imagine the outrage if lawmakers required comparable poll tests, background checks, and fees before voting.

          • Tim says:

            Any pro gun control folk care to explain/defend Brown signing SB 620?

  21. cheyenne says:

    In other news that doesn’t involve Trump, guns or protests. Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion in sales in just eight months this year, a new record. That sent $162 million in taxes and fees to public coffers. When the split comes Wyoming, Utah and Colorado will become Highaltitudestan and our motto will be, We have the oil and gas and more important, the water. The Monday storm brought 5 inches to Cheyenne and 10-15 inches in the Rockies. I can see snow topped peaks across the skyline from my house. And, according to the climate scientists, our section of the country will continue to receive above average moisture.

  22. Common Sense says:

    How a growing Christian movement is seeking to change America. The “Independent Network Charismatic,” or INC Churches are Gaining Traction. We have our own version of this here in Redding. As noted in the Article, Bethel took in Over $15.4 Million in Revenues, and that was in 2013!

    How is this happening you might be asking about right now?…They are reaching the younger crowd. Through Music and a message that keeps them growing…and let’s face it….if you aren’t growing…you are dying!

    INC beliefs, however, are different – their leaders are not content simply to connect individuals to God and grow congregations. Most INC Christian groups we studied seek to bring heaven or God’s intended perfect society to Earth by placing “kingdom-minded people” in powerful positions at the top of all sectors of society. I.E City Council Positions….County Supervisor positions etc…

  23. Common Sense says:

    The importance of INC Christianity lies in the fact that its proponents have a fundamentally different view of the relationship between the Christian faith and society than most Christian groups throughout American history.

    Bethel Rising to the top in the INC game…..

    • Gary Tull says:

      Interesting article link about Bethel (INC Christianity) and who stands behind it, CS. Thank you.
      I hope many view it.

    • Tim says:

      “The importance of INC Christianity lies in the fact that its proponents have a fundamentally different view of the relationship between the Christian faith and society than most Christian groups throughout American history.”

      — That statement strikes this agnostic as more than mildly amusing. It has been what, a mere 50 years since Jews were systematically excluded from most high level business and government positions? NASA still recruits heavily from the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that only recently opened its doors to women and gays, but to this day turns away agnostics and atheists.

      Folks believing in a half man, half god with supernatural abilities and the ability to rise from the dead (who, for the sake of civil discussion, we’ll call Achilles), probably shouldn’t be so quick to insinuate that the *other* guys are the ones with really crazy beliefs.

  24. Gary Tull says:

    Very recently there has been an unusual shift taking place in Washington. It may just be the realization setting in that the infected pus bag we saw on the campaign trail was the real, authentic Donald Trump and he’s not going to get better. There are too many reports coming from inside the administration expressing concern at his behavior to write this off as just another Trump storm that will soon pass. There are serious warning alarms going off all over Capitol Hill and they feel different this time. Let’s hope Robert Mueller and his team can quickly intervene and officially apply the brakes to this unhinged walking travesty before things get much worse.

    • Common Sense says:

      Indeed Gary! It only takes One person to flip and change the whole game. Mueller has 3-4 top picks to make this happen. Manafort is playing tough and has pushed all in with an F U attitude but we have Carter Page/Reince Priebus/Don McGahn/Michael Flynn and others that could be ready to flip!

      If the Republicans were smart….they would start the process Sooner rather than later….waiting too long will for certain seal the losses at the Midterms….the G.O.P is on the verge of a No Win Situation….can they be strong and do what is right or will partisanship take the ship down with its demented Captain?

      At this stage of the game….Mueller HAS a Case….he is just trying to make it airtight and bulletproof at this point…..Just one person to cut a deal and flip and the game is over….

  25. Common Sense says:

    You…yes YOU can make a difference! Excellent Documentary on how things can change for the better! You vote with your dollar….

  26. Common Sense says:

    Trump Train down to 1 bolt holding the front wheel on! After losing a back wheel already and sparks flying….this train is about to run off the tracks! The grass fire this train has started is bound to wipe out the ACA and all things Obama did…..the damage is done…..Like a Frat Boy who knows he is about to be thrown out of his apartment for paying rent for 4 months…..some last attempts at destroying the building on the way out….

    “It is no longer possible to safely ignore the leaked cries for help coming from within the administration. They reveal a president raging against enemies, obsessed by slights, deeply uninformed and incurious, unable to focus, and subject to destructive whims. A main task of the chief of staff seems to be to shield him from dinner guests and telephone calls that might set him off on a foolish or dangerous tangent. Much of the White House senior staff seems bound, not by loyalty to the president, but by a duty to protect the nation from the president.” -Michael Gerson, Republican Party.

  27. Common Sense says:

    Well now we know why Manafort was so sweet on Russia! Those are some big numbers there….holy cow!

