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Hello Clever People, and welcome to my review of the Oscar’s Best Picture-winning Moonlight. Watch as my partner, Connor, and I discuss this heartbreaking film about a young, African-american man growing up in a bad neighborhood with a drug-addicted mother, told beautifully through three different times in his life: childhood, adolescence and adulthood. (Note: Upon re-watch, I gave this film a 9.5 out of 10 and declared it my #1 film of the year).

Robert Burke
Robert Burke is a 14-year-old film critic currently attending Shasta High School. His love for film started when he was very young, and grows as he learns more and more about it. Robert expresses his love for film through reviews, which can be found on this website every Saturday. Film is not his only passion, as he also loves to act in local productions with Cascade Theater, Shasta College and Riverfront Playhouse. He currently lives in Redding, CA, and hopes to one day be a film director. To view all of Robert’s reviews go to
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3 Responses

  1. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    Excellent film review Robert.

    I grew up in a canyon on the eastern side of the Sierra.  I read a lot of books and over my life would reread some of the same books.  The story would be different because I was more experienced, educated and older.  I imagine that Connor will experience the same phenomena if he sees these Moonlight and Saving Private Ryan again in 10 or 20 years.

    One of the books I read three times over three decades was Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  The book is a masterpiece but the movie by the same title was ghastly.  Robert, when you become a film director,  please take a look at this piece of literature.  I am so impressed by the intelligence, maturity and passion you bring to this anewscafe feature.

  2. Dodie says:

    I have to agree with Connor…I thought “Moonlight” was very slow and it would not have been my pick for Best Picture.  My pick for Best Picture would have been “Lion.”

    You two film critics are just a delight, and so happy to have your input on movies. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing you on stage Robert in the upcoming play “Foreigner” at Shasta College.

  3. Frank Treadway says:

    Moonlight is a phenomenal triptych of film segments that should be shown in every middle and high school in the nation. Not only would enlightenment take place for LGBT+ persons, but racism would begin to turn its ugly head downward in shame.  Redding produces another genius.

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