For Mature People Only: Classy New Digs With River Views, Gourmet Food

oakmont photo on invitation

The VIP event at Oakmont of Redding Thursday at 2150 Bechelli Lane was about as fancy an event as typically graces my fair city of Redding.

Oakmont of Redding describes itself as a premier, world-class luxury senior community, and its VIP gala exceeded those descriptions.

Valet parking? Check.

Servers at the threshold holding trays of Champagne with floating raspberries in flutes embossed with Oakmont? Check.

Oysters on the half shell and pizza ovens churning out gourmet pizzas? Check. Check.

Trays of liquor-infused chocolate-dipped strawberries? Check.

Oakmont strawberries

Staff serving Guinness floats, and even an elaborate tropical fruit display with an “Oakmont” hand-carved melon as its centerpiece? Double check.

oakmont watermelon

Servers passing out an array of appetizers? Check.

Oakmont server

Little passport books to be stamped throughout the tour of the building? Check.

Live piano jazz being played on the patio? Check.

Even a symphony-quality harpist, for Pete’s sake? Check.

Redding harpist Candace LaVolsi played her harp in the Oakmont dining room.

Redding harpist Candace LaVolsi played her harp in the Oakmont dining room.

Since the beginning of May, Oakmont of Redding staff members have held dozens of tours and meet-and-greets with hundreds of guests – including many prospective residents – to familiarize people with an upscale senior and memory-care facility unlike anything that’s ever graced the north state. Oakmont of Redding feels so much like a five-star hotel that it shatters all “old folks home” stereotypes to smithereens.

But despite its obvious plushness and good taste, Oakmont of Redding remains an assisted living and memory care facility designed to adapt to residents’ needs, whether physical or mental.

The 88,098 square foot facility features 59 assisted living and 33 memory care apartment homes, all with 10-foot-high ceilings.

oakmont living room seating

Situated on north Bechelli Lane upon the bluffs of the Sacramento River, Oakmont of Redding has sweeping western vistas that capture a trio of Redding bridges: Cypress, Highway 44 and the Sundial.

Oakmont sits upon a bluff that overlooks the Sacramento River. Photo by Steve DuBois.

Oakmont sits upon a bluff that overlooks the Sacramento River.

The 92-unit Oakmont of Redding caters to a range of needs, from independent, active-lifestyle seniors who still have jobs and cars, to those who require assistance with everything from mobility to memory care.

Oakmont of Redding is part of the Oakmont Senior Living family, a recognized leader in the retirement industry, having planned and developed more than 40 retirement communities in the western United States.

Thursday’s event was attended by everyone from Redding City Council members and local politicians to the real stars, the facility’s first residents, some of whom gave mini tours.

I caught up with Lorene Bower, Oakmont’s executive director, outside the facility’s movie theater, and asked how many events she’d hosted recently. She didn’t even have to think about it.

Lorene Bower, Oakmont of Redding executive director.

Lorene Bower, Oakmont of Redding executive director.

“Twenty-five in May alone,” she said with a smile.

oakmont high view

Granted, I didn’t see every inch of the facility, but A News photographer Steve DuBois covered an impressive about amount of square footage, both inside and out. He returned with photos of not just the exquisitely decorated dining rooms, manicured grounds, tastefully adorned lobby and model apartments, but also raised-bed flower and vegetable gardens, a beauty parlor, a spa with a massage table, a laundry facility, walking paths, and even a movie theater, complete with leather chairs outfitted with cup holders. “Casa Blanca” was playing – free popcorn, soda and candy for everyone. (Sorry, we can’t post all the photos. Too many. This page would never load.)

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One of my favorite parts of Oakmont of Redding was the small aviary in the memory care area.

Memory care resdients can watch the birds build nests and hatch babies.

Memory care residents can watch the birds build nests and hatch babies.

And I appreciated the practical details that didn’t lose sight of aesthetics, such as the wood ledges in hallways that look like an architectural detail, but are intended as hand rails for those who aren’t as steady on their feet as they once were.

oakmont hand rails

Steve joked and said the only thing he could see lacking at Oakmont was a light-rail system to shuttle residents around. Point taken.

From 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday Oakmont was abuzz with people checking out the place from the bottom floor to the top, inside and outside. They took tours (filling in those passport books for a chance to win something in a drawing), listened to music, and sampled food and drink prepared by executive chefs. Nary a paper plate was in sight.

The most-frequently overheard word of the night? “Wow.”

oakmont desserts

Soon, executive director Bower’s calendar will be free of grand openings, group tours, informational luncheons and meet-and-greets. Then, she can get down to the business of executive directing.

