Update: Stabbing at Redding AM/PM

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Update, 7-16-17 7:30 PM

The victim from this morning’s stabbing call has been identified as Joseph Anthony Ortega, age 36, of Willows. He is still in critical condition at Mercy Intensive Care Unit.

After speaking with multiple witnesses and reviewing evidence at the scene, Redding Police Investigators arrested Billy Wayne Goss, age 35, a transient from the Redding area, for attempted murder. He was booked at Shasta County Jail, with bail set at $500,000.

The investigation revealed Ortega and Goss had never met before this morning’s incident. Ortega and his adult son travelled to Redding with a friend to pick up a mutual acquaintance. When they stopped for food at the Jack in the Box next to the AM/PM, Ortega and his adult son became involved in a verbal argument with Goss and two of his friends. The argument escalated into a fight in front of the AM/PM mini-market, at which time Goss stabbed Ortega in the neck and fled the scene. Officers located him hiding in a ditch under a bridge several hundred yards away. He gave up when officers approached him. The knife has not yet been located.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has relevant information is encouraged to contact the Redding Police Investigations Unit.


A man was stabbed in the AM/PM parking lot (4095 Railroad Avenue) early Sunday morning during a fight involving five subjects.

Officers were dispatched to a call of a fight and stabbing on 07-16-17 at 0111 hrs. A California Highway Patrol helicopter crew, as well as deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office also responded.

When officers arrived, they located an unconscious adult male with a single stab wound to the front of his neck. The victim, who has yet to be positively identified at the time of this news release, was transported by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center.

Redding Police Investigators responded from home and began to search for evidence and conduct interviews.

One of the combatants was contacted at the scene. Three additional involved parties were found hiding in bushes and ditches by deputies and officers. Interviews of witnesses and a possible suspect were still being conducted at the time of this news release.

As of 4:30 am, the victim is listed in critical condition at Mercy Medical Center Intensive Care Unit. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

-from press release
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11 Responses

  1. pmarshall says:

    Whatever happened to “good Old Redding”? I am disgusted.  Now marijuana will only add to it.  Also, it is bad for the brain.  However, I think the “brains” have already “lost it”. I know Redding needs money, but this way?  No, no,no.!

    • Marc Carter says:

      Bad for the brain? Please substantiate. University case-study results or any other official documentation to credibly back that statement.

      • Virginia says:

        In 1970, I read many, many articles, when I volunteered at a drug rehab that the San Jose Police Department had used in their training.  It showed then and I have read many articles since, marijuana causes brain damage in the onea under 20, and then the ones over 20 have already had a problem.

        Yep, true……………

        Maybe the main thing besides damage physically, who needs to keep themselves drugged all the time!!!!!?????!!!


        • Marc Carter says:

          “marijuana causes brain damage in the onea under 20, and then the ones over 20 have already had a problem.”  

          What the …. ?  Got anything more current. I have accuracy issues with your statement regarding this subject.


  2. Common Sense says:

    You are correct on one point pmarshall……about 45-50% of the Brains have lost it…..just look who they voted for!

    Your MJ is bad for the brain is not supported by facts….the facts are….it helps many many issues….and the Government has a Patent on it for Medical benefits in the brain!

  3. cheyenne says:

    The facts are that if 45%-50% have lost their brains then 50%-55% still have their brains and that is a majority.

    And maybe I missed it but where is MJ mentioned in the article?

  4. A. Jacoby says:

    How did this get so far off the subject? I thought I was reading an article about an attack that took place at the 7-11 on R.R. ave. I guess I missed the line that said it was caused by marijuana. Silly me!!

    About the arguments pursued above: Here’s the thing folks. Most any argument can be lost by using absolutes. There are very few things in this life or in this world that are absolutes. Once you make a point using statements containing absolutes, you’ve pretty much lost the argument.

    • Gary Tull says:

      I agree, A. Jacoby. Particularly when commenters right out of the gate go off-subject with debunked and/or their own ‘alternative facts’.

      Back to the press release: it’s a pity to see such violence increasing around town. City Council & the police need to come up with a real plan to deal with an out of control transient factor. The 12-hour revolving door at the already packed jail obviously isn’t working.

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