  28. cheyenne says:

    And in other news that doesn’t include Trump, guns or protests. Phoenix’s tent prison will now become an opioid treatment center. Also, the town of Gilbert has axed it’s contract with Big League Dreams as their vision of a multi sports complex never came about. Now both sides are headed to the courts where tax payer dollars will be spent on top of the losses Gilbert has already seen.

  29. Common Sense says:

    Not all of the Republican Party’s Problems were caused by Trump…He is just the Figurehead! The GOP has some serious thinking to do here….will they get their tax cuts for the Rich done if they Axe the Orange Man?…Will they go down in flames if they don’t in the Mid Terms?

    And the sad fact is…the Dem’s don’t have much going for them Either! Who is their Leader??? Where are they coming from? What’s THEIR plan?

  30. Common Sense says:

    The Pot calling the Kettle Black or a Good Samaritan? You be the judge…..It’s $10 Million Smackers for goodness sake!

  31. cheyenne says:

    In other news that doesn’t include Trump, guns or protests, Prescott Valley, Arizona has plans to build 2900 solar homes. A past problem, water supply, may be solved as the Colorado River Indian Tribes, CRIT, are proposing to sell water to the state. CRIT gets 24% of Arizona’s share of Colorado River water and during drought years when other agencies receive cuts CRIT gets it’s full share. As one spokesman stated, “Lake Mead and Lake Powell would have to be dry before CRIT didn’t receive water”.

  32. Common Sense says:

    #45 Has made the world a much more dangerous place…but what can we do about it?

  33. cheyenne says:

    And after last nights Mile High blowout can anyone say Brocktober?

  34. Common Sense says:

    How a school that calls itself “Christian Hogwarts” is upending a small city in California’s Trump country. Welcome to Bethel….

  35. Common Sense says:

    The driver of the fear around marijuana in the bible belt is based on years of vilified media portrayals and persisting attitudes that assume the law is inherently moral. “A lot of people are concerned with doing the legal thing, rather than the right thing,” says Lydia.

    This Christian Couple find the Healing Benefits of a Natural plant in one of the most Anti States in the Country….

    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you, it shall be for meat -Genesis 1:29.

  36. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Today in Declineistan:

    A U.S. Senator who has spent his entire adult life serving his country—including more than 5 years in a POW camp—and who probably has terminal brain cancer, while being awarded the Liberty Medal, gives an acceptance speech in which he warns against “half-baked, spurious nationalism.”

    Trump responds by issuing a veiled threat to a dying man: “I’m being very nice. I’m being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back and it won’t be pretty.”

    It’s now reasonable to stop referring to POTUS as a POS. Pieces of shit possess far more dignity, class, and leadership abilities.

  37. Tim says:

    Today in Commifornia: the illegal immigrant who started the deadly Sonoma fire was “well known to law enforcement” but sanctuary laws prevented them from cooperating with the ICE detainer.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      I hadn’t heard a thing about an arrest relating to the “deadly Sonoma fire,” so I did several searches on various news crawlers and hit several major online news sites, including a few fringy right-wing sites. Nothing—not even on

      Just pulling false factoids out of your posterior vent?

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Thanks for the link, Tim. If you go to the source story in The Press Democrat (local Santa Rosa paper), you’ll see that the illegal immigrant in question let his campfire get out of control. The fire was small, and a single deputy sheriff put it out. It was subsequently wetted down by the local fire department. The illegal immigrant did not start the “deadly Sonoma fire.”

          Sorry, but I can’t take back hitting “bullshit” horn’s button. Instead, I’m leaning on it for twice as long.

          Also: Breitbart? Yeah, that’s some solid, rational, objective journalism there.

          :::wails of derisive laughter:::

          • Tim says:

            Come on Steve… who starts a “campfire” away from his campsite, wearing a trenchcoat, on an 82 degree afternoon, when there are multiple fires raging nearby?

            Cui bono? 1/3 of California’s registered MJ growers were under evacuation and CA produces half of the US’s mj. And it just so happens a Mexican national with a criminal record was caught starting a fire near a string of other arson fires??

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Tim — You don’t know when he started the campfire. You assume, because it fits your story, that it started at the same time that it escaped.

            I don’t know what your point is regarding the trench coat—I see homeless people all the time in the dead of Redding’s summer heat who appear to be wearing most of their wardrobe, including winter clothes.

            Are you hypothesizing that he was lighting fires to scare off marijuana growers so that he could steal their crops? That’s a neat trick—a homeless dude without a vehicle, lighting scattered fires over three counties, displacing 1/3 of the state’s registered growers, so that he could swoop in and steal all of their marijuana crop.

            You’re coming off as a kid trying to pound puzzle pieces together that don’t fit with the ball of your hand.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            So the latest is that the Sheriff of Sonoma County said that illegal immigrant had nothing to do with the huge wildfires.

