NPU Uncovers Heroin Sales at Mt. Shasta Mall


On Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 5:15 PM, Officers with the Redding Police Department Neighborhood Police Unit received information of a person selling methamphetamine in the parking lot of the Mt. Shasta Mall parking lot. While searching for the reported drug dealer, Officers observed suspicious activity in a vehicle which was parked toward the back of the parking lot.

At 6:18 PM, Officers contacted the following subjects: Zachary James Mcluckie, 22 years old of Anderson, Halie Christine Beckley, 25 years old of Anderson and Noah Christian Hayward, 24 years old of Redding. NPU officers recognized Mcluckie as a known heroin dealer and officers questioned the group of their activity.

The investigation revealed Mcluckie had set a meeting in the mall parking lot to sell Hayward and Beckley heroin. Mcluckie was not the suspected drug dealer NPU officers were originally attempting to locate. All three admitted to being addicted to heroin. Officers arrested Mcluckie for possession of heroin for sale and Beckley for possession of heroin which was just purchased. Officers arrested Hayward for possession of heroin which he disclosed was secreted on his person, providing a false name to a peace officer, and driving on a suspended driver license. Officers impounded Hayward’s vehicle.

Several other known heroin addicts approached officers during the investigation to determine Mcluckie’s fate. Parking lots have become an increasingly popular location for thefts and drug related activity.

To prevent being victimized, the Redding Police Department wants to remind citizens to remove valuables and lock their vehicles and to be alert of their surroundings.

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  1. Karen says:

    The sad thing is, the NPU, the ones who are making these arrests will be discontinued in July.  This is a travesty and I hope you will follow up with a story addressing this poor decision.

  2. K. Beck says:

    I suspect it has to do with $$$. Talk to the people who voted down the sales tax increase TWICE!

  3. cheyenne says:

    Does Redding have a volunteer police division?  Cheyenne has one and the volunteers don’t just sign up, CPD has routine openings for volunteers.  Those who apply and are accepted go through a six week training course.  They wear uniforms and drive police cars, they are not armed.  They patrol parking lots in the cars and a duo walks downtown to talk to vagrants, business owners, tourists.  The volunteers will radio to official police officers if they spot problems.  The volunteers are invaluable during happenings like Cheyenne Frontier Days.

  4. Frank Treadway says:

    Volunteers are a catch-22, I suspect it’s the liability insurance cities think of that would not be sufficient should a vol get injured or was shot to death. The only way the RPD is going to be able to continue the NPU is local entrepreneurs/social organizations/foundations/tribes coming together and fund operations like this. Possibly State grants, but all of CA is scrambling for funds of this nature.  And, yes, thanks to the naysayers who think they want to vote down common sense measures and  take the law in to their own hands, vigilante style…boo to you.

  5. Richard Christoph says:

    The NPU and the additional RFD firefighters will be lost at the end of June due to the failure of Measure D to pass.  Additionally, funding for mental health, a sobering  center, more sworn and community service officers for RPD, increased staffing for RFD, and funding to place repeat offenders in other counties until local jail space can be increased is now off the table as well.

    In retrospect, the rejection of a proposal that offered so much for such a minimal cost seems woefully short-sighted. It is unlikely that we citizens of Redding will be presented with such a favorable cost vs. benefit ratio anytime soon, and the problems that Measure D was designed to address will continue and possibly worsen.

  6. Lisa says:

    Absolutely DISGUSTING!

  7. JaXx FiNk says:

    Not to be blunt……. but I hope all of the names and facts that are stated in this article are valid. I understand from a journalistic approach why you released the names as well as the events that took place, but from a flawed human perspective……… was that really necessary? A twenty- two yr old kid from Redding admitted to being addicted to a substance that is the natural version of the overprescribed legal medication that is dolled  by the #3 ranked Employer in this area……… that 22 yr old kid probably hates himself more for being an addict and having to use because of the physical pain of withdrawal………. here is another scenario….. maybe also that kid doesnt steal or break in to cars for some reason….. maybe that reason is even though society makes him feel inadiquits and disqusting because stigma and public ignorance relating to his disease….. our disease (as America).. that he decides to sell some of the substance to at least  not be subside his anxiety and allows a boundry between his thoughts his actions and the opinions of others,,,,,, so the stealing thing seems less predestined. He probably has parents here, all that seems to accomplish is more pain……. like i said though, from a journalistic perspective, you  shouldnt have to defend the facts. I am hoping that instead of guilt or anger my comment just brings an awareness to people, when you are in deja vu day after day with drug addicts stats, that maybe we as the town…. or even the country need to refocus and notice that there isnt any resources for help ( if you want more detail just contact me lol) I feel that we all have to work together if we want this place to get better……. they say that even the smallest movement or “ripple” effects our world so maybe we all have tolearn about things outside of ourselves,,,,,,, connect instead of ignore or spew shame…. knowledge is power……. and we are all more similar that we are different…. Dont let fear disconnect us and keep us anchored in our hurt and uncertainty.

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