Western bluebird and wolf spider


Jim Dowling
Jim Dowling is a retired teacher and ex-railroad brakeman/conductor. He takes pictures, gardens and, on occasion, spins a decent yarn.
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7 Responses

  1. Ginny says:

    Good for the little one finding a good breakfast…….

  2. Great capture, Jim! Thank you!

  3. Jim Dowling Jim Dowling says:

    Thanks, Doni, and I too am thoroughly enjoying your house project.  That tiny skull in the attic?  That piqued my curiosity.  Enough that I’ve waded thru pages of Google images.  Tough call, but I’m going with newborn kitten.

    • I’ll let you see the skull in person if you’d like (if you can believe it, son Joe wants me to bleach the skull and save it for him), but those incisors are REALLY long, and so is the snout.

      And oh my gosh, how would a newborn kitten get in the attic?

      • Jim Dowling Jim Dowling says:

        Long snout?  I missed that  in the photo, but yes, that would change things.  I am just curious enough to come have a look.  I hope you hang on to it.

  4. Beverly Stafford says:

    The bluebird pair in our back yard hatched one clutch of four, tended to a second clutch of four eggs which didn’t make it, and is now raising a third clutch.  Such beautiful little birds.

    • Jim Dowling Jim Dowling says:

      You”re lucky.  They must like the neighborhood.  We had our first nesting pair here.  Fun to watch birds with so much personality.

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