Public Presentation to Congressman on February 14

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North State Congressman Doug LaMalfa will be “feeling the love” this Tuesday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day) when a group of Redding residents will present him with hearts that show their support for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Each heart will contain a personalized message from people who want to keep or expand the ACA, which is commonly known as Obamacare,” said Christine Mitchell, organizer of the event. “We’re very concerned about the 65,000 Shasta County residents who could lose their only access to health care if the ACA is repealed but replaced with something that is far worse.”

Tuesday’s event will be held at LaMalfa’s Redding office (2885 Churn Creek Road, Suite C) beginning at 10:45 a.m. and the public is invited. A similar event will be held at his office in Oroville.

For more information, contact Christine Mitchell at (530) 226-8339.

-from press release
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  1. Kerr, David says:

    LaMalfa can be defeated in 2018 if Democrats run a stronger candidate who makes the race about economic development.  LaMalfa won 66% of the vote in 2016, but he does not have a safe seat if the economy is in trouble in Novmber 2018.

    When asked about his economic development plans on Carl Bott’s radio show, La Malfa appears not to have given it much thought.  His answers were to blame the Democrats in Sacramento.  A Democrat candidate with a list of at least ten economic development ideas can win.  Herger and LaMalfa accomplished almost nothing to benefit the North Stat.e

    Women, especially married women, can be persuaded to switch to voting Democrat.

  2. Virginia says:

    Who says Obamacare replacement would be worse!  Give the chance for heavens sake to improve what needs to be improved………

  3. cheyenne says:

    The Risk Corridors part of the ACA is going to kill the ACA unless that is changed.  Health providers are starting to sue the government because the RC only paid 12.5% of the health provided costs.  This is what has bankrupted many insurers, like Win Health here in Wyoming, and left many areas with only one, some with none, ACA provider.  While the Democrats blame the Republicans for not funding the ACA the Risk Corridors part was to be funded by young healthy ACA participants.  The ACA people say they were blindsided by the amount of unhealthy people who signed up for the ACA and that the healthy people haven’t signed up.  The ACA was sold on the premise of insuring people with existing health problems and how the ACA backers can complain about unhealthy people signing up hurting the ACA is something anybody could see would happen.

    The ACA has to be funded on it’s own without affecting others who have their own private insurance.  One thing that needs to stay is the ACA part where a participant does not have their health insurance canceled because they have medical conditions.  The ACA needs to be overhauled but will those in charge work together to do so?

  4. Pam says:

    There is no meeting planned for Oroville anytime soon check his website!  We are in crisis at this very moment and are on our own.

  5. Dean Germano says:

    There was an excellent report published today on the fact that the way California did its Exchange Program (Covered California) was the best of all the Federal and State exchanges in the country. The study also noted that rural areas had the toughest time because of the lack of providers and therefore the lack of market leverage by those one or two insurance providers who stayed in the market. Rates were also higher in rural areas like ours. It notes that selling insurance across state lines will not help an insurance company say in Wyoming be more competitive in Northern California as the Republican Plan seems to want to do.  It also notes that our State only lost one of the twelve insurance providers in the Exchange. Anyway here is the link to website that has the article titled: Rest Of The U.S. Could Learn ‘A Great Deal’ From Covered California, Study Says  (Feb 14/17)




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