            “There is a story out there that he’s the arsonist in these fires,” Sheriff Giordano said. “That’s not the case. There’s no indication he’s related to these fires at all. I wanted to kill that speculation right now, so we didn’t have things running too far out of control.”


            Tim? Tim? Tim?

            :::crickets chirping:::

          • Tim says:

            “No indication” other than being caught setting a fire ~1 mile away and claiming to need to warm up in a trenchcoat when it was 82° Even more curious is the fact he was walking away from the spreading fire carrying a lighter and fire extinguisher, yet the fire was supposedly small enough the deputy nearly put it out before fire fighters came.

            Either way, he’s an arsonist caught setting a fire in a populated & high risk area and ICE wants to deport him, but local law enforcement can’t cooperate…

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Okay, you’re right, Tim. Screw the Sheriff’s dismissal of it as reckless speculation—let’s presume he’s guilty, mostly because he’s one o’ them Messykins.

            Git a rope.

            Man, another pseudo-libertarian who turns out to be an authoritarian when it’s nut-cutting time. I gotta say, I’m usually not surprised at all when our local pseudo-libertarians shed their skins and reveal their true authoritarian selves.

            In your case—no joke—I’m truly disappointed.

          • Tim says:

            I’m a Libertarian, not anarchist. Without rule of law there can be no liberty.

            If you don’t have a problem with a habitual offender with a habit of setting brush fires* wandering the streets despite a valid ICE hold, well, I don’t know what to say.

            *per LA Times

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Rule of law is one thing. I said *nothing* to suggest he should be wandering the streets, free. He’s in jail, waiting to be prosecuted for setting a fire. The man in charge the local LE department that arrested him has said that there is zero evidence tying him to the larger fires—that the report on Breitbart is pure fabrication.

            It’s another thing to pronounce him guilty of murder based on circumstantial evidence, while twisting the facts in a public forum. That’s the furthest thing from libertarianism. When I was a kid my cousins and I accidentally started a grass fire that burned about two acres. I guess that makes me guilty of setting the Jones Fire.

            You accused him of murder. You cite no real evidence. You’re an authoritarian, not a libertarian.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Thanks, Erin. But you’re not going to change Tim’s mind. He’s sure Jesus started those fires, and no amount of reasonably unbiased journalism is going to talk him out of it.

      • Tim says:

        Certainly see nothing in the Sac Bee to exonerate him. And I’m pretty sure an arsonist caught setting fires near a string of deadly fires would have made mainstream outlets if the perp had been a citizen.

        But hey, continue to blame PG&E and under-regulation…

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          The Bee story doesn’t exonerate him, so he’s guilty. The small fire in the city park he lives in is miles from the origin of the largest nearby fire—the Nuns Fire burning in the hills between Sonoma and Napa valleys. The other big fires started many tens of miles further away.

          But the Ockham’s razor explanation is that a homeless dude without a car set the fires, because he’s an illegal, and the MSM is covering it up because he’s not a citizen.

          :::eye roll:::

          • Tim says:

            He was caught barely more than 1 mile from the Nuns fire complex, which had at least 5 origins.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            He was nowhere near that close to the origins of the fire, which started well to then north and was wind-driven southward toward Sonoma. But keep bending the facts to suite your story—you seem to be auditioning for a Breitbart gig, and you’re showing real promise.

        • cheyenne says:

          I just read an AP story where lawsuits are already being filed against PG&E over failing to keep fire safe conditions around their power lines. No mention of a trench coat wearing alien.

  38. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    Friends should have the courtesy to avoid dying while you’re mad at them.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Right? It’s clearly Sen. McCain’s fault that he’ll probably die before Trump simmers down enough to exact a decent form of revenge served cold.

  39. cheyenne says:

    And in Arizona Bannon has endorsed Kelli Ward for senator against Jeff Flake. Ward is the chem-trail advocate who believes Earth is 6,000 years old.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      In other words: Another crackpot.

      • cheyenne says:

        The more I read about Kelli Ward the more I fear for my grand daughters in Phoenix. Ward started a charter school, that has been deemed a total failure, in the appropriately named town of Snowflake. Can’t make this stuff up.

  40. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    “He knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway.” — Trump, to a gold-star widow, allegedly, leaving her in tears.

    Trump says he has proof that it’s “fake news.”

    Let’s see that proof, jackass.

    • Beverly Stafford says:

      If’n he wuz a drinkin’ man, I’d say it’s about 80-100 proof.

    • Gary Tull says:

      This morning a KRVU news report revealed Trump (when calling the widow on route to receive the remains of her husband in a casket after the Niger ambush) referred to Sergeant Johnson as “YOUR GUY (who) knew the risk involved when he signed up,” according to a Florida Congresswoman who was in the car.

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