Likewise, the residents can settle down to a more quiet pace; a lovely space where they can enjoy their new home, whether in the 400-square foot “Alder” studio with a modest kitchenette, or the two-bedroom, two-bathroom 1,192-square-foot “Sequoia” apartment with spacious closets and a full kitchen.

The current rates range from between $4,195 per month for the Alder to $6,295 per month for the Sequoia. In the memory-care wing prices range from $2,995 to $4,195 per month.

There’s a charge of $850 per month for a second person.

oakmont apartment kitchen and living room

In addition to gourmet meals, laundry, cleaning, concierge and chauffeur services, there’s an on-site wellness center and a full-time R.N., as well as a fitness center, day spa, pet park, bistro, activity room, and on-site catering for special, private events in the private family dining room.

Residents can participate in a variety of activities, such as “chair yoga” and gardening, water color classes, a cooking club, choral club, language class, card games, needle crafts, wine-tasting, and yes, there will be bingo.

I overheard several visitors at Thursday’s event fantasize about living at Oakmont of Redding.

Me? I hate to make it all about the food, but I confess if I lived at Oakmont of Redding I’d be hanging out a lot near the open kitchen, chatting up the chefs and swapping recipes.

Oakmont kitchen

Or maybe you’d find me reading a book on one of these benches with that gorgeous view of the river like nowhere else in Redding (well, except on that bluff).

oakmont bench seat

Either way, for anyone of any age and any need, Oakmont of Redding would be a nice place to call home.

Photos by Steve DuBois.

Doni Chamberlain
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13 Responses

  1. shannon phillips says:

    Doni, Excellent coverage (and photos)  of this beautiful new place in Redding. Welcome to Redding Oakmont!  Shannon Phillips

  2. Rev.CHristopher Whedon says:

    So, how much is it to live there? Looks pretty lavish for a senior citizen!


    • Beverly Stafford says:

      When my mother moved to a senior facility, all she could think of was the monthly cost.  But management had made up a list of the cost versus what a person paid to live at home:  taxes, upkeep, food, insurance, utilities, vehicle costs, etc., and it worked out that the cost of living in the facility was very comparable to her current expenses.  Plus there was maid service and she didn’t have to cook or grocery shop.

    • Read the whole story, Rev. The prices are there.

  3. Debra Atlas says:


    So that’s what they were going to build on that long-deserted land on N. Bechelli. I remember when they broke ground, a bit before I moved. I wondered what it was going to be.

    Yes, the views are super-fantastic. And it’s within walking distance of Turtle Bay East – pretty cool location. Sounds like another winner for Redding!

  4. Karen Calanchini says:

    Great coverage  and write-up.  Loved the photos too

    Nice to have a facility  like that in Redding


  5. Ginny says:

    The first residents moving in are friends.  If people have that amount of money to do so, more power to them.   I know that I don’t have the  6K plus a month no matter how it is spun to live there, well that is, if I lived there very long.   ;o))

    Beautiful photos and story, Doni!  Thanks for the view. I appreciate it.



  6. Anita Lynn Brady says:

    The best thing that happened to my father nearly 8 years ago was having the Activities Director of (then) River Oaks overhearing my conversation with him at (then) Perkos. She was in a booth nearby and caught our earnest discussion of where he was going to live now that his current options were changing. She apologized to us for listening, but encouraged us to come to River Oaks for a tour. We did that, and after touring other locations, he decided to become a resident there. HIs friends there are many and the staff there are fantastic. His room is clean and comfortable, he enjoys the food and feels a real sense of family. All thanks to Linda’s eavesdropping and River Commons.

  7. A. Jacoby says:



    I’ve been hearing about this place for a couple of months now. Thanks for the pictures so I can see what folks are talking bout.

  8. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    What a beautiful home!   Thank you Doni for the informative article and beautiful pictures.



  9. Sally says:

    I have been to this exceptional facility 3 times and am more impressed with each visit.  The Oakmont facilities (don’t know how many) is owned by a family who makes comfort, service, and perks to make any level of physical or mental state happy.  And yes, the cost is not a pittance, but one would no longer need a gardener, housekeeper, property tax and would have, if chosen to use, a gorgeous dinning room with changing daily menus from a gourmet chef, or take it to your unit if you prefer. Laundry is done for the resident, and there are nightly movies in the luxurious theater, daily games, a fitness center, library, a salon, lovely outdoor patios and landscaping.  One can just sit in your lovely unit, or make new friends. Transportation to wherever you desire is available, or one can keep your car in a garage.  There is medical assistance on site.  No, I am not a sales person, but you can guess, having a facility like Oakmont could be just what you’re looking for – maybe not now, but later.

  10. Linda Black says:

    Bob and I visited.  It was so beautiful.  Give us another five or six years.  Not quiet ready yet